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You want to use an non-SAP external database in your SAP system. You can integrate and connect it to your BW ABAP system by using your BW JAVA system.

Please have a look at the PDFs attached to the SAP Note 1658310 – How to configure UD connect on the J2EE (710,..730) server for JDBC access to external databases and wiki.scn document Configure UD Connect in NWA for 7.3 – SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse – SCN Wiki


-1433 SQL port must be released between SQL DB system and SAP system.

-Suitable MSSQL driver for your version can be downloaded from Microsoft website or OSS. Please check SAP Note Note 639702 – JDBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server respectively.

-In previous NW versions (before 7.*) , UD connect has been set up via Visual Admin. This document provides NW 7.3 example and configuration is set up via Netweaver Administrator. You can open your NWA via http://bw_java_host:bw_java_port/nwa .

In our case, both systems are in version of NW 7.30 and it’s assumed that ABAP-JAVA integration is already completed. The external DB is MSSQL. In the document, you will find the screenshots that I’ve made.

1-Please create an RFC destination type T (TCP/IP) in ABAP part via sm59. Enter “Program ID” as “Registered Server Program”, ABAP hostname and system number with (sapgwSN) as “Gateway Host” and “Gateway Service” :


2-Please login to your NWA page and navigate to Application Resources. Show “All JDBC drivers” and “Create new resource“. Upload the correct MSSQL driver (e.g. sqljdbc.jar) and name it:


3- Show “All resources” and click resource adapter .


4- Under “Loader References” tab below, create library:<the driver name from step2> as reference:


5- In “Application Resources” page show “JCA Connection Properties” and find SDK_JDBC. Then click “Configuration Properties” tab and fill the related areas:

UserName     : The user which connects to SQL DB.

Password      : The password of it.

DriverName   :

URL              : The URL for the SQL DB : jdbc:sqlserver://SQL_DB_HOST:1433;databaseName=<SQL_DB_NAME>

FixedCatalog :  <SQL_DB_NAME>


Below is screenshot from Visual Admin from previous Java System (NW7.0). The system information remained same but over NWA this time.


6-In “Application Resources” page, show “Resource Adapters” and find “SAPJavaResourceAdapter15“. Then click “Properties” tab and fill the related areas:

ProgramID    : Program ID that you’ve entered in RFC in ABAP part

MaxThreadCount : 0 (1 is also fine)

SAPClient     : ABAP Client

UserName    : The user which makes communication between ABAP and JAVA parts

Password     : Password of it.

Language      : EN

ServerName : ABAP part hostname

PortNumber  : ABAP part system number


7-Open “Start & Stop : JAVA EE Services” page and restart “Connector Container” .

Test Page: http://host:port/TestJDBC_Web/TestJDBCPage.jsp

You should be able to see tables, views, etc of SQL DB.


*Credential error: “Login failed for user XXXXX”

Your user and password would be in UPPER CASE! Otherwise you can face login problems. Please avoid characters (? , ! , *, etc) in user name and password, if possible.

*Hostname cannot be resolved or the port 1433 is not open. You can check whether 1433 is open, with telnet command.

telnet SQL_DB_HOSTNAME 1433 should be successful.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi We are trying to integrate Cisco Information Server AKA Composite Server which Cisco bought it recently, We are getting Database VENDOR_UNKNOWN not supported by OpenSQL and

    I understand that CIS is not a Database but it’s a Virtual Data Access application, I was wondering how do we get around this error.


    Srikanth M

      1. Former Member Post author

        Hello Srinkanth,

        you welcome.

        If you can SHARE the workaround that you found, the people who will read here also APPRECIATE it, like you did.



        1. Former Member


          I have setup UD Connect to connect to Cisco Information System AKA Composite Server,

          to choose option Vendor SQL rather than Open/Native SQL because CIS is not a Database , it is a Virtual Datasource and SAP doesn’t Support Open/Native SQL protocol to Connect to CIS.


          Srikanth M

      1. Former Member

        If I’m understanding this correctly, you’re creating/exposing a connection to SQL db via the netweaver portal. Is there a way to pull this data into BW? I ask because I’m looking for an alternative method to using db connect. Thank you!

        1. Former Member Post author

          Hi Gary,

          Yes, you understood correctly. With the help of UD connect, I can pull data to BW system. as well. This article already explains how to build this interface.

          You want to use an non-SAP external database in your SAP system. You can integrate and connect it to your BW ABAP system by using your BW JAVA system.

          Have a look at this thread : DB Connect & UD Connect

          I hope these help.



          1. Former Member

            Do you extract the data into a datasource in BW the same you would from db connect? Do you know of any tutorials on the bw side for connecting to UD connect in BW?

    1. Danalache Ioan

      I just Solved adding multiple databases connections like this: go to JCA Conn. Factories, SDK_JDBC, Related Resources tab, Resource details for jdbc connector. Then, the magic button is appearing: “Copy and Add New JCA Connection Factory”


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