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Using Trello with BI Projects

Since I used Trello for the first time I was impressed with it and I started to use it even to control my personal activities. For me the resources available and the usability are fascinating, not to mention the constant improvement in the product promoted.

As a BI consultant I started to using it to track my activities in projects where I step. As each project has its particularity, I always try to adapt or create a specific Board for the project.

Today, with the help of lessons learned in the book “Efficient SAP NetWeaver BW Implementation and Upgrade Guide” (I recommend it to everyone who are involved with BW projects to read this book), I created a Board following a few things discussed in the book.

I tried to leave the Board as succinct as possible, so I avoided to create a lot of details and obstacles in it, because as I said, each project has its specific needs and dynamics.

Link to example Board.


Let´s see the summary of the Board:

  • Reference: Space for all important and useful reference documentation for the project, such as: SAP Notes, Project Scope and etc.
  • Project Team: Here is defined the project team according to their role and responsibility. Also it contain the main contacts for each resource.
  • Analyze: Activities that are being analyzed by BW team to survey and creation of the necessary step for modeling documentation.
  • Modeling: Activities in SAP BW development environment through the creation of objects in various layers of the LSA.
  • Reporting: Activities in the development of SAP BO environment, such as creating connections, Webi Reports and Dashboards.
  • Testing & Go-live: Activities that are already in the final phase of testing and preparation for entry into production.
  • Project Management: Activities related to the management and monitoring of the project.

And you? Uses or has used the Trello? What did you think of the Board? Leave your comment with suggestions, improvements for us to improve the same.

Feel free to use it in your projects, it is public!


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