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My first HANA upgrade – view on the basis side + Step by Step


After I finish my first HANA upgrade  I want to share with you the upgrade documents, Prerequisites, important note’s, errors and solution.

Upgrade duration was 20 minutes amazing!!!

I had during the upgrade errors for more information, please check at the end of the blog.

SAP HANA SPS08 – What’s new?

The technical side: SAP documents, SCN blogs

My point of view:

In my company we used the HANA server to COPA. the SAP CO-PA Accelerator, powered by SAP HANA, empowers organizations with easy access to data to make timely decisions.

Before upgrading the HANA DB from SPS06 to SPS08 we have a lot of memory and CPU consuming, the total memory available on the host is used, CPU resource are running low,

And more important problem we did not expect them.

For you can feel it, I I’ll put some pictures here:


Picture 0.1 – DBACOCKPIT administration


Picture 0.2 – Alerts from DBACOCKPIT


Picture 0.3 – HANA studio administration

After the upgrade like a magic the CPU and memory consuming are decreased, and the system works so fast!!

Tasks you need to take care before you start the upgrade

Before I start the upgrade I had to upgrade GCC 4.7 (2001528) and to Run script (1919033) and script MERGE_ALL_TABLES  (1919034) see details in Prerequisites and planning.

SAP information:  

When to upgrade your SAP HANA system?

SAP HANA Revision Strategy

Please check “SAP Note 1948334: SAP HANA Database Update Paths for Maintenance Revisions” for the possible update paths from Maintenance Revisions to SPS Revisions.

SAP Guide:

SAP Note’s:

  • 1514967 – SAP HANA: Central Note
  • 2004651 – SAP HANA Platform SPS 08 Release Note
  • 1523337 – SAP HANA Database: Central Note
  • 2000003 – FAQ: SAP HANA
  • 1944799 – SAP HANA Guidelines for SLES Operating System
  • 2009879 – SAP HANA Guidelines for RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • 2001528 – Linux: SAP HANA Database SPS 08 revision 80 (or higher) on RHEL 6 or SLES 11
  • 1918267 – SAP HANA DB: corrupt deltalog of column store table
  • 2052914 – ODBC driver issue after upgrade to Revision >= 82
  • 1995791 – HLM: Updating SAP HANA – Troubleshooting

Source release:

SPS 06 Rev 64

Target release:

SPS 08 Rev 84

Prerequisites and planning:

  • If you upgrade from a lower SAP HANA SPS, it is recommended to update ALL other components (Studio, Modeler, DB Clients, DBSL, SLT, DS,) to at least the minimal version of SAP HANA SPS 08.
  • In order to run the SAP HANA Database Revision 80 (or higher) on SLES 11, additional operating system software packages are requiredTherefore you need to install an additional runtime environment for GCC 4.7 Before you start the upgrade or the installation of Revision 80 or higher, please check out SAP Note 2001528.
  • If you upgrade from a Revision prior to SPS6, first upgrade your system to the latest SPS6 Revision (69.07) before upgrading to Revision 82.00. (X)
  • Please make sure to read note 2052914 (ODBC driver issue after upgrade to Revision >= 82) before doing the upgrade
  • Before you start the upgrade from Revision 64, 65 and 66, please check out SAP HotNews Note 1918267. (1919034 – Related to 1918267: How to run procedure MERGE_ALL_TABLES) – Please check details below

Before starting the update for the components in your SAP HANA landscape several prerequisites have to be fulfilled.

Make sure you fulfill the following prerequisites: from SAP_HANA_Server_Installation_Guide_en.pdf

  • If you are performing an offline update, you have all the necessary installation files for the individual components.
  • You have a valid, permanent SAP license for the SAP HANA database.
  • You have user names and passwords for the following users:
  • <sid>adm user
  • sapadm user
  • S-user for the SAP Service Marketplace (SMP)
  • You have carefully read the update instructions for the individual components
  • You have made the necessary preparations to perform backups for the SAP HANA database and the other components.

Notes:  1918267, 1919034 (Very important)

  • Run script – note number 1919033
  • Run  MERGE_ALL_TABLES – Note number 1919034

Perform an Update on the SAP HANA System

The SAP HANA lifecycle management tool hdblcm(gui) is the recommended tool to update an SAP HANA system. With the SAP HANA lifecycle management tool hdblcm(gui) you perform the update from the local host.

To update an SAP HANA system from a remote host you use the SAP HANA lifecycle manager (HLM).

Update Process: from SAP_HANA_Server_Installation_Guide_en.pdf

Before updating the SAP HANA components, make sure that no read or write processes are running on the SAP HANA database. Perform the update process in offline mode during a business downtime. After the update, you have to start SAP HANA and its components again.

This is a general sequence of the steps you have to perform:

  1. Stop all processes.
  2. Make a system backup if necessary.
  3. Perform an update.
  4. Update the depending components.
  5. Perform the post-update steps.
  6. Restart all processes.

Upgrade Procedure:

SAP HANA Lifecycle manager


  1. Download Software component from lifecycle management remember you need S-user and download the relevant stack


Picture 1.0


Picture 1.1

     2. Press Run – to Start the installation


Picture 1.2

You can see the installation successful – Picture 1.2


Picture 1.3

Upgrade duration was 20 minutes!!!

Post-Update Steps

After an upgrade to a new SAP HANA SPS it is recommended to redeploy the calculation views. For more information, see SAP Note 1962472 – Redeployment of calculation views recommended when upgrading to a new SPS.

Stop the script – note number 1919033

Upgrade HANA Studio on the Linux


Picture 2.0 – After the upgrade we have the messages: update the HANA studio.

Unpack with SAPCAR the studio IMC_STUDIO100_84_0-10009662.SAR

Run the command:  ./hdbinst -a studio –copy_repository=<target_repository_path> – Picture 2.1


Picture 2.1


Picture 2.2



Picture 2.3

In case you want to see the log, please go to the path in Picture 2.2

Update studio Procedure:

Upgrade from Studio – Help – Install New software – cause error, please check the error at the end of the blog for more information.


Picture 3.0


Picture 3.1

After Picture 3.1 I get an error, please check the information at the end of the blog

Upgrade from Studio – Help – Check for update


Picture 3.2

After I press on check for update you can see the target studio release and press Next


Picture 3.3

Here you can see the available updates Press next


Picture 3.4

Accept the terms and press finish


Picture 3.5

In Picture 3.5 you can see the update is in process


Picture 3.7

Restart the HANA studio.


Picture 3.8

The HANA studio is updated

Errors and solution:

Upgrade Error:


Picture 4.0

You can see the error I get when I start the upgrade. (Picture 4.0)

Please follow the following item from note #1995791:

Validity: there was a file /usr/sap/HAN.hdbupgrade dated last year
Which was used when the database was upgraded to REL 60. It appears
that the previous upgrade was still in a “hung” state which causes the
error message below (SAP HANA Database installation kit
‘’ required)
during the manual update as well as using HLM.
Solution: the solution is to mv the file to HAN.hdbupgrade.old and
resume the update. Once resumed a new file HAN.hdbupgrade with recent
date will be generated.

Update Studio Error:


Picture 5.0

Error when I try to update the studio from: Help – Install New software Picture 5.0

Solution in Note number – 2026732 – Can’t update SAP HANA Studio via Update Site


If the differences between studio revisions is great, the Eclipse installer cannot resolve the differences in package dependencies.


Users will need to manually upgrade the SAP HANA Studio

I hope this guide will help you to start thinking about upgrading your HANA Server – good luck

Thanks you for reading my document.


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      Thank you!

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      Great document. Thanks!!

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      Jayson Parker



      I am upgrading from SP7 to SP8 running on SLES 11.2


      I am having a problem obtaining the GCC 4.7 libraries.  How did you download the file?


      Would you be able to provide it to me?





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      Tom Cenens

      Hi Jayson


      These patches are referenced in relevant SAP notes and links are disposed which point to the SUSE support website.


      As a customer with a subscription, you should be able to get those files. As a SAP partner, you should get a SUSE PartnerNet account to access the necessary files.


      There is also a SLES for SAP Applications patch finder over there



      Best regards



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      Hi Jayson

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      Very help document



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      Good Informative document

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      Hi Naor,


      Good. Very Helpful



      V Srinivasan

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      Good document.



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