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LSMW for OM Objects (org. unit, positions, jobs)

Hi Friends,

I want share some knowledge regarding how to upload the OM Objects like jobs, positions & Org. units through LSMW with batch input recording.

I know everyone is well versed with this LSMW, just consider it as a quick reference and step-wise document for who doing for the first time LSMW for OM Objects.


We have to create all the OM Objects External Number range before uploading the objects through LSMW. Because system will not consider for Internal number ranges while recordings.

T-code: OONR

lsmw 1.JPG

Creating Project / Subproject and Object:

Go to Tcode- LSMW

Click on Create button and give the name of the Project, Subproject and Object as desired

*Give Project names as SMALL otherwise while assigning upload file at step 7 Specify files, error will come. System path is not allowed more than 45 words (this is standard by the system)

lsmw 2.JPG

Press Enter

Recording: Sample recording of Objects

  1. In menu bar, Goto Recordings

lsmw 3.JPG

Now click on Create Recording and give the Recording name and description

lsmw 4.JPG

System will ask for Transaction code, give PP02

lsmw 5.JPG

Maintain the fields that are mandatory, to create object types

lsmw 6.JPG

Save the Record and click the button Back

Now system will show the recording results in the screen Create Recording

Click the Button Default All to default the system for Technical fields which are entered while recording

lsmw 7.JPG

Save the screen and go back our Recording was completed

lsmw 8.JPG

Once again go back to the LSMW screen and Execute the Project

lsmw 9.JPG

Now, we have to do step by step LSMW (14 steps)

lsmw 10.JPG

Step 1: Maintain Object Attributes

Select this radio button and click on executeà (Do same for other steps)

Now, click on Display/ Change icon (do this for every step, because by default it will be display mode)

Here, we are telling system that what kind recording should take into consideration while performing upload.

Select ‘Batch Input Recording’ and give name as shown below

Save and back

lsmw 11.JPG

Step 2: Maintain Source Structures

Source structures are helpful in building hierarchical relationships. While uploading the data system always checks highest level structure first before going for subordinate structure.

  1. Select source structure and createà
  2. Enter details as shown belowà

lsmw 12.JPG

Save and go back

Step 3: Maintain Source Fields

Here we assign all the fields which need to upload to source structure.

  1. Click on Object Overviewà select tableà

lsmw 13.JPG

Copy the fields and length in excel sheet (for temporary)

Note: exclude TABNAME and TCODE which are not required to maintain separately, system will take these from recording we made.

Make excel sheet as shown:

lsmw 14.JPG

  1. Now select ‘Maintain Source Fields’ button and execute
  2. Click on ‘table maintenance

lsmw 15.JPG

Paste from the excel sheet which we maintained.

* we can take either C or D for the Date format accordingly upload data has to be maintained

lsmw 16.JPG

Save and go back

Step 4: Maintain Structure Relations

Here we check whether structure relations between legacy and R/3 established or not.

In this step there is no need to change, just save and come back.

lsmw 17.JPG

Step 5: Display Field Mapping and Conversion

Here we establish the relationship between legacy and R/3 based on object fields.

In menu bar, go to Extrasà Auto Field Mapping

Note: Make sure that you select your recording before auto field mapping

lsmw 18.JPG

Click on accept proposal for all the fields which want to upload

lsmw 20.JPG

After auto field mapping complete, save and back.

Step 6: Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines

No need of this step-6

Step 7: Specify Files

In this step, you specify the location of the legacy file. The file in tabular form with first row field names

Now, double click on ‘Legacy Data – On the PC (Front End)

lsmw 21.JPG

lsmw 22.JPG

lsmw 23.JPG

Save and go back

Example of Excel file to upload in the .TXT form

lsmw 24.JPG

Step 8: Assign Files

Here, we just check whether file is assigned to source structure or not.

lsmw 25.JPG

Save and go back

Step 9: Read Data

Here our legacy data is read

lsmw 26.JPG

Execute Now, next screen shows how many number of records have been read

lsmw 27.JPG

Step 10: Display Read Data

Here, we can display all for part of the data by giving line numbers

lsmw 28.JPG

Check, whether data has been correctly fit into fields

lsmw 29.JPG

Step 11: Convert Data

Here, whatever data has been read will convert to SAP standards.

lsmw 30.JPG

Click on Execute button, it shows how many records have been converted. It should be same as data which have been read in step 9.

lsmw 31.JPG

Step 12: Display Converted Data

Here, converted data can be viewed for cross check.

lsmw 32.JPG

Data from the legacy file is fitting to correct fields, so we configured all prior steps without any mistake.

Note: If data is not fitting correctly, then we need to cross check Step3 and Step5.

Step 13: Create Batch Input Session

In this step, we create session for batch input

Make sure you check box for ‘Keep batch input folder’ is active

lsmw 33.JPG

Step 14: Run Batch Input Session

Here we run the batch input session which we created in step 13.

Select Session and execute process

lsmw 34.JPG

Here we can choose options, how upload should be done

lsmw 35.JPG

It is recommendable that, first 3 to 4 records upload foreground to make sure data is uploading correct, for rest of records select ‘Display errors only.

Now legacy data will we upload to Master data of employees in SAP system.

Testing: whether objects are created or not

Table V_T527X (Org. units)

lsmw 36.JPG

Table T528B (Positions)

lsmw 38.JPG

Table T513 (Jobs)

lsmw 37.JPG

For relationship LSMW:

Objects Relationships and Report RHINTE10

LSMW for OM Objects Relationship (O-S-P)

Thanks and Best Regards,

Praneeth kumar

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  • Hi praneet,

    I have little doubts about LSMW.

    How many records can we upload at a times, lets say 2000.

    Suppose  my requirement 2000-job, position and cost center

    Do I need to upload one by one object or at a time, first do I need upload object or relationship.

    I have  1000 position and 1000 relationship , please guide me how to upload relationship this position ,it there dependency.



    • Hi K Jagan,

      It all depends how you create the recording and what all inputs you save while recording..

      Praneeth, very well done for the document. My doubt regarding LSMW is, can we create multiple recordings in the same projects? Means only one Project / Subporject / Object with multiple batch inputs??

      If we create multiple recording in same project, then how the system will execute this program?



      • Hi Naik,

        i got your doubt you want to record creation of objects and their relationships also in the same projects right. i don't think so it will be successful and i didn't try this any time. Till now i am doing separate LSMW's only.

        if this is not your doubt, then revert back with your questions.

        Best Regards,

        Praneeth kumar

      • Hi Bhagyashree Naik,

        Your concern is valid and answer is yes, we can create multiple recording in a same project and later on use it too. how it will work, i can share with you full document on it very soon. thanks



    • Hi Jagan,

      First you have to upload the objects (o s c) then again another lsmw for object relationships.

      Exactly i don't know what is maximum no. for uploading through LSMW, but it will upload.

      Best Regards,

      Praneeth kumar

  • Hi Praneeth,

    Nice document on LSMW, i have a doubt while creating transaction PP02 we will fill the relevant field say only one database ( ex;object id 70000010,) is remaining should be updated manually in excel sheet and upload? 

    • Hi,

      While recording we have to manually maintain the fields, that what are the fields required to create one object (O S C). then system will give all the technical fields what we maintained at recording.

      In the excel sheet you have to maintain every field values to create any object. how many objects you want to create you have to maintain that much data in the uploading file. then only system will create objects.

      first test with 2 or 3 objects and then go for N no. of objects through LSMW.

  • Hello Praneeth,

    Could you please let me know how to default the values through LSMW ie, sometimes system throws error asking to maintain value for 'LOW' etc, for those kind of errors.

  • Hi Nisha,

    This looks information message not error message, anyway this message mean some filed don't have default values while pressing Default All button after recording, this messages normally came when in recording have radio button or selection button recording, i.e Period selection radio button, so move ahead you just input/create your own "Ztext" values as per your understanding of that field and move on, hope it works for you.


    Bashir Ahmad

  • Hi Praneeth,

    Could you please let me know how I would select values for check box, for ex iam trying to select staff for IT 1003 for the OU and I donno how would I make it default?1003.PNG

  • Hi Praneeth,

    Good work. 🙂

    In the case of infotype 1002(description) , the recording (in LSMW) shows description field as Table control . While online execution of PP02, it shows a text editor.It works fine with Table control.

    The problem is, in the table control, each line is of Character 79, after that it comes to next line and so and so.

    My question is how do we break the description field at 79 characters . In my requirement it is not possible to anticipate the length of the description string. For this reason i tried BDC also, where the screen comes as Text Editor, not as Table Control, where i can not put data in to Text Editor field via BDC.

    Couldn't find any BAPI too for OM upload.

    The solution will really be helpful.



    • Hi Rohith,

      It takes 79 characters right

      just test with 3/4 lines while recording and upload the excel too and check. till now i didn't check this. i also check and get back to you.


      Praneeth kumar

      • Hi Praneeth,

        I am trying to create the relationships through the same program it creates everything perfectly fine but when it comes to assigning it to the root org unit it gives the message that No batch input data for screen MP100100 2000 and there I have to manually give the object ID and type of related object.

        I would appreciate if you can kindly look into this

        • Hi,

          This document is for creating the OM Objects only. if you are doing relationship then you have to do one recording for relationship's and import the excel file for remaining relationships.

          • Hi Praneet,

            Thanks for the document. I tried with OM Objects upload and its working fine. Its very useful and informative. The link on LSMW for OM Objects Relationship (O-S-P) is not working (its throwing an error 'the item does not exist'). Can you please provide the document.



          • Hi Madhav,

            thank you for your comments.

            Moderator deleted that document, i requested to moderator to activate waiting for reply otherwise i will once again upload and give the link.

            Thanks and best Regards,

            Praneeth kumar

          • Thank you your document Could you please let me know when O-S-P document  is going to release please check with moderator once again...

            I would like to know how can we record Persons assignment to Position Is it through Hiring action or directly from Expert Mode

          • Hi Priya,

            Thanks for your comments. i think i has to upload once again.

            for Employee to position relationship we won't do through expert mode. we will hire the employee through PA40 for a specific position then automatically relationship will create. how can you assign the person directly to position without hiring in the system. while hiring we have to give some specific position right.

          • Yes Through PA40 it is possible... We can also assign Position to Person in Expert Mode right Is there any option that without doing hiring action Can we upload person through expert mode? 

          • Hi Priya,

            Yes it is possible to assign employees to the positions through expert mode, but while running the upload, system by default removes the integration; I have tried this already. We need to run reports (RHINTE00 - 30) after executing LSMW upload to create the relationships in system; but after much effort I was not successful so I resort to creating a org. reassignment action and running it after the initial upload

          • yes you are right We are using external No ranges why should i go for hiring action

            So we can assign Personnel No directly in PO13  and assign to respective organizational units

            Yes  we need to run RHINTE00 reports because there is an integration of organizational management module and personnel admin.

            what are the problem that you have faced please let us know so that I will do my best to solve this

          • Then another user will hire the employee through PA40 with the same employee number what first user assigned the relationship b/w position and person ?

            This work around is totally wrong process. for mass hiring we can do LSMW for hiring with IT 0 1 2 and the remaining can be maintained through Pa30

  • Dear Praneeth,

    I am having trouble at the step where is reads the attached file. I have tried .txt, .xlx and .rtf files to be attached, but it doesn't read the data correctly. Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong here. thanks

    • Hi Irfan

      Check the options used for the file input. 

      Also the sequence of fields in the file need to correspond with the file format defined in the LSMW. 

      Normally when you save an Excel file in .csv format, it should be fine.

      ,br, JG

      • Thanks Jagan,

        I have managed to successfully complete all LSMW steps to upload org units and Jobs separately and system gave me message that all processed successfully however I can't find them in the system. e.g. for jobs I have checked table T513 or for org units T527x but they don't have that data which I uploaded.....

        I am really puzzled that when system is saying all processed and uploaded fine then why can't I see that in the system. Please let me know what is going wrong? many thanks

    • Hi,

      While saving file in TXT format, please use Tab Limited or Check in text file how the data is separated. As in above document, Tabular option is selected, hence data in text file should be Tab Separated.


      • Hi Ketul,

        Sorry but I didn't actually get your point?? what do you mean by Tab Limited? I have done the complete process successfully but can't find the data in the system after it says that process completed successfully.

        • Hi,

          Can you please check data in text file how there are separate. Like Object and description how this two are separated? By comma, space or tab?

          Best option is first create excel file and while saving , select Save As -> File type as Text (Tab Limited). Thus, all column would be separated by Tab.