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Life of an IT Professional !!!

A new project is on the way and shall start from next month.There will be 3 senior resources and rest 5 consultants”,said a Manager of a reputed IT Company.But, the word ‘Resource’ bugs my ear – Are we organic people made up of flesh and blood or just – as a matter of fact – “Resources” ? Now,what the word “Resource” exactly means ? The Oxford dictionary defines the word “Resource” as “a stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization in order to function effectively”. So are we more less like materials that could be shifted here and there , so that the organization gains !

  But the word “Resource” has very wide connotations and implications and is not as simple as it seems to be ! A resource is a person, who shall join the project and would work day and night to satisfy the client requirements – more than his own.He would always ensure that he is 100% Billable and would never take the risk of coming on “Bench” otherwise, his job is at risk ! He is the one, who will gulp stress and enough water to digest it but would always be affected by it.The problem of stress is so acute that people are becoming Heart Patients at early age and are affected by stress and life style related diseases like diabetes and Blood Pressure.None- the- less, it is a very common phenomenon to stand up every fortnight or in a month for condolences, after a message received from the HR department- “An XXX employee has passed away because of Heart attack .We understand that he was suffering from Heart disease.There will be a condolence of 3 minutes at 3 PM”.Even though,such an incident has occurred,some of the employees won’t be affected by it and would continue their work : Work is more important; Work is worship”.

Usually,Software companies provide you KPIs – Key Performance Indicators,but seldom it seems that anybody achieves it ! It seems that even a giant leap is too short to touch the high KPIs or they are too high to Jump for,Whatever, maybe the case, a Smart Manager would always come to you in a cheerful mood with a well known remark – “I am satisfied with your performance but you are not doing something extra.You should contribute something to the competency.Write some white papers , do some training etc.So, you will get the average rating,which 98% of the employees get  ! ” With average rating you will get 6% annual increment,which ,as per our economy, is insufficient to fight with the inflation! “But never mind,you please carry on ! “,such is a idea which comes to the mind.To fight inflation,employees have some other ways – resign immediately and pressurize the company to provide interim increment and if the management does not heed to your demands then look for a new Job with yet another company,why to worry! “So, we have a high attrition rate,this is a industry wide problem and nothing can be done”,is a very familiar remark from the Senior Management.

Like a natural disaster, there is a usual disaster, which cripples our industry sometimes – SLOWDOWN ! This slowdown has a different meanings for different people.With employee perspective this a death knell – better be ready with a new offer or the job would be lost anytime ! O God ! A poor chap.Now, he was thinking of buying a Flat – obviously via Home Loan -and getting married;but this holocaust has deferred his Future Plans ! May God bless Him !.But for the company, this appears to be a big opportunity for restructuring and setting things right. An immediate order is released to track all the people on bench for an interim meeting.A meeting to decide about their future – whether they would be retained or will be given Pink Slips.But, what is the need ? Despite the slowdown,Company’s financial are strong ! Why to start firing ? Well, this is a defensive strategy and also this is a Fad.Our competitors are firing then we should also follow them.

The client for whom everything is organised also understands his privilege very well – Customer is the King ! Now-a-days, client does not give daily billing per

resource but usually provide “Fixed price contracts” and that too on credit.Usually, the whole of the project is divided into number of vendors and each gets only a

chunk of it.The reason being a tight control over the project and maybe a difficult time for the employee. An employee may  have to fill per hour time sheet to

show the tasks he has completed.Usually expectations are too high – In the eyes of Client,an employee is a super consultant or magician, who can transform the

standard code to as many fancies the client can think of ! Never mind,this is a part and parcel of life of any IT Professional !

An IT professional is also a Human-being than a resource.He also has a right to live peacefully and happily rather than to face firing and be always at the mercy of employers.There must be some governing labor laws which may prohibit the employers to fire employees at their wish. Now days, we are living in information age – where everything is now digital and there is a rapid transformation of business and adaptation into a digital age ! This seems to be a blessing that the world is progressing and rapidly becoming a better place.But, the miseries of IT Professionals does not seems to end.The people who are fighting day and night with the code and the machine for the world are the ones who are dubious and uncertain about their future ! Until, this problem is tackled,the digital transformation is incomplete !

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