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SPAU adjustment FAQ


This FAQ provide a list of commonly asked questions regarding SPAU adjustment.

Selection screen

[1] What should I bear in mind during the selection on the selection screen?
[2] Why do the modification browser (transaction SE95) and the modification adjustment (transaction SPAU) display an object with “Last changed by” or with the last change request, even though other selection conditions were entered on the initial screen?

Modification adjustment

[3] Why does the system display such a large number of objects in transactions SE95 and SPAU after upgrading from a Release lower than Release 4.5A to Release 4.5A or higher?
[4] Why does transaction SPAU display objects with a question mark?
[5] Can I save the transferred changes in the modification adjustment so that another developer can transfer further changes?
[6] Do I have to perform a modification adjustment after each upgrade or Support Package import?
[7] When do I have to import the SPAU adjustment transport of a development system into the consolidation system or production system?
[8] Can I also retrieve versions of objects in the modification adjustment?
[9] How do I proceed if versions of modifications with Modification Assistant were still retrieved?
[10] How can I mark the objects of an advance development in the system so that they can be provided in transaction SPAU for an adjustment during the next upgrade or Support Package import?
[11] Why does transaction SPAU display Dictionary objects?
[12] How can I quickly delete objects from transaction SPAU or SE95?
[13] Does the system change the active object when resetting to original?

Resetting to original

[14] How can I display objects that were reset to original?
[15] Why was the “Return to SAP standard” function replaced with “Reset to Original”?
[16] Why does the system have to be modifiable for resetting to original?
[17] Why does the system require a transport request when resetting to original?

SPAU and note corrections

[18] Which are the advantages of the Note Assistant?
[19] Can I also install the Note Assistant in a system with a large number of modifications?
[20] Which requirements must be met for installing the Note Assistant?
[21] How can I find out in which notes an object is used?
[22] Why can I not reset to original a note correction with a yellow or green traffic light symbol in transaction SPAU?
[23] Why can I not reset to original a modification with Modification Assistant if the object is contained in a note correction?
[24] Why can I not adjust a modification in transaction SPAU if the object is contained in a note correction?

Tips and tricks

[25] Where do I find documentation about transaction SE95_UTIL?
[26] Where should I check in the event of problems?
[27] How can I display the change history of an object?
[28] How can I display the developers that have modified an object?
[29] How can I display the requests in which the object was processed or imported?
[30] Which versions should I compare if a problem occurs in the modification adjustment?
[31] What should I bear in mind when I compare versions in version management?
[32] What is important when comparing modification versions?
[33] Which information can I obtain from the transport logs?
[34] Under which components should I open a message if problems occur?

The answer to the above list of questions are located in the SAP System Upgrade & Update troubleshooting wiki page.

Direct link to the above questions: Handbook for SPDD and SPAU adjustment and FAQs for the SPAU-Adjustment

Additional Info:

1. Rami Kumar Munagala has written a handbook describing the SPDD and SPAU adjustment. Link to: SPDD & SPAU Adjustments Handbook

2. There was a program bug, which lead to obsolete notes de-implemented during SPAU adjustment. For details, you can read SAP Note 1928534.

Best regards,

James Wong

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      Hi Hans,

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      Hi Hans,

      Thank you for pointing this out to me.  I have corrected the link to the right location. It should work now. If you experience further problem with that link, please do let me know.   I may just move the answers to this blog.  Since we have found 34 FAQ questions, it will be a very long blog to list everything here.

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      H. Senden

      thanks James

      Author's profile photo James Wong
      James Wong
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      You're welcome H. Senden! 🙂

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      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Hmm, not sure it makes a lot of sense to duplicate the content from SCN Wiki in a blog... Wiki page could be updated and then this blog would become inaccurate. Perhaps a post on the space overview page or SCN home page would be more appropriate medium to announce the new Wiki content? We need some better announcement mechanism on SCN...

      Thank you.

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      James Wong
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      Hi Jelena,

      That's a very valid point.  I am currently having a discussion with the SL SCN Moderator to decide which location will be better to release the information.  I will provide you an update shortly.

      Thank you for your feedback and suggestion.

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