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How to create a dashboard Report in Workbench

Scenario: – Master Agreements List Based on Status

DashBoard Report.jpg

When you click on any status in the report or the diagram, then the following report will be displayed

dash board results.jpg

In order to create above dashboard report, please follow as below

1)    Create a Simple query with result fields such as Master agreement ID and Master Agreement Status and with Status as filter since we are displaying the master agreements based on Status

Query Name: – Z_Master Agreement Status Detailed



Note: –   Make a note of the parameter name which you have given in the filter ex:-status


2)    Create a Report with the above Query Z_Master Agreement Status Detailed.

Report Name: – ZREP_ Master Agreement Status Detailed

3)    Create another Simple Query

                    Query Name: – Z_Master Agreement Status Dashboard



Create three result fields, of which first two are with unique (identical) name as below,

a) Master Agreement Status –>  T1.STATUS_OBJECT_NAME || ‘: (‘ || (COUNT (DISTINCT T1.UNIQUE_DOC_NAME)) || ‘)’    Column Type — URL

The above SQL statement will show the results as below

dash board UI.jpg

When you click on above status then it will be navigated to the results i.e., first query results which can be achieved with below SQL statement

b) Master Agreement Status–> (‘/analysis/report?queryGroupName=ZREP_Master Agreement Status Detailed Report&status=’||T1.STATUS_OBJECT_NAME)   Column Type — Internal Page

Blue color indicates –> Internal Name of the first Report (with first Query)

Brown color indicates –> parameter name of the Filter in the first Query

c) Count –> (COUNT (DISTINCT T1.UNIQUE_DOC_NAME))   Column Type — Number (this has to be hidden for the users)

The above Number Type column has to be used in Query under Chart definition Tab as shown below

Chart Defination.jpg

4)    Create a Report with the above Query Z_Master Agreement Status Dashboard.

Report Name: – ZREP_ Master Agreement Status Dashboard

5)    Create a desktop channel under below path


                                    Setup –> System setup –> Workbench –> Desktop channel

         and add the above report under parameter definitions as shown below and choose the visibility internal or external or both.

Desktop Channel.jpg

6)    Add the desktop channel in your workbench and it will be displayed as below.

DashBoard Report.jpg

Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

Hope it Helps!



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