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NiHsLGetNodeAddr unknown – SAP GUI 740 for Windows – hostname empty – ‘NiHsLGetNodeAddr’ unknown

we are getting an error while connecting to SAP system “NiHsLGetNodeAddr” unknown.

That is after updating SAP GUI for windows from version 730 to 740.

The version of SAP GUI is as below:-

GUI version.jpg

The Error message will be as below:-

Error 1.jpg

More details of error:-

Error 2.jpg

As per SAP Note 2077230

we need do workaround to avoid this error after upgrade of SAP GUI.

In your windows workstation; go to location of “SAPUILandscape.xml”.

use RUN (open RUN using combination of WindowsKey+R) and type “%appdata%”


you can find the SAPUILandscape.xml inside SAP folder.

File location.jpg

Edit this file (SAPUILandscape.xml) using Notepad or Notepad++ (optional, widows application).

you need to Scroll it to down and find the entries related to “<Routers>” & change the entries as per SAP Note.

you should replace or change  /H/” to ” followed by re-start of SAP GUI (close all sessions and re-open SAP GUI).


i.e….when opened in notepad, you need to change the following:

Note: Here as an example for router String.








Change the Router.jpg

To make it simple:-

1 – windowsKey+R.

2 – Type ” %appdata%\SAP ” (type without ” ).

3 – Backup the Original files to another location.

4 – Open SAPUILandscape.xml file with notepad.
5 – Use Key board short cut, ctrl+H for find and replace.
5.1 – Key in the string in Find ” router=”/H/<IPaddress of SAP router / FQDN of SAP router>/H/”/> “.
5.2 – Key in the string in replace  ” router=”/H/<IPaddress of SAP router / FQDN of SAP router>“/> “.

6 – Save changes.
7 – Close all SAP GUI sessions (save and logoff, just in case).

8 – close SAP GUI
9 – Re-open SAP GUI & you can try connecting to SAP server.


Normal SAP GUI entry will be as below:-

After Editing the .xml file and restart of SAP GUI, the entry looks like as below:-





Actual file before edit will look like as below:-



After change in the .xml file will be with changes as below (look for RED circle):-

Original After Change.jpg

Please close all active sessions (if existing) followed by CLOSE and re-start of SAP GUI.

using SAP GUI short icon.SAP gui icon.jpg


For your information only:-

The .Xml file contains the following parts, easy to understand when opened with IE. But, edit using notepad or notepad++.

Note: the number of entries is dependent on number of entries maintained by you in SAP GUI.

Contents of XML file.jpg

As per SAP Note this error will be fixed with patch 1 (for SAP GUI windows 740) and expected release will be after Dec 8th 2014.


Best Regards,


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