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FQEvent 2645 INV: Fill Customer/Industry Fields in Invoicing Document, current functionality


In this event it’s possible to change following structures and fields during invoicing process:

– Header of invoice posting document

    FKKKO_SI – Industry Fields of Posting document header

        SI_FKKKOV – Insurance Include Document Header

            GSFNR    Business Transaction Number

            BELNR    Transfer Document Number

            RBART    Legal Relationship Type

            RBZNR    Number of Legal Relationship

        SI_FKKKOP – Public Sector: Header Data for Contract Account Document

            PSVERSN    Version of Plan Document in Contract A/R and A/P

    FKKKO_2645_CF – Event 2645: Posting Document Header: Modifiable Fields

        BLART    Document Type

        XEIBH    Create Separate Document in General Ledger

        HBBLA    Document Type for Transfer to General Ledger


– Items of invoice posting document

    FKKOP_CI – Customer Fields of FKKOP

        CI_FKKOP – Enhancement for FKKOP

            PPACC    Prepaid Account

            PPRSN    Reason for Balance Change on Prepaid Account

            PPRND    Rounding Amount for Change of Prepaid Balance      

    FKKOP_SI – Industry fields of FKKOP

        SI_FKKOPR – Include: OI for Utility Companies: IS-U

            DEAKTIV    Deactivation of Budget Billing Plan via Invoicing

            SGRKEY    Grouping key for document items

            SOLLDAT    Print date for BB requests or generation of partial bill

            RECPT    Business Partner That is to Receive the Amount

            TOCOLLECT    ID:

            EINMALANF    One-time request from budget billing plan

            VORAUSZAHL    Budget Billing Plan Item Is Advance Payment

            APERIODIC    Non-Periodic Posting

            ABRABS    Combine Budget Billing Amount Due Date and Bill

            GRBBP    Budget Billing: Grouping Key for Tax Determination Code

            ASMETH    Tax Determination Procedure

            INT_CROSSREFNO    IDE: internal cross reference number

            ETHPPM    Payment Process for Billing on Behalf of Third Parties

            PAYFREQID    Payment Frequency

            INVOICING_PARTY    Service Provider That Invoices the Contract

            PPMST    Status of Prepayment Meter Items (UK only)

            LOGNO    Line Number of Budget Billing

        SI_FKKOPV – Include OI for Insurance

            PRGRP    Product Group

            VSARL_VX    Insurance Type

            RBART    Legal Relationship Type

            BUGRD    Posting Reason

            PNTYP    Item Category

            VKTYP    Contract Account Category

            VTRE3    Reference Specifications from Contract

            XINTE    Indicator: Document is a Deposit Interest Document

            CINEED    Info Identifier when Clearing Items

            VGPART2    Business Partner Number

            VGPART3    Business Partner Number

            REFCLAIM    Reference to Payment in Claims Management System

            INSTAXS    Insurance Tax Schedule

            TXPOS    Tax Referemce (Tax Reporting)

        SI_FKKOPT – IS-T: Include open items for telecommunications companies

            APERIODICT    Non-Periodic Posting

            ADD_REFOBJ    Additional Reference Object

            ADD_REFOBJID    Additional Reference Object ID

            ADD_SERVICE    Type of Service

        SI_FKKOPS – FI-CA Extended: Include OI

            APERD    Non-Periodic Posting

        SI_FKKOPM – Include OI for IS-Media

            POSEX_ISM    External Item Number (Purchase Order Item)

            POSNR_ISM    Sales Order Item

            CYCLENR_ISM    IS-M/SD: Billing Cycle Number

            DRERZ_ISM    Publication

            ADDPAYMENT_TYPE    IS-M/SD: Additional Payment Type

            REFUNDTYPE    IS-M/SD: Refund Type

        SI_FKKOPP – Public Sector: Fields for Business Partner Items

            SI_FKKRW_PS – Public Sector: Interface to Accounting

                PSOBTYP    Contract Object Type

                VKTYP_PS    Contract Account Category

                ABTYP_PS    Revenue Type

            SI_GTR_FKKOP – Public Sector: Include for Grantor Management (OI)

                REFDOC_ID    Transaction

                REFDOC_OBJTYPE    Object Type for CRM Transaction Type/Item Category

                CRMOBJ    GUID of a CRM Order Object

                BRI_GUID    GUID of a CRM Order Object

            SI_CMAC_FKKOP – Student Accounting: Business Partner Item Fields

                PSRECPT    Beneficiary

                PSGRANT    Grant      

    FKKOP_2645_CF – Event 2645: Business Partner Items: Modifiable Fields

        OPTXT    Item text

        PERSL    Key for Period Assignment

        ABRZU    Lower Limit of Settlement Period

        ABRZO    Upper Limit of the Billing Period

        VERKZ    Item Can Only Be Cleared

        GRKEY    Grouping Key for Displaying Open Items

        XEIPH    Create Line Item in General Ledger

        VTREF    Reference Specifications from Contract

        SUBAP    Subapplication in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable


– Tax items of invoice posting document

    FKKOPK_CI – Customer Fields of FKKOPK

        CI_FKKOPK – Enhancement for FKKOPK

    FKKOPK_SI – Industry Fields of FKKOPK

        SI_FKKOPKR – IS-U Additional Fields for Table DFKKOPK

            SGRKEY    Grouping key for document items

            APERIODIC    Non-Periodic Posting

        SI_FKKOPKV – Insurance-Specific Include for Offsetting Items

            VSARL_VX    Insurance Type

            LNDSL    Country Key

            BEWAR    Transaction Type

            BUGRD    Posting Reason

            SCITEM    Number of a scheduling document

            TXPOS    Tax Referemce (Tax Reporting)

            COINS_CODE    Coinsurance Key

            COINS_CAT    Category for Coinsurance-Relevant Document

        SI_FKKOPKS – FI-CA Extended: Include OPK

            APERD    Non-Periodic Posting

       SI_FKKOPKP – Public Sector: Fields for General Ledger Items

            SI_GTR_FKKOPK – Public Sector: Include for Grantor Management (OPC)

                CRMOBJ    GUID of a CRM Order Object   

    FKKOPK_2645_CF – Event 2645: General Ledger Items: Modifiable Fields

        SGTXT    Item Text for G/L Document

        XEIPH    Create Line Item in General Ledger


– Invoicing document header

   FKKINVDOC_H_CI – Customer Fields of Invoicing Document Header

       CI_FKKINVDOC_H – Customer include for expanse sheets

            SUBINV_INVDOCNO    Number of Invoicing Document        

   FKKINVDOC_H_SI – Industry Fields of Invoicing Document Header

    FKKINVDOC_H_2645_CF – Event 2645: Invoicing Document Header: Changeable Fields

        INVPERCAT    Category of Invoicing Period

        INVPERIOD    Invoicing Period

        INVPERIOD_FROM    Start of Invoicing Period

        FORMKEY    Application form

        PRINTLOCK    Invoicing Document Locked for Printing

        DOCTYPE    Document Type


– Invoicing document items

   FKKINVDOC_I_CI – Customer Fields of Invoicing Document Item

        CI_FKKINVDOC_I – additional fields

            GSBER    Business Area

            FKKINVDOC_I_ENH_PPACC – Include Structure for Inv. Doc. Item for Prepaid Scenario

                PPACC    Prepaid Account              

        FKKINVDOC_I_SI – Industry Fields of Invoicing Document Item





Further information

Programming Restrictions

To ensure the consistency of the system, note that you must not use the following language elements in events, unless they were explicitly declared to be allowed for the given event:




Deletion of locks that you have not set yourself

Implicit database commits triggered by RFC calls or by a WAIT statement

If you update additional data in an event and use the construction PERFORM commit routine ON COMMIT, note that:

At the end of the commit routine, all internal tables from which data was updated must be initialized again to prevent a duplicate update in the next call.

A PERFORM rollback routine ON ROLLBACK must also be called.

In the rollback routine, initialize the same data that is initialized at the end of the commit routine.

If you want to carry out checks in an event, when you issue messages, note that warning messages cause background processing of the process to terminate. You should therefore avoid issuing warning messages if possible. At the most, issue warning messages if the value of SY-BATCH is initial.

Also avoid messages of type A (termination). In the course of background processing, such messages can be captured and processing can continue. However, at the same time the message triggers an implicit ROLLBACK WORK, which can cause data inconsistencies.

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      This document is included in the list - List of documents related to undocumented FQEVENTS in IS-T

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      Former Member

      WO....useful sharing , thanks Mario 🙂

      I saw you mentioned the prepaid account , does prepaid account must comes from CRM module?  can we apply prepaid account only in FICA module?

      Thanks in advance.


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Interesting question!

      Ofcourse it's possible to avoid CRM if one have smal customer base but it's not recommended. Customer base will grow and one had to have application for customers management otherwise manual managment became painfull business process.

      Yes it is possible to create prepaid account in RMCA:

      SAP Menu -> Telecommunications -> Business Master Data -> For Integration with Rating and Charging -> Prepaid Account

      and  customization is performed in transaction SPRO:

      Financial Accounting (New) -> Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable -> Prepaid Processing

      But, RMCA isn't rating and charging system, for that purpose you need SAP CC which is used for prepaid account autorization,  usage charging, balance check etc.

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      Former Member

      Thanks  for reply .  Mario , actually , we only apply normal FICA without industry Telecommunications, so I wonder prepaid account could not  be use without CC module ,right?


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      Blog Post Author

      Yep, there is no use of prepaid account without CC.


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      Former Member

      Hi Mario,

      Thank you very much!   ......... 🙂