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Have You Checked Your SAP S-User ID Profile Recently?

My S-user ID was created for me, and I know my contact information was entered correctly when they created it.

I haven’t changed companies in quite a few years, so my contact information is still right.

No one could possibly misspell my name!

Not so fast!! 

When I received my first S-user ID, I assumed that my phone number and email address were up to date.  Whoops!  I was wrong!

It’s important to get into the habit of checking and updating your contact details.  You may obtain an updated email address, new phone number, new mobile.  You may move….crazier things have happened. 🙂

So what do you need to do?  It’s EASY!

Log in to the SAP Support Portal and review your personal profile information.

If everything is correct, that’s it!  You are done!

If anything is incorrect or missing (like your email address), click the Edit button.

edit profile 1.gif

You can edit the fields with a white background.  If your name is misspelled, please contact our Customer Interaction Center for assistance.


Once you have made the necessary adjustments, click Save.

That’s it!

Hope you found this useful. 

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  • Am I right that in case the customer and the customer address is wrong I would need to ask for a new S-User ID (losing all my history in SCN)?

    I got my S-user as I worked for company B.

    B got bought from A but was still an own legal entity.

    Now I am working for C, which also belongs to A.

    The system of company B retired last year.

    • Hi Jurgen,

      Great question. Typically the answer is no, but there are always one offs. Generally speaking, the address details of the company refer to where the support is being invoiced. As mentioned, there may be times where a new ID has to be created, but there are alternatives that can be pursued to allow you to retain the same ID.

      Feel free to contact me directly.