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Author's profile photo Natalia Machado

5 Most viewed KBAs from Quality Management

Hello everyone 🙂


I believe that there are some QM statistics that may be of your interest, so I decided to make this blog post to show you KBAs (Knowledge Base Articles) View Count.

My idea is to do a ranking: Most viewed from Year.

But, what is these rankings for?

I believe that if any ranked KBA did not work for you, you can bring the solution that resolved your problem.


If you guys like this idea, I can monthly update the ranking (if there are changes). Please let me know 😉





5 Most viewed KBAs from 2016


193 Views1705428–  Error message IM254 ‘Invalid object number (status management)’ or IM258 ‘Object does not exist (status management)’ in transaction QM02

123 Views1649612 – Error message M7021 “Deficit of SL Stock in quality inspection” while canceling the goods receipt for a qualitiy managed material

109 Views1680949 – Customizing or SAP application menu for the “Copy Inspection Results” function is missing

82 Views – 2117983 – How to return stock to delivery if stock is already posted during usage decision

81 Views – 2043668 – During quality certificates processing message EA608 – ‘EDI: Sender partner number in control record is default’ is raised


*Until 29.08.2016


5 Most viewed KBAs from 2015


281 Views – 1705428-  Error message IM254 ‘Invalid object number (status management)’ or IM258 ‘Object does not exist (status management)’ in transaction QM02

239 Views – 1911886 – Transaction code QS41 and QS51 ask transport request

208 Views – 1705378 – Dump SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC in result recording for an inspection lot when using the BAPI BAPI_INSPOPER_RECORDRESULTS

174 Views – 2011512 – Dump SAPSQL_ARRAY_INSERT_DUPREC in program SAPLCOVB

156 Views – 2068196 – Error “Change the inspection stock of material XXXX in QM only” during Stock Transfer



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      Author's profile photo Ayoub Habchi
      Ayoub Habchi

      Hi Natalia,

      Thank you for sharing this post.

      This is actually a good idea. I was thinking of sharing a weekly wrap up of interesting question and answers for the week so people can get the most out of the forum without having specific questions.

      Author's profile photo Natalia Machado
      Natalia Machado
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ayoub,

      This is also a good idea! It would be easier to find useful information, in the forum it is confusing sometimes.

      Author's profile photo Anand Rao
      Anand Rao

      Hello Natália, First of all thank you for the efforts doing this analysis. 🙂 I welcome this idea!  It's really interesting to know what content was mostly read/accessed by the users. It really helps knowing the trend in the forum. I also liked your idea of updating it as and when the most appropriate answer is found according to its relevancy.

      I have one suggestion here - If the KBA relevant link is mentioned against it, the reader can access the information pertaining to the point quickly. A though that just came in to my mind is; can we do similar exercise for limited list of FAQs? Practically sometimes it happens that user tries to search the solution and ends up with n number of results which leads to confusion to identify which one is the most appropriate for this? Hopefully Ayoub is also trying to say the same thing!!

      Similar to KBAs, there would be a space (can be shared commonly with KBAs) where one can update table of FAQs in the forum and the column next to it contains the link of its most appropriate solution. It could be a thread, a document or a blog either! But would be the most relevant!

      I feel if the users bookmark it, then they would be a single click away from their KBAs or FAQs posted in the forum. So this would help all the readers with the most appropriate solution for their queries and we could keep the forum clean by avoiding repetitive postings having a repository of widely acceptable solutions! This stands true for KBAs too! Good suggestion by Ayoub! 🙂

      Thank you again, Great work!


      Anand Rao

      Author's profile photo Natalia Machado
      Natalia Machado
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Anand,

      Thanks for the feedback 😀

      I totally agree with yours and Ayoub's idea. I searched for a similar thing in SCN and I found this EHS blog: , you can check that in the end there is a kind of list of FAQs summarized. It would be awesome to have one blog like this for QM 😀 What do you think about it? Is this that was on your mind?

      Thanks again Anand!

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Anand Rao
      Anand Rao

      Yes! 🙂 It would be great to have something similar to this for QM FAQs or the topics which are mostly referred.