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US Legal Changes 2014 – Smartforms and PDF

Hi all,

We already have new notes just released for 1099 reporting, where Print Forms Layouts in Smartforms and PDF format are available.

Two mainstream notes are available:

2074358 – US TAX REPORTS – PRINT FORMS LAYOUTS 1099-MISC, 1099-G, 1099-INT, 1099-K, 1042-S


2074359 – US TAX REPORTS – PRINT FORMS LAYOUTS 1099-MISC, 1099-G, 1099-INT, 1099-K, 1042-S

for customers who are in releases 46C, 470 and 500.

According to those notes which are announcements, it will be updated by the time final notes with corrections and updated forms and files would be released.

Those would be the main channel where new corrections and notes related to 1099 that are released will be maintained.

Please follow up on those notes for latest updates about 1099 Print Form layout updates for the Tax Year 2014 to be submitted in 2015.

I hope it helps to address you your concern about this subject.

Danton Prestes

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  • HI

    Thanks for update.

    We applied 2013 version(smartforms) with 1949019, but we found the page format is DIN4,

    but in the US,  usually, page format Letter is used,

    so how should we do ????

    the new notes will give us the format Letter?

    Best Regards,

    • Has anyone else begun on the 1099MISC forms?  We went through the steps in OSS note 2094639 and have the forms uploaded into our QA environment.  This is our first year doing the forms through Adobe (last few years was SmartForms). I've got a few questions:

      1.  We need to be able to add more lines for the recipient name area (some vendors we use all four name fields). Is that possible?

      2.  There are mystery commas showing up in the address boxes. Why?

      3.  We added the fields for country but some of our foreign addresses are not showing the country name on the printout.

      I'll check OSS again to see if I'm missing any additional notes. Hope to hear back from others that are going through this wonderful yearly ritual.

  • Hi,

    Today we have 2 notes released to be in accordance with IRS guidelines, the Payer's address format changes for 1099-Misc and MISC1 Smartforms and Adobe forms.

    Note numbers are:

    2119847 – Higher releases

    2119972 – MaxIm

    Payer's address format:

    Name1 Name2

    Street Address

    City State Zip Code


    Telephone Number

    Best Regards,
    Manuela Valente.

  • Hi,

    The notes 2119847 and 2119972 adjust the Payer's address format and Recipient. Regarding the Recipient's address was adjusted like the payer’s.

    But in the form, there is a limitation of physical space in the Receiver Address field to fit all address data required  by the USPS.  The country name doesn’t fit in the last line, so, it had to be placed in the last line of address.

    The functionality complies with the IRS requirement, which is the main and sole purpose of this form 1099-MISC.

    Best Regards,

    Manuela Valente.

  • Hi,

    After generation of an output for 1099 reporting, when opening an output PDF file, Adobe prompt user for downloading an Asian support package language, although vendor contain no Asian characters.

    Please check the note 2123798 - Adobe missing fonts and language package for 1099 PDF file output.

    Best Regards,

    Manuela Valente.

  • Hi,

    Even though SAP Notes 2119847 and/or  2119972 correct both Payer’s and Recipient’s address format, after the implementation, the Recipient’s address format does not match the Payer’s.

    Please check the note 2122647 - US 1099 MISC - Address Format - 2014

    Best Regards,

    Manuela Valente.

  • Hello,

    I want to share with you that we have 2 new notes related 1099 files:


    2108715 - US LC 2014 - 1099 File Changes (Release 600 to 616)

    2111218 - US LC 2014 - 1099 File Changes (Release 470 and 500)

    This note does not have code correction, just manual steps:

    1. Refer to Manual activity of the SAP Note or follow below steps:

    Extract the file formats from attached folder.

    Upload the file formats by following steps in attached upload_file.pdf document.

    For 1099-K file, refer to attached change_domain document to perform DDIC changes.

    2. Refer to attached FAQ.PDF for additional information.


    I hope this helps!



  • Hi,

    When you run the 1099 report credit memo, example type KG is not included automatically.

    In case the credit memos don’t have the invoice reference , they cannot be reported on their own because the link to invoice is missing.

    For this, they need to maintain the credit memo document type to selection screen.

    Please maintain the below selection parameter while running the report RFIDYYWT

    Further Selection:

    Credit Memo Doc type   : value is document type (KG)

    Best Regards,

    Manuela Valente.

  • HI

    I followed the steps in the 2185281 and was able to get the 1099 pdfs to appear in the print preview.

    However, I noticed that Box 11 and Box 12 are not greyed out.  Is this a fix that you will be providing later on ?  or do I need to create a custom version in order to grey out Box 11 and 12?



  • Hi All,
    I can see more and more information for 1099's Miscellaneous but I don't see any information for 1099-S Proceeds from real estate transactions. Since, 1099-S is one of the report as per legal requirement in USA. SAP should come up with a standard smartform or adobe form for this 1099-S like other 1099's. And I have configured all required settings for 1099-S and created a new adobe form for 1099-S by downloading a copy from IRS site and finally when I select Adobe form in form Type in "Define Output Group" and when I check for the newly created adobe form I couldn't find it in the list. is there any configuration settings where we can tell system to choose smartform or adobe form based on output groups ? I appreciate if someone couldĀ help me out in providing a solution.