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Road Accidents in India – Insights with SAP Lumira

(The blog is submitted as part of the Data Geek Challenge III – DataGenius IV, DataGenius IV: How to Join) – Please read the blog for further details.

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As technology keeps improving day by day, there are few things that we take for granted, and one of it is, “Road Safety”.

In countries like India, where a huge sector of the population depends on public transport system, globalization has made it possible for people to use private vehicles extensively.


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As the number of vehicles increase, the advantages and disadvantages also increases rationally. Equal importance has to be given to the traffic standards and the awareness to strictly follow road safety norms has to be implanted in every citizen.

I have taken few sample datasets from OGD (Open Government Data) from the following URL ( with statistics on the road accidents in India. The input files were in *.csv formats. SAP Lumira did a very good job of importing the data from the .csv files, with options to choose and edit the column attributes.

I like shared a few visualizations with you that will help us understand that our negligence to follow traffic rules has a big impact on the society.

1. Total Road Accidents in South India:

1. a) Concept

  • Total number of accidents were calculated and segregated based on the type of vehicle.

1. b) Functionality Used

  • To generate the graph, a 3D Column chart was used.
  • To filter the states to project the data relevant to only south India, a filter was applied at the visualization level to show data only to the four states of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. (Since the data belongs to 2012, the state of AP still remains as a single state in our analysis).

Total Road accidents in South India.JPG

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Fig 1.a – 3D Column chart of the total number of accidents in South India – based on vehicle type

mouse over_3d column.jpg

Fig 1.b – A mouse over will highlight the data to the corresponding column projection.

1.c) Inference

  • The highest number of accidents in South India was in Tamilnadu – with two-wheeler being the major reason for the accidents.

2 . Tag cloud of the number of fatal car accidents in India

2. a) Concept

The idea is to visualize the number of accidents in India – State wise

2.b) Functionality used

  • A Tag cloud is used, measuring the number of fatal car accidents in the state.

2. c) Inference

  • From the below graphic we see that Tamilnadu has the highest number of  people killed (3092 people killed)  in car accidents(15375 total car accidents in 2012).    Followed by Maharashtra with 2163 people killed in car accidents (15903 total car accidents in 2012).
  • The number of car accidents in Tamilnadu is less than that of Maharashtra, but still the fatal accidents count is more in Tamilnadu.

This indicates that the Traffic department at Tamilnadu should take special care regarding the safety of car users.

Fatal Car accidents in India- Tag cloud.JPG

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Fig 2.a – Tag cloud showing the fatal deaths due to car accidents in India – State wise

3 . Pie chart showing the number of fatal two-wheeler accidents in South India.

  • As usual a filter has been set to view the data.

3. a) Concept

  • A quick view of the fatal accidents compared with the number of two-wheeler accidents.

3. b) Functionality used

  • The pie sectors represent the total number of two wheeler accidents in India.
  • The Pie depth is based on the number of victims to fatal injuries.

Total number of fatal two wheeler accidents in South India.JPG

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Fig 3.a – Pie chart with comparison between the total number of two-wheeler accidents and the the number of fatal deaths in those accidents – restricted to South India

3. c) Inference

  • The legend clearly shows that Tamil Nadu has the highest number of two wheeler accidents in India which also causes 4466 deaths due to two wheeler accidents in South India alone.

4. a) Concept:

  • To see the top 5 states with the maximum number of accidents due to other vehicles / objects.

4. b) Inference:

  • Uttar Pradesh stands as the state with the highest number of fatal accidents with respect to other vehicles / objects.

Top five states with other vehicle accidents and persons killed - heat map.JPG

Kindly click on individual images for better quality

Fig 4.a – Heat map showing the top 5 states with the highest number of fatal accidents due to other vehicles/ objects.

5. Few other visuals:

(Kindly click on individual images for better quality)

Fatal Bus accidents in India- Funnel.JPG

Fig 5.a – Funnel chart showing the statistics on fatal bus accidents in India

Persons killed - injured in auto rickshaw accidents in India - plot graph.JPG

Fig 5.b – Bubble chart showing the persons injured / killed in accidents due to auto rickshaws in India

Two eheeler and car accidents comparison.JPG

Fig 5.c – Comparison between the number of deaths due to car accidents and two-wheeler accidents in India

Tuck accidents in India- Geomap.JPG

Fig 5.d – Geo bubble chart showing road accidents due to trucks in India.

6. Sample Info graphic

SAP Lumira has the functionality to create info graphic outputs. A sample is here.


Fig 6.a – Sample Infographic – all in a single sheet

Overall Inference:

With various data visualization patterns, it is very evident that Tamilnadu has to give more importance towards road safety norms in order to reduce the number of accidents.

Thank you.

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      Author's profile photo Sridhar Bolisetti
      Sridhar Bolisetti

      Nice explanation Ganesan with good cause.  Lumira is really a great add-on for better decision making.  But how far it is different from normal excel features through which also we can download the data from SAP and bring out all these graphics.  Is it only that download option is not necessary with Lumira as the graphics can be created directly in SAP without the hassle of downloading to MS Excel or is there anything more to that.  Thanks for your clarification.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sridhar,

      Thank you so much for your comments.

      The major use of SAP Lumira is experienced, when we visualize Live data from sources like SAP HANA, other than that, Lumira has a very easy to use UI.

      Tools like Lumira are majorly designed for business users who are at the level of decision making, thereby making it easy for them to analyze the data.

      Another important aspect is that SAP Lumira is mobile compatible.

      On top of this, SPA Lumira also has another flavor called, SAP Predictive Analysis - where you can use algorithms to predict based on the existing data.

      You can get lot of information in the following SCN space: SAP Lumira , SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics

      Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice info and ... Tamilnesan, and thanks for spreading the awareness and providing ideas on Lumira.