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Author's profile photo Jason Everly

BI 4.1 SP05 Web Intelligence GUI Customization Per Folder Feature

Hi everyone!

Some of you may have seen my wiki on Web Intelligence GUI Customization that came out with BI 4.1.

In BI 4.1 SP05 we have added onto this functionality by allowing you to do this customization on a per folder basis instead of just globally.

Customizing the interface is still done at the group level in the CMC by just right clicking on the group name and select Customization.


You will now see the following screen:


The basics for setting up the User Interface Elements, Features, and Extension are still the same as they have been.  You can click the link above to view the wiki that explains the features.

The new functionality is being able to set this up on a per folder basis.

The Customization folders section contains a folder named Default Folders, which is used to define default customization.

You can choose folders for which you want to apply specific customization by clicking the Add Folder button.


You can avoid redefining the same customization for other folders by copying customization from one folder to another by using Duplicate Customization and Paste Customization options from the drop-down list. If you want to remove customization for a specific folder you can click on the Remove folder option from the drop-down list.


The following rules are used to define customizations to apply to a user:

  • If the user belongs to different groups, only the customization defined to the group whose ID is lower applies. The customization defined for the other groups containing the user does not apply.
  • For nested folder structure, the immediate parent folder of the document that has been added in the list of customized folders defines customizations for the document for user interface elements, features, and extensions.
  • The customization defined for Default Folders apply for the documents stored in Personal Documents and Inboxes, and for documents for which the parent folder is not customized.
  • The customization defined for user interface elements have priority over customization defined for features as features is only a shortcut to enable all user interface elements.

I hope this helps!

Please leave any comments or suggestions below.

Best Regards,


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      Author's profile photo Carly Thomas
      Carly Thomas

      Nice work!  Thanks for documenting this new feature.  Hopefully customers get a lot of good use out of it.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for this information, I really liked this enhanced feature.

      Please note spelling mistake when you click on the down arrow next to "Add Folder" to duplicate or paste a customization. The current spelling is "Customisation", and the correct one should be "Customization".

      Author's profile photo Henry Banks
      Henry Banks


      Customisation is the British spelling. use of the z is the Americanized spelling.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for sharing this. Is there a way I can change the order of display in the side panel? Currently Document Properties takes first preference?

      Author's profile photo Anthony MULLER
      Anthony MULLER

      Hi Rajesh,

      It is not able to change the order of display right now...

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      We were also excited about this new feature; however, ran into a problem

      We have a user in 2 different Groups that are assigned to 2 different folders

      Each group has a different customization on the different folders

      The customization is only visible for one of the folders

      Why is this?

      Author's profile photo Tony Hayes
      Tony Hayes


      Can you confirm what you mean by this

      "the customization defined to the group whose ID is lower applies"

      What ID are you referring to & what do you mean by lower?



      Author's profile photo Sridhar Manchala
      Sridhar Manchala

      Hi Jason,

      This feature is really useful, but has a bug in it, which makes this option not workable.

      We have a scenario where one user gets 2 different groups which has 2 different customization on different folders. The customization applied on both folders from the group which has lower group ID, this is not helpful for us. Because the customization we did on 2 different groups for a business purpose, but not able to apply the same.

      Please advise if there is a resolution for our requirement. I hope this is required for any business scenarios.