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Integration Add-on 3.0 for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors

The third packaged integration for integrating SAP HCM and SuccessFactors – Integration Add-on for SAP ERP Human Capital Management and SuccessFactors Business Execution 3.0 – was released on SAP Service Marketplace on October 15th 2014. The packaged integration introduced qualification integration between SuccessFactors HCM suite or SuccessFactors Learning and SAP ERP HCM. A brief overview of all of the packages and the strategy for integration can be found in my blog SAP HCM and SuccessFactors Integration Packages: a brief overview.

The Package

The packaged integration provides one-way integration of either competencies and employee competency assignments from SuccessFactors HCM suite or of curricula and employee curricula assignments from SuccessFactors Learning to SAP ERP HCM so that:

  • Competency Libraries or Curricula Types are transferred as Qualification Group objects (object type QK)
  • Competencies or curricula are transferred as Qualifications objects (object type Q)
  • Competency assignments are transferred as Qualification assignments on the employee’s qualifications profile (seen in transaction OOQA)

Additionally, there is a report to perform a one-time extract of qualification data from SAP ERP HCM to upload to SuccessFactors HCM suite. This is not available for SuccessFactors Learning. The packaged integration only supports legacy competencies and not the MDF competencies that are part of Job Profile Builder. The figures below demonstrate the process and data flows for each scenario.

Figure 1: Integration between SuccessFactors HCM suite and SAP ERP HCM


Figure 2: Integration between SuccessFactors Learning and SAP ERP HCM

Interestingly, this is the first package that is designed to function with only one middleware platform: SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI). Functionality was released in Integration Add-on 3.0 for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors: Service Package 2 to enable SAP Process Integration (PI) to be used. The integration process for HCI is different from previous packages as this integration is triggered by the middleware as opposed to being triggered in SAP.

This integration means that in this scenario the system of record for competencies/qualifications is SuccessFactors HCM suite or SuccessFactors Learning and not SAP ERP HCM. SAP ERP HCM should be made read-only for both the qualification catalog and the employee qualification profiles.

The add-on includes a number of new features and functionality:

  • Ability to perform a one-time extract of qualifications from SAP ERP with report RH_SFI_EXPORT_QUALI
  • Middleware content (part of HCI)
  • Authorization role SAP_HR_SFI_QUALIFICATION
  • New IMG entries under the Integration Scenario for Qualification Data node in the Integration Add-On for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors BizX node

The screenshot below show report RH_SFI_EXPORT_QUALI.


Important Notes

There are several important notes regarding the operation of the integration:

  • The integration supports both PA and PD qualifications
  • The integration supports using competencies in either SuccessFactors HCM suite or SuccessFactors Learning
  • In addition to leveraging HCI, SAP Gateway 2.0 SP07 is also required
  • Competency ratings in SuccessFactors may be rounded up or down when mapped to SAP ERP HCM qualification objects
  • Qualifications must be manually delimited (or deleted) in SAP ERP HCM if the equivalent competency is deleted in SuccessFactors HCM suite or equivalent curricula is deleted SuccessFactors Learning
  • Skills, behaviors, teasers, and tuners are not considered

For SuccessFactors Learning specifically there are some caveats to consider:

  • Any changes to items attached to the curricula catalog will render the status of curriculum for related employees to be invalid and an administrator must perform a full forced synchronization
  • Only curricula with status Completed are considered
  • Items are not considered, only the parent Curricula are
  • Curricula with multiple child Items will have the expiry date read from the Item with the earliest expiry date; if no expiry date exists 31.12.9999 is used as a default
  • The start date is always the date of the integration

Configuration and Setup

This packaged integration requires setup in SAP HANA Cloud Integration and in the SAP Implementation Guide (IMG).

In HCI for SuccessFactors HCM suite there are two processes that must be enabled and, if required, configured. For the one-time extract of qualifications data from SAP ERP HCM the integration process should be enabled, although the one-time import can also be made in SuccessFactors Provisioning. The main process for the integration is For Learning curricula there are two processes: and If PD qualifications are used in SAP ERP HCM then a default Qualification Group must be defined for those Curricula that do not have a parent Curricula Type. This can be seen in the screenshot below.


Configuration in SAP is performed within the IMG under Personnel Management > Integration Add-On for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors BizX > Integration Scenario For Qualification Data. The node can be seen in the screenshot below.


The following customizing activities need to be performed:

  • Enable the OData APIs in customizing activity Gateway Configuration that is found in the Basic Settings node
  • Configure the determination of Personnel Numbers in SAP ERP HCM from the User ID in SuccessFactors HCM suite in customizing activity BAdI: Determine SAP ERP Personnel Numbers and SuccessFactors User IDs in the Basic Settings node
  • Map SAP ERP HCM qualification objects to competency objects in SuccessFactors HCM suite or curricula in SuccessFactors Learning in customizing activity Maintain Relationship Between Qualification ID and SuccessFactors ID in the Transfer of Qualifications Rating from SAP ERP to SuccessFactors HCM Suite node
  • Mapping of Competency ratings in SuccessFactors HCM suite or SuccessFactors Learning to a rating scale of Qualification objects in SAP ERP HCM in customizing activity BAdI: Configure Value Mapping for Qualification Rating under Transfer of Qualifications Rating from SuccessFactors HCM Suite to SAP ERP node

Once this configuration has been completed then the add-on is ready to use. The one-time export of qualification data can now be performed and the output uploaded to SuccessFactors either via HCI or Provisioning.


This enables competency data to be managed in SuccessFactors talent management processes and for that data to be also used in SAP ERP HCM processes. This can be important for customers whom manage competencies in SuccessFactors but rely on that data to make decisions for activities such as workforce planning, staffing, and health & safety. It enables this integration to occur whether SuccessFactors HCM suite competencies or SuccessFactors Learning curricula are used to manage competencies. The integration relies on HCI, so might not be suitable for all customers at this time. It has some caveats that must be considered prior to implementation. Overall, this integration is extremely simple to setup and manage yet reliable and comprehensive.

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  • Hi Luke,

    Thanks or another useful blog post! I have a couple of questions regarding the new Add On 3.0's capabilities:

    1. Does the regular NW PI support synchronizing competencies (qualification to competency mappings)  between SAP and SF? Or only HCI can be used?

    2. We have a requirement to import employee's qualification profile (with proficiency level ratings). Is this supported/ possible using SAP NW PI. I have been informed that only Employee to competency relationships can be mapped without the proficiency levels & validity periods. How can this be achieved?

    Thanks & regards,


    • Hi Sameer,

      At present SAP PI is not available for this packaged integration. However, there are plans to release PI integration content. It could be possible to build your own integration as the SuccessFactors OData API supports competency data.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Luke

        I found the package "XI CONTENT SFIHCM03 600" on the SAP Software Download Center, indicating that the SAP PI content for integration add-on 3 is available already.

        Are you aware of this package or is it perhaps referring to another software component?



        • Hi Francois,

          This is for the Variable Pay integration that is released as part of add-on 3.0 SP1. I have a blog due on that tomorrow.

          Best regards,


  • Hi Luke,

    I am a newbie for SF and SF integration with SAP HCM On-Premise system. We are planning to use HCI as our middleware for the integration. (with referring to Figure 1 mentioned above)

    We would like to know, what is the difference in terms of integration (point of view) if we don't activate Employee Central (EC) in Provisioning VS if we do activate EC in Provisioning?

    The reason I asked is because, we would like to have our SAP HCM Employee Data to be integrate with our new SF HCM instance (or vise versa) and we would like to know what is the benefit of EC for this integration?

    Is there also any documentations that we can refer?

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Luke, thanks for writing up this information, and for all that you do to better our knowledge of HCM and SuccessFactors. We are lucky to have you in our community!

    I'm a new customer implementing SuccessFactors in 2015. We already have an SAP HCM environment running on EHP7. When installing the Integration Add-On 3.0, it's telling us that we also need to install the 1.0 and 2.0 Add-Ons. Is that correct - in other words the Add-On 3.0 would not be cumulative of the previous Add-On releases?


    • Hi Jay,

      Thanks for your comments!

      Add-on 3.0 is cumulative of the others, but it needs to have them installed as it builds on the existing elements within those ABAP Add-on's.

      Good luck!


  • Hi Luke,

    We want to integrate On-Premise to SF LMS mainly for Employee/User Data by using the latest Integration Add-On 3.0 through SAP PI. Our Basis team can see

    SF Integration 3.0 was rolled into SFIHCM02 SP3 (which we went to when we patched to SP7).  But, we cannot go find/view SF 3.0, all we can see is 2.0 and also did not find the node in IMG for Integration Scenario for Qualification Data?

    Appreciate your inputs.



      • Thanks, Luke. Are we good with installing SFIHCM03 or do we need any other components particularly on PI side? Also one more question... As we are going to use only for Employee Data transfer from ECC to SF BizX, is there any different in the Add-ON 1.0/2.0 Vs Add-On 3.0?

        Thanks for your time and efforts!


        • Hi Sri,

          You need to install the ESR content in SAP PI that is on SAP Service Marketplace.

          You could just go with SFIHCM01 SP2 for employee data, but I would recommend going with the latest version now because it has many bug fixes included and it will also be easier for the customer to upgrade in the future.

          All the best,


          • Thanks, Luke. Our Basis team getting confused as current box indicates that SF 02 SP3 should suffice fro Add-On 3.0, but for whatever reason it's not....Do we need 02SP4?

            My other question...  since when we ran the MOPZ transaction to get SP7, MOPZ showed this SF 3.0 is part of the system already. But, I am not able to find the node for "Integration Scenario for Qualification". That means, they need to implement SFIHCM03?

            Sorry for bugging you with Basis realted questions but want to make sure that I can insist for right upgrades until I see the node of Qualification under SF integration in IMG.



          • Hi Sri,

            Basis need to implement the following components:

            SFIHCM01 SP9

            SFIHCM02 SP4

            SFIHCM03 SP2

            I'm not sure why SFIHCM03 is showing in your system and you don't see the node, but maybe if Basis import SFIHCM02 SP4 and then SFIHCM03 it should be resolved.

            Best regards,


          • Thanks, Luke. Yea. it is bit confusing. So, we should have the required SPs at each component level? If we do directly SFIHCM03 SP2 on existing SFIHCM02 SP3 or any lower SP version in SFIHCM01 would not work? I thought they are all related and once we get the latest (SFIHCM03), it overwrites everything and installs all inclusive!



          • Although they are all related, you still need to be at a minimum level on each SFIHCM packaged because of certain architectural changes made along the way. But by adding SFIHCM03 SP2 you get all support packages from SFICHM02 SP5 onwards.

            Best regards,


  • Hi Luke,

    I have a question concerning the Qualification integration.

    The first step is to transfer the Qualifications Catalog from SAP to SuccessFactors.  This can be achieved by exporting the data from SAP and importing via Provisioning.

    The second step is to transfer the employee skills data.  Above, you mention integration process  You also mention it can be done via provisioning.  If this step can be achieved through provisioning, how is this file exported from SAP?



  • Hello Luke- Thanks for sharing the info.

    Here I have Implemented Curriculum Catalog using Integration Add-On 3.0 SP04 for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors HCM Suite .

    We are facing issue to replicate data from LMS to ECC, issue details are below:

    We used SAP PI as middleware between LMS & ECC using SFSF Adapter REST protocol to connect to LMS.

    While we run the interface in PI, it only gets 500 curricula's from LMS and rest did not, we tried multiple times to pull all records which are available in LMS with status active true but the result is same.

    SAP PI Point of view ,we do not have any parameter to set limitation in channel.

    Can you help is there any limitation or threshold value in LMS for entity "CurriculaDATAVOX" or some where else.

    Below is the my channel config.

    Thank you very for your kind attention. It is very urgent to us as we need to make it Go-Live by these week.



  • Hi Luke,

    Thanks for the useful information.

    In reference to the below statement you made in your post...

    "The packaged integration only supports legacy competencies and not the MDF competencies that are part of Job Profile Builder"

    That's rather unfortunate that the packaged integration do not support MDF Competencies used within JPB, especially as it appears that SF's development within the SF Talent (BizX) Suite is focussed more on utilising/integrating with the JPB instead of the Legacy Competencies Family/Role function.

    Do you know if SAP has any plans to put this on the Integration Roadmap in the short or medium term?

    Kind regards