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This blog is about Frequently Asked Questions in Quality Management and aims to collect the main information of our threads in QM and publish it in one single document, so the information can be easily find and people can search for a specific subject.

This document will be updated when new important threads appears.

If you have a suggestion of a good thread that are out of the list please give some feedback and I can add it here.

Topic Thread

Usage Decision

reversal of Usage decision

Inspection lot have a status of Usage Decision, yet there is no UD code visible in the inspection lot

how to restrict the usage decision

Usage decision with retroactive date or manual

Automatic Usage Descision after Result Recording.

Quality Notification

Work flow through in Quality notification

Customer field in QM11 transaction

FM or BAPI For task creation in quality notification

QM Notification: defect quantity not updated correctly

Customer screen area of quality notification

Dynamic Modification Rule

(Inspection Lot) Dynamic Modification Rule for Production Order

Dynamic Rule at Charateristic Level

DMR & Annual Inspection

How to Implement Dynamic Modification Rule for Material & multiple vendor Combination

Inspection Lot

Cancelled Inspection Lots can be reverte the system status

Create Inspection lot with QI stock

QA32 No inspection plan could be found

Inspection lot QM CRTD

Inspection Lot – Change Batch

Remove MIC from particular Inspection lot

Inspection lot creation time

Inspection Plan

CWBQM to remove MIC from Inspection plan

CWBQM – to change mass IP

Assign Inspection lot to lab technicians

LSMW – Inspection Plan Upload – Direct Input Method

QA32 No inspection plan could be found …again?

Set up multiple inspection plans for one product and assign to different customer.

Result Recording

Colletive Result recording and Usage Decision

Change Result Recording after digital signature done

SMS alert to vendor about result recording

Long Text Issue

Results cannot be entered

Calculated Characteristics

Failing to do results recording

Smaller than, greater than limits

Stock Posting

Blocking of Stock Posting after doing Usage Decision

QI Stock in MD04

Stock inconsistency between MM and QM

Stock posting from “unrestricted usage” to “Quality inspection” stock

Quality Certificate

Vendor’s Quality certificate recording for incoming material

SAP Quality Certificate for Procurement

Certificate Profile FM


Batch status at recurring insp lot creation

Batch field disappearing

Quality Info Record

using QI06

Sampling Procedure

Sampling Scheme

Sampling scheme

Physical sample

Physical sample

sample drawing procedure – Auto sample calculation.

Calibration Inspection

Inspection Lot For Calibration Order in CRTD status

Test Equipment Tracking

Stability Study

EHP 5 Vs EHP4 for stability study

Stability Study

Master Data QM Different Inspection types with the same Inspection Origin
Multiple Specification

Multiple specification in recipe

Multiple Specifications in QM

Digital Signature Digital Signature in In-Process Inspection

Unable to create an FMEA object using a template, with copy actions indicator selected

FMEA and Control Plan creation SAP

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  1. Nitin Jinagal

    Great Job Natalia ! 😉

    This kinda compilation is surely gonna help people where FAQ can easily be reached. My suggestion is to add Sampling procedure (Scheme, Physical samples, Drawing procedures) in the list as they ain’t that frequently asked but keep on flashing the wall quite often.

    Besides, Automatic Usage decision is another pain which is eligible enough to get itself in the list



    PS: Im sorry for not providing the related links. You gotta do a bit search more 😛

    1. Natalia Machado Post author

      Thanks for the valuable feedback Nitin!

      I knew something was missing 😛 I just added some threads of Sampling Procedure and Auto usage decision now, thank you for highlighted it.



  2. Anand Rao

    Hello Natalia, Thank you again for taking the efforts to share such a valuable compilation in the forum 🙂 . I am sure this would really prove very useful to many users to get the most relevant answers to their questions. The topic categorization is appropriately chosen! Could we add QM master data upload related topic also? – Just a suggestion from my side!!


    Anand Rao

  3. Former Member

    Hello SAP QM Friends,

    I’m starting training in SAP QM, so please provide tips and helps in SAP QM studies and preparation for exam.



  4. Former Member

    Hi Natalia,

    Very wonderful job done. Very useful threads.

    if possible, please also add the threads like Quality Certificate, Statistical Process control, calibration inspection and Stability study.


    Ketan Thakar

    1. Natalia Machado Post author

      Hi Ketan,

      Many thanks for the feedback 😀

      There is already two threads about Quality Certificate but I will improve the document with threads about your suggestions.



  5. Former Member

    Greetings of the day Natalia

    I would like to request Please add some of threads related Multiple specification and also add  Characteristics link with PI sheet, rest of all you did excellent job…

    1. Natalia Machado Post author

      Hi Prasad,

      Thanks for the feedback 😀

      I made a search and found two good threads about Multiple Specification that I have just added to the list, but about characteristic link with PI sheet I didn’t find anything.

      I will be monitoring the threads and if something related to this topic appears I will add it here too.

      Have a good day,

      Natália Machado

  6. Arijit Banerjee

    This is indeed a Great repository document. Before querying in SCN forum, this document should referred as a handbook, and check if it’s helping or not. Hopefully, most of the common questions would be answered here.


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