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SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite 4.1 SP05 (SP5) Released

Update 27/11/2014: Please read if you have SAP Data Services and/or SAP Information Steward – see below

Update 26/11/2014: Released today, the updated SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 Supported Platforms – see below

Update 24/11/2014: Free-Hand SQL Extension for Web Intelligence for SP05 article released.


SAP has released on Monday November 17th 2014, as planned in the Maintenance Schedule, Support Package 05 for the following products:

  • SBOP BI Platform 4.1 SP05 Server
  • SBOP BI Platform 4.1 SP05 Client Tools
  • SBOP BI Platform 4.1 SP05 Live Office
  • SBOP BI Platform 4.1 SP05 Crystal Reports for Enterprise
  • SBOP BI Platform 4.1 SP05 Integration for SharePoint
  • SBOP BI Platform 4.1 SP05 NET SDK Runtime
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.1 SP05
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1 SP05
  • SAP Crystal Server 2013 SP05
  • SAP Crystal Reports 2013 SP05

This comes five months after the release of SAP BI 4.1 SP4 (SP04) back in June 2014.

You can download these updates from the SAP Marketplace as a Full Install Package or Support Package (Update).

E.g.: Full Install


E.g.: Support Package (Update)


Download Location: Software Downloads | SAP Support Portal

What’s New?

The updated What’s New document has been released early this time on 06/11/2014.  This is a good read, there are few good new features in this update but the ones that are significant to me are:

  • SAP Lumira integration with the BI Platform
  • Free-hand SQL (FHSQL) for Web Intelligence via the SDK and UI Extension Points*

* I was told at SAP TechEd that a sample will be made available to help us doing this.  This new feature is expected to be out of the box with no SDK required with SP06.  Articles:

There are tons of fixes (356 to be exact).

Supported Platform (Product Availability Matrix)

The SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 Supported Platforms (PAM) document has been released on November 26th 2014.



The usual documents have been made available:

Forward Fit Plan

SAP is no longer updating the SBOP Forward Fit Plan so I’m unable to confirm for the moment which updates are included here…  One would hope it’s as it used to be and will include SAP BI 4.1 SP04 Path 3…

To be confirmed…

Maintenance Schedule

SAP BI 4.1 SP05 Patch 5.1 (Week 51 – December 2014)

SAP BI 4.1 SP05 Patch 5.2 (Week 4 – January 2015)

SAP BI 4.1 SP06 is scheduled to be released late July 2015 (Week 30 2015).

Source: Schedules for Support Packages and Stacks | SAP Support Portal

Installing Updates

This training server has a clean installation of SP04 with the English language only installed.  This is how long it tool to install everything.

Note: For those who have read my previous post about the release of SAP BI 4.1 SP04, the timings below will seem much quicker.  The reason for this is that I’m using a training server with the same specs but different pre-installations of SAP software…  Or SAP have made things a lot quicker now!


    • SBOP BI Platform 4.1 SP05 Server
    • SBOP BI Platform 4.1 SP05 Client Tools
    • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer 4.1 SP05


    • Windows Server 2012
    • 4x Virtual Processors (Hyper-V)
    • 20 GB RAM


1. As always, the Preparing to install screen takes a while…  about 6-7 minutes for me.

Please wait.png

2. This chart shows the time it took waiting for the Preparing screen to disappear then the installation time.

install time.png

3. As always, when you click Finish, do NOT reboot straight away.  Wait for setupengine.exe to go away in your Task Manager.  This can take a minute or so.

Task Manager.png

Past Articles

For information, I wrote the following articles about previous SAP BI Support Packages:

SAP Data Services and/or SAP Information Steward

Those of you with SAP Data Services (DS) 4.x and/or SAP Information Steward (IS) 4.x installed on your SAP BI 4.1 server will not be able to install this update.

At the “Check Prerequisites” screen you will get the following message:


SAP Note 1740516 is currently unavailable.  It is likely going to say that SAP BI 4.1 SP05 is compatible with SAP DS / IS 4.2 SP04 (to be released).

  • SAP DS 4.2 SP04: no release date yet (probably at the same time of IS)
  • SAP IS 4.2 SP04: release date Week 51, 2014


It’s still early days and there are couple of documents that need to be updated but looking forward to have a look at the Free-hand SQL in Web Intelligence!

I’m also please that Apache Tomcat is now updated from the very old 7.0.32 to 7.0.55.

As always, please share your how it went for you in the comments below.  I’m sure this does help many people.

Please like and rate this article if you find it useful!

Thanks and good luck!


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  • Hi Patrick,

    Any idea which version of Lumira Desktop I need to make use of the BI platform integration? I just installed SP5 and see Lumira as an application in de CMC but I still can't publish a story to the BI platform in version 1.20 of Lumira Desktop. I'm aware of the limitations of this integration but I guess I still need the Lumira BI-addon? I was hoping this was not the case.

    • Hi Patrick,

      Same question here, Just updated to SP05 with a great hope of exporting Lumira dashboard to Infoview Portal, It's not behaving as expected.

      Any configuration steps to follow to get Lumira on infoview with out SAP Hana.

      Let me know Thanks..

  • Any idea of when the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 (SP5) Supported Platforms

    Product Availability Matrix (PAM) will be available...?

    We can't even look at deploying this until we are 100% that it will work with all of our client's browser-versions, etc.

    Let me know. Thanks...!

  • Hi Patrick,

    We are currently in SAP BI 4.1 SP2 Patch 3 . So for installing SP5, can the patch be applied be directly or I have to install SP4 and then SP5. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Patrick,

    can you confirm, that SBOP 4.1 SP4 patch 2 is included in SP5 patch 0 ? Or I have to install SP5 patch 1 to get to the same level (because of SAP security note 2039905)?


  • Have heard some reports from Customers of two (2) 'Sporadic' issues with 4.1 SP5 - not happening to everyone, but just wanted to post them here as a "Heads-Up".

    1.) Problems with Install Manifest (if box has had previous Patches & Updates), this means after SP5 install CCM (Windows) utility returns an Error when you are trying to get to the SIA configuration settings.

    2.) WinAD synch between AD and BOE is broken. Platform does not recognize when you REMOVE users from Specific-Groups in WinAD. Additions and Delete-All Groups for a User appear to work OK.

    Anyone else had either of these issues after SP5...?

  • Hi Patrick,

    Like to know if you have further info on the SAP BI 4.1 SP05 Patch 5.7 which was released on 10th July 2015?

    And how do we obtain access to the Market place?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Team,

    We have upgraded BO environment to BI4.1 SP5 P4 but unfortunately one bug identified (error message during changing prompt for recurrence scheduling for webi reports)  so we are again going to upgrade with Patch 7 (i.e. 4.1 SP5 P7). It is looking better than previous patches. I hope P7 will not have any bug. I'm still waiting when BO will be stable without any bug. - Cheers