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SAP and me – A chance encounter

Right off, let me introduce myself. As you can see above, the name is Aziz Dohadwala and I am a SAP FI consultant. All that is obvious and open to all forum members/visitors. What is not is the journey that has bought me here.

There is one common thread through all the personal blogs, the passion in working in SAP and expanding one’s horizons and boundaries. I got here in a little roundabout way. I spent about 8yrs in the USA working on client-server architecture and databases and doing a pretty good job, if my managers and employers are to be believed. On return to India, I was involved in my family business for 11 yrs but it was never personally fulfilling. Eventually, I stopped and re-evaluated my own self and my life. What did I want to do ??? That was the question. 😕

Ticking it off, it had to be something in computers (very broad, but bear with me), a field where I could leverage the knowledge I had gained from business and my prior IT experience and something which would stimulate me mentally. After all the soul-searching and research one does at the crossroads of life and at the start of middle-age. I decided SAP was what I wanted to do and FI was the module I was best suited to. It not only helped to leverage my previous IT experience but also my business experience. I believe that it makes it easier to understand new business processes and would be a great way to expand myself mentally.

After inquiring at the training center, I was stunned to hear about the cost of the training and certification exam. But, I believed that this was the best way to learn and get a foothold into an industry I wanted to be in. So I started the journey in April of 2014. Four weeks of intensive training and staying up late nights studying for the exam became par for the course. Knowing that there was no way back for me, I knew I had to do well in the exam. All the hard work and late nights paid off and I did very well getting 78/80.

I was now ready to stun the SAP world with my sparkling wit and intellect 😎 , or so I thought. My first couple of interviews brought me down to planet earth with a thud and deflated my ego considerably. Looking back at my previous experience, I went back to how I was as a fresher, eager to learn and absorb. This helped me land my first job, just a few months ago where I am currently.

Right now I am working in Hyderabad, with a great group of people and lucky enough to have very supportive seniors. And feeling good about myself to boot.

Just a few points in conclusion,

  1. Never too late to do something you like. Even if it means a change in careers. Infact, sometimes the “no way back” makes you work harder
  2. Be willing to do hard work, learn and respect your intellectual seniors. A lot of my seniors are way younger than me. I am 43 years old.
  3. Leave your ego behind. Ask questions, research and use the internet. As you get knowledge, share it also.
  4. For newcomers and career changers, the money may not be great in the start, but the rewards will come if you stick with point 2.
  5. Enjoy yourself. Nothing makes work easier if you like what you are doing.

I wish all a successful career and a happy life. Always follow the rainbow of your dreams, the pot of gold IS at the end.

Thanks and regards and this is my first blog post, so please forgive any faux pas.

– Aziz

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    • Hey TW,

      I am an absolute fresher, certified in May 2014 and started work in Aug 2014. So much to learn and so little time. But it is very interesting and challenging.



  • Aziz,

    Congratulations on an excellent first blog post! I took a very similar career path, coming into SAP mid career after several years in general accounting, so I, too, started in FI. I agree completely that leveraging your previous business experience can be an excellent way to get started in SAP; some of the best SAP security analysts I have known took that path. I look forward to hearing more from you as your SAP career progresses.



    • Gretchen,

      Thank you for those kind and encouraging words. I guess it doesn't matter how old you are, it feels great to be appreciated the first time you do something. I hope the next time I put something up, blog or document, it gives the readers as much pleasure as much I get from preparing it.

      - Aziz

  • Aziz,

    Never too late to do something you like. Even if it means a change in careers

    I like the above sentence. You have very good writing skills and expressive skills, very nicely written.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.


  • Dear Sir,

    First of all, I am salute you!

    Your blog is really encouraging & inspiring to me.... i am 27 years old & working on SAP FI module from last 6 years as an end user & planning to do SAP FI  certificate course from training institute...still i am little bit confuse or not confident about career in SAP but after read your blog my mind is clear & now i have decided to do it course ASAP.

    Thank you very much


    Dhaval Mistry

    • Dhaval,

      If my experiences can help anyone in making decisions or to move towards any particular goal in life, I will be most happy and consider all the ups and downs worthwhile. Just remember, dont get disheartened by setbacks. Falling down is not bad, it's how you get back up that matters (thank you Rocky Balboa).

      Best of luck in all your endeavors in life and Godspeed.


  • Hi Aziz,

    Glad to know your success story. I am hopeful that this is a starting new journey to SAP world. 🙂

    Age should never be a constraint as long as individuals have commitment and interest on learning SAP. I have seen number of successful consultants who started their SAP career after the age of 50+ years.

    Hopefully, the following blog would be help you in your endeavour:

    How to transform yourself from a fresher to an expert SAP Consultant?

    All the best.

    Kind Regards,


    • Thank you for the encouragement Ravi. Though I must point out (tongue in cheek), I read the aforementioned blog way back in September and it is highly informative and helpful. I have been following you (SCN only, no stalking) since then and I have been highly rewarded with lot of information and positivity from your posts. So thank you for that too. Really appreciate it as a newcomer.


  • /
    • Vignesh,

      glad you liked it. Just dont make the mistakes I made and go after what makes you happy.

      best of luck for everything in life and god bless.


  • Dear Aziz ,

    Very Inspirational Blog !!!!

    i liked your points 2, 4 and 5 and it is very important for everyone to implement in their life  for making future bright .

    Thank you very much for sharing your professional journey !!!!

    Advance Happy New year Aziz !!!!!!!!

    • Madhu Kumar,

      thank you for the kind words. Encouragement from one's peers is always greatly appreciated.

      Advance Happy new year to you too.


  • Hi Aziz ,

       Congratulations for your new job , your experience and way you learnt also too good.

    It is very very inspiring thing to all younger one's.



  • Dear Mr. Aziz,

    Thank you for your wonderful inspirational blog for new comer's in SAP industry. It really inspired me to goahead without looking back and achieve the targeted goals.

    Mr. Aziz just need some info regarding certification cost in Hyd and can a fresher go for a certification exam or experience is must in SAP.

    Presently I am working in Saudi in a Accounts dept and I am very keen to change my field to SAP FICO.

    Kindly throw some light on getting trained through an authorised SAP partner and getting certified.

    Awaiting for your valuable feed back.



    • Abid,

      First off, let me say thank you.

      Now, as for the certification exam, as far as I know in India you cannot go directly for an certification exam if you haven't gone through the official training, unless you have some sort of company sponsor who says you have been working on SAP for them.

      You can find the authorized centers from the SAP website or just by googling. The authorized training cost is quite steep, for instructor led training(ILT) in classroom I paid 3.75lacs. You can also take the training online(OLT) which is cheaper. The ILT is 4weeks, 8hrs a day and the OLT you can do at your pace.

      Be aware that certification alone will not guarantee jobs. Search the SCN forum you will fins a lot of information on the topic.

      Best of luck on your career and future.

      God Bless.