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SUM: New SL Common UI available for AS ABAP scenarios

As already mentioned in the blog posts DMO: introducing the new UI and SUM: extending the new UI to AS Java scenarios a new, exciting user interface (UI) is available for the Software Update Manager (SUM) bringing flexibility and a fresh, modern look to your desktop.
This user interface has been released for usage in the database migration option (DMO) scenario.
With Software Update Manager 1.0 SP 13 the SL Common UI is now not only available for AS Java based systems, but also for AS ABAP based systems in SUM scenarios for upgrades, EHP installations and applying SPs.

The new SL Common UI is based on SAPUI5 and is provided for preview and testing purposes in parallel to the primary Software Update Manager GUI. It is running in a web browser and does not require any java UI component anymore (see figure below).


Do, 06-11-2014 15-35-00.png

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  • Hi,

    My experience is that the new gui is not able to re-start at the point where you have lost the Internert Explorer connection (when you leave in the evening you will loose the Connection until the next morning. And then the whole process stucks :-(.

    Furthermore there is no longer the option to configure an alert to notify the admin when a dialog interaction is required.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Frank,

      losing the internet connection and leaving the GUI running over night should not have any effect on the overall process, since an UI independent SAPup process running on the server is doing the actual work.

      Could you please create an incident on the component BC-UPG-TLS-TLA with the details so that we can investigate the issue?

      Please also have a look at the section "Troubleshooting" in SAP Note 2107392, which is available for all registered pilot customers.

      A notification function for the administrator in case of required manual interaction is already on the implementation list.



    • Hi,

      at the end of the upgrade, the SUM can be stopped by clicking on the Exit button.

      This will stop the main SAPup process (guiconnect).

      The SAPup HTTP server process (gt=httpchannel) however will continue running and can be stopped on the OS.


      Stefan Müller

  • Hi Stefan

    was heisst das genau 'for preview and testing purpose? Ist das neue UI freigegeben für zB Einspielen SPS im ABAP Bereich?  Und was heisst parallel? Ich kann auf beide schauen und agieren? Wir haben das UI schon für DMO getestet und finden ihn gut. Wichtig wäre die  Alert Funktion  zu implementieren.

    Danke und Gruss


    • Hi Thomas,

      in SUM SP13 ist das neue SL Common UI für das Database Migration Option (DMO) Szenario produktiv nutzbar.

      Im ABAP Bereich (z.B. Einspielen von SPs) ist es als Preview verfügbar. Das heißt, es kann für Testupgrades verwendet werden, um die Funktionen des neuen UIs zu evaluieren und bereits früh Feedback an die SAP Entwicklung geben zu können.

      Ab SUM SP14 wird dieses UI dann zum Standard UI, auch für die produktive Nutzung im ABAP Bereich.

      Mit paralleler Nutzung ist gemeint, dass man jederzeit zwischen SL Common UI und SDT GUI wechseln kann, wie in Hinweis 2107392 beschrieben.

      Eine Alerting/Email Notification Funktion ist geplant, steht aber derzeit noch nicht zur Verfügung. Als Übergangslösung gibt es momentan nur die Möglichkeit, das Alerting über ein Skript selbst zu implementieren.



        • Hello,

          unfortunately the SUM guide still lists the alert functionality that is not (yet) supported for the SL UI. We will update the SUM guide accordingly, thanks for the question.

          Best regards, Boris

          • Hi Stefan,

            thank you for the fast reply. That was exactly what I have been looking for.

            Now I check with a simple shell script the existence of SUM/abap/tmp/upalert.log

            When you continue after an alert, SUM deletes the file upalert.log automatically.

            Best regards,