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The Fiori “Blue Crystal” Design in ADT (SAPGUI 7.40)


i am working as abap developer from r/3 release 2.0 on (so about 20 years), as i am working with hana i am using ADT now and i think it’s a must for all abap developers (@Rolf Fricker) after doing the realy nicely done beginners tour i continue to Play around:

i created an ALV using ADT and tested the new fiori style design called “Blue Crystal”: nice 🙂

good to see adt is also working with new sapgui 7.40


i am also impressed how fast it is, so once eclipse is started i can work with same Performance as in SE80

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  • Hi Jörg,

    thanks for your feedback.

    Maybe you can tell the community about your favorite features in eclipse?

    Are you using already AS ABAP 7.40 ?



    • hi Thomas

      yes, i am using AS ABAP 7.40 with SP2 and SP6

      my favorite Features are  code completion and

      Quickfix, but i will also have a look at the re-factoring functions.

        • compared to the integrated se80 i somethimes face Problems in software-logistics (Versions of eclipse/adt, corporate governance (admin rights, Windows authorizations etc), as i am working on about 500 customer Systems with different sap Releases i sometimes Need different eclipse Versions (so it more an eclipse Problem), this could be maybe solved with a web-IDE Version of ADT

          and Offline Modus to work in the Train.

          • Hi Jörg,

            why do you need several Eclipse installations? The latest version of ADT should run against all older ABAP backend versions >7.31. There is no release dependency between client version and backend. When this is the case it is just a bug.