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openSAP course “ABAP Development for SAP HANA” now in self-paced mode

Good or bad news?

The openSAP course ABAP Development for SAP HANA successfully launched on September 25th, 2014 with 16695 learners enrolled on day 1 of the course, a number that increased to 22952 (incredible!) when the final exam ended on November 10th, 2014.

But that’s not the end… the course switched to “self-paced” mode now.

What does that mean?

After the end of a course, the materials remain available in the self-paced area. The only difference is that you can no longer contribute to the discussion forum or earn a Record of Achievement and Confirmation of Participation – but apart from that, you can still learn all the interesting things about ABAP Development for SAP HANA, so join us today!

Where to join?

Registration and more information about the ABAP Development for SAP HANA course and the openSAP platform can be found here. And in case you’d like to roll up your sleeves and get a trial system, just visit our technical course guide.

Enjoy the self-paced mode!


  Jasmin & Jens

  (ABAP for SAP HANA Evangelists)


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  • Hi.

    escuse me,

    this course continue available at this time? or wich is the date for start a new course?

    I am very interested on take this course.

    Other thing, the course and exam have a cost?  or is free for the community?


    • Hi Miguel,
      the course is in self-paced mode, what that means is explained in the "What does that mean?" section. You can join the course on the platform and go through the material/video/etc. You just won't be able to receive a record of achievement (as you cannot do the weekly assignments nor the final exam). Currently there is no date for repeating the course but your voice counts, so I take it you would like a repeat of the course (so that you are able to do the examina just mentioned).



      • ok, then you recommend take/join the course.

        and.. what happened with 'weekly assignments' and 'the exam' ?

        when can I apply?  when start a new course?


        and how about:

        Other thing, the course and exam have a cost?  or is free for the community?


        • It is self-paced, so you can join whenever it fits your schedule.

          Assignments and examina are not accessible in self-paced mode, you would have to wait for a repeat of the course, which is currently not (yet) scheduled.

          The course is free of charge, just visit the platform for more information.



          • Hi Jasmin,

            Self-paced course is free of cost that I can understand but how about repeat course? Will it be free of cost?

            Do you have any idea about tentative schedule of it?



          • Hi Sid,
            repeat of the course will be free of cost as well. There's no schedule for a repeat of the course yet, but follow the announcements of openSAP (or just my updates) and you'll be informed once we decided upon a schedule.



  • Hi Jasmin,

    I really liked the ABAP development for HANA course in SAP HANA.

    I worked on the two HANA sidecar scenarios (Native SQL ADBC API Framework and Redirected Database Access RDA process). HANA is being widely used in these kind of scenarios. But CDS and AMDP concepts not being used widely! As per my understanding, I think it would take some more time !!

    Thank you!


    Kiran Nimmagadda

  • Hi Jasmin and Jens,

    Completed this course and have learned much about HANA, going to join some classroom training to learn more about HANA, i really like the way search help is implemented in HANA.


    Shahbaaz Rasheed

  • Hi Jasmin,

    I have completed the course successfully and also received the Record of Achievement.

    I would strongly suggest to everyone who wants understand the latest offerings with 740.

    Needless to say that how seamlessly they are complemented by the HANA database.

    CDS views need some practice though 🙂

    Thanks anyways for designing such a informative course.



  • Hi Jasmin!

    It was an excellent course with Jens! I have successufly completed the course and there were so much helpful information! All was very clear and excellent explanations.

    Are you planning to do other course?

    I am planning to do a CODEJAM event in Colombia, and it would be great to be with you. I will ask if it is possible that you come (perhaps with jens).

    Thank you very much!


  • Hi Jasmin,

    Just completed the course in self-paced mode.

    Thanks to you and Jens. Excellent content and presentation.

    I really feel much more confident with all the topics like the CDS views , ADMP, ABAP Eclipse development tools etc...Thanks again!

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Jasmin,

    I started the self-paced course last week and I like either the structured way of presentation as the comprehensive content.

    Just the path to access the trial system seems to be closed or different. The link  brings me to a page dealing with BO development. Do I overlook something?

    Where can I learn how to set up the trial development system? Without hands on the coding it doesn't have the same effect.

    Thanks in advance for help