If you are using the Alerting module, the address pattern accepts wild cards

An excerpt from admin guide,

Patterns support two wildcards:

• ‘*’ – matches any number of characters

• ‘?’ – matches any single character.


• “*@masalan.com” – matches all recipients at Masalan Inc.

jdoe@masalan.com – MATCHES

jdoe@us.maslan.com – DOES NOT MATCH

er?@masalan.com – matches all three letter strings starting with ER

erp@masalan.com – MATCHES

ER1@masalan.com – MATCHES

ERP1@masalan.com – DOES NOT MATCH

the additional information missing from the guide is that the address pattern is case sensitive.

for example

  • *@masalan.com” – matches all recipients at Masalan Inc.
    • but if you provided email id as JOHN@MASALAN.COM in the alert escalation, you will notice the following error in the operator message

                  Could not find gateway for JOHN@MASALAN.COM

Either the email id in alert escalation should be changed to JOHN@masalan.com or change the gateway address pattern to *@MASALAN.COM

NOTE: This has been noticed in build M33.104.

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