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KSII – PER Settlement Rule – Service Flow

Hi. I was looking for a topic with few info and found this interesting.

When you work with PER settlement Rule on PM/CO Orders, and you post and settle activities with the same cost element, sometimes something called the Service Flow is triggered. Some time ago i spend time investigating about this stuff. A friend of mine tell me ‘this is the system behavior’, but don’t explain me the reasons, i guess lot of people know about this but have never read the documentation.

OSS ‘156563 – Settlement after activity allocation/revaluation’ explain this behavior of the system. I think this oss is a bit difficult to understand so in this document im going to post the step by step to recreate what i think is the most important.

Lets begin:

1. Create 2 cost centers

6000_PMSF01 Sender of the activity

6000_PMSF02 Settlement Cost Center of the PM Order

2. Plan Activity Type PM0000 in cost center 6000_PMSF01 (Tcode KP26). My plan price for this activity is 100mxn/1H


2. Create a PM Order. Set the Settlement Rule CTR 6000_PMSF02 type PER



3. Post Activity PM0000 from 6000_PMSF01  to the PM Order. I did with KB21N just for educational purposes.


Check the sender cost center:

04-Sender CC.jpg

Check the Order Report:


Here, everything OK!

5. Settle the PM Order.


6. Check the Order Report

10-Settle Order Report.jpg

Check the Receiver Cost Center

11-CC Report.jpg

6. Calculate the Actual Activity cost of PM0000.

First, debit the cost center 6000_PLSF1 with real cost, in my example 5000

06-CC FI Post.jpg

Run KSII. The actual cost is 5000/30 = 166.67


7. Check the Sender cost center. As you see, the credit is now 5000. At this moment, i didnt run the Order Revaluation with the actual cost.


Check the Receiver Cost Center of the Settlement Rule of the PM Order. The debit is also 5000.


Ok. some of you may ask what happening? Go to KSB1. In this tcode you see a post with transaction KSII. This post is in both Sender Cost Center and also in the cost center in the settlement of the PM Order. This are the posts explained in the OSS, in the topic ‘revaluation and settlement’.

15 KSB1.jpg

8. Run KON2, to revaluate the PM Orders.

17 OrderReport.jpg

Everithing is OK with the PM Porder, the debit is 5000. Now check the Sender Cost Center. The credit is 7000, why?

18 CC Report Send.jpg

tcode KSB1 explain the system behavior. RKLN represent the revaluation of the PM Order from the sender cost center point of view.

19 ksb1.jpg

9. Settle PM order again.

20 KO88.jpg

Check the Order Report, everything is correct. Debits are equal to the Settle Costs.

21 CC Report.jpg

Now check the Sender Cost Center. Debits = Credits = 5000. Everything is ok

22 Order Report.jpg

Now check KSB1. This is the final state of the post. The last settlement clear the service flow (check the partner object in the sender) .

23 KSB1.jpg

Wish this document help you.


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