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Understanding the ‘Size’ parameter in SAP Clone Finder result.

In the Clone Finder result ‘Size’ parameter count could be misleading sometime. Hence it is necessary to read and understand the ‘Size’ parameter and its output. Here are few test scenarios described to clarify the ‘Size’ count and found that the SAP Clone Finder actually counts “only the lines” where section of the ABAP code has been written (pure lines of code) irrespective of ‘ABAP Keywords’ (An ABAP word that initiates an ABAP statement.) or ‘ABAP Statement’ (A complete sentence of the ABAP programming language closed with a period.)

  1. The ABAP Editor shows total 16 lines in a program which includes Header, Commented code/lines & Empty lines.Capture1.JPG.png

→The SAP Clone Finder result shows ‘Size (Total lines of code in a program) = 5’, which excludes the Header, Commented lines & Empty lines. Pure lines of ABAP code.


2. Now if we combine all the lines of code into one single line….


→The Size count changes to = 1. The Clone Finder counts only the lines where ABAP code has been written.


3. Now if we break the ABAP Statements (A complete sentence of the ABAP programming language which close with a period.) into several lines…


→The Size count now changes to = 10. This iterates the fact that the SAP Clone Finder ‘Size’ parameter actually counts only the “lines” where code has been written excluding a Header, Commented lines and Empty lines.


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      • Hi,

        I am working with Clone Finder and It looks like only found first result.


        There are 2 clones

        it found the class ZCL_GRFN_POWL_INBOX_OLD_SP8 copy from CL_GRFN_POWL_INBOX. It is OK, but it didn’t find ZCL_GRFN_POWL_INBOX that it is a clone too.


        Other problem is when I  try to Compare methods


        Meth prepare_alltask_filter and prepare_task_filter same than standard but it is not true.





        thanks and regards