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SAP HANA & Big Data Local Meetup in Shanghai

We had a successful SAP HANA & Big Data meetup at Shanghai on November 3rd.

We would like to thank our sponsors: Kai-Yin and her manager. And thanks our speaker: Ray.

The following is a brief summary of the meetup:

This meetup is a 3 hours session to get developers some ideas around SAP HANA and Big data.

The followings are the statistics:

  1. There are 21 people registering on the website which include 12 external participants.
    Actually there are 22 people joining this meetup.
    /wp-content/uploads/2014/11/1_586479.jpg /wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2_586480.png
  2. The schedule of this meetup was from 18:00 to 21:30. It was until 22:00 that we finished this session because a lot of people were very interested about this topic and discussed the study roadmap with Ray and they wanted to study more about SAP HANA and big data.
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  3. The feedbacks from our participants:

“Big data is hot topic on recently and yesterday Mr.Wu give us amazing session on it.

He give us a landscape on big data, within different stories and projects from his experience.  Big data has impacted on retails, oil industry, E-commerce, and also share his opinion on how big data will impact our work and life.  One story give me a deep impression that Machine learning will change the translation and the role of the translator will to rethink about his career path in future.

On his experience , Mr.Wu introduced the 6 characters of the big data and the science behind the big data.

Another interesting part to compare the prediction between big data and Chinese tradition methodology, “I Ching”.

Thanks a lot for Mr.Wu sharing us how to learn the big data from beginner.

Good session on me to learn the big data and expect next amazing session.

Also, thanks the delicious Pisa from the organizer offered.” – Zhang, Yaguang / SAP / Business One

首先,PPT内容非常的丰富,没有过多的文字赘述而是用大量的有视觉效果的案例图片来表达主题。其次,演讲者(wu xuening)用言简意赅的略带幽默的表达方式起到了很好的效果。所讲案例涵盖SAP软件所涉及的各个行业,对了解SAP HANA和大数据的适用范围和状况很有帮助。最后,对我个人目前所从事的SAP软件翻译和本地化这一块,受益匪浅,很受启发,特别是对机器学习(machine learning)产生了非常浓厚的兴趣。” – Abulizi, Anniwa / SAP / SLS

此次SAP的大数据的课程,课程设计浅显易懂,让我一个完全不知道IT编程的人大概了解了SAP HANA平台为客户提供的依托大数据解决商业问题的整体解决方案。邬老师讲课也深受大家喜爱,中间穿插易经,更是增加了课程的趣味性。多多举办这些基础类普及类的课程,受益匪浅!谢谢SAP – Ni, Yangyang / Housheng Investment / Investment Manager

“During the workshop, I knew how hana system work,what big data have been and would be used in different industries;

I got a real understand about hana&big data now, thanks to Wu xuening&honggang.” – Dong, Liping / Alcatel Lucent / Engineer

The overall feedbacks were very positive. Lots of attendees ask for the following activities.

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