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Access SAP NetWeaver Debug Mode and Logs Directly from SAP Sourcing/CLM


SAP Sourcing/CLM has introduced a feature that allows On-Premise SAP Sourcing/CLM System Administrators to set SAP NetWeaver “Debug Mode” and access the SAP NetWeaver logs directly from the SAP Sourcing/CLM application.  This feature was developed for SAP Sourcing/CLM Release 10.0 and back-ported to SAP Sourcing/CLM Release 9.0 Service Pack 17.

In the past, one of the challenges for On-Premise SAP Sourcing/CLM System Administrators has been the need for engaging SAP NetWeaver Basis Administrators when troubleshooting SAP Sourcing/CLM.   An SAP NetWeaver Basis Administrator was required in order to turn on SAP NetWeaver “Debug Mode” when reproducing an SAP Sourcing/CLM problem and also to retrieve the SAP Sourcing/CLM logs from the SAP NetWeaver server.  Retrieving the correct log files for the desired time period has also been a challenge.  Now these activities can be performed just by the On-Premise SAP Sourcing/CLM System Administrator.

Enabling this feature

On-Premise SAP Sourcing/CLM users who have been designated as application System Administrators typically already have the standard delivered “System Administrator” Security Profile assigned to them.  A new Security Profile Access Right has been introduced under the “Super User Rights” group.  Set the new Service Registration NetWeaver Logs View permission to Allow:

access permission.png

Log off and then log on again to refresh your Security Profiles cache.  You should now have access to this new feature.

Note: For SAP Sourcing/CLM “system” and “enterprise” administration users, this feature is automatically available and does not require the use of a Security Profile Access Right permission.  Also, if “multi-tenant” mode has been enabled for the SAP Sourcing/CLM implementation, only the “system” administration user will have access to this feature.

Setting SAP NetWeaver Debug Mode

Go to the Setup System Administration tab and click the System Information link:

sys info link.png

The Service Registration Logs tab should now be visible.  Click on the Logs tab and enter Edit mode.   You can now set the SAP NetWeaver Log Level to Debug Mode directly from within SAP Sourcing/CLM:

debug setting.png

Important Notes:

  • Normally ONLY Debug needs to be set for Log Level (Java). Do not set Debug for Log Level (SQL) and Log Level (Startup) unless instructed to do so by SAP Support.
  • Normal Log Level settings for running SAP Sourcing/CLM are:
    • Log Level (Java): Info
    • Log Level (SQL):  Error
    • Log Level (Startup): Error
  • Please don’t forget to turn off Debug Mode when you have completed reproducing a problem!

Retrieving SAP NetWeaver Sourcing/CLM Logs

From the same Service Registration Logs tab (you don’t need to be in Edit mode), set the Start Date and End Date date/time filters to only select log data for the desired time period when the problem occurred and then press the Get Logs button:


By clicking the Download link for each file, your default text file editor will launch and you can immediately begin your troubleshooting or save the files so that they can be quickly provided to SAP Sourcing/CLM Support!

Important Notes:

  • Debug Mode does not need to be enabled to retrieve the logs.  Logs can be retrieved anytime and for time periods when Debug Mode is not enabled – as long as the log files for the time period are still on the SAP NetWeaver server file system.
  • If Log Level (Java): Debug has been set for the filter time period specified, then the SAP Sourcing/CLM “debug-specific” log entries will be found in the log file that is named with the prefix eso_trc_, e.g., ‘eso_trc_1195119837835452560.log’. Please make sure to also send this file to SAP Support if they have requested that you reproduce a problem in “Debug Mode”.

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