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Installing and Configuring an SAP HANA Streaming Server in Your Landscape

One of the big features coming up with the planned SAP HANA SPS 09 release is the integration of the SAP Event Stream Processor technology directly into the SAP HANA platform as SAP HANA smart data streaming. This presentation was first delivered at SAP TechEd && d-code in Las Vegas this year and provides a good introduction to installing and configuring a streaming server as part of the SAP HANA landscape. I also provide an overview of developing and deploying smart data streaming projects through SAP HANA Studio.

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      • Hi Robert ,

        I have multi-sid environment for my non- prod systems (  4 - hana instances( DR1, QR1, etc ) installed on the same appliance. my query is while install HANA smart data server ..Can I install under eg: DR1 sid ?? or I need to create a separate SID for streaming server ?



        • Remi is correct. To add a bit more detail:

          • Smart Data Streaming ("SDS") is installed as part of a HANA system, so in your case you can add SDS to one of your existing HANA systems such as your DR1 system
          • For Dev/Test you can install and configure SDS on a single node HANA system
          • For Production you should run SDS on a separate node within the HANA system
          • Note that the presentation in this post is a couple of years old now, so you should review the current SP11 documentation for new features and updates.