This morning I’ve opened the good old Bex Query Designer after a long time of not opening it and surprise!! All the HANA modeling objects that we developed – Analytical views, Calculation views, Attribute views are available for Bex use as Transient providers.


The Packages names starts with [2H-]



The Parameters in the CV are placed in the Data Part in the Query Designer. In case of mandatory parameters the characteristic must be restricted.




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  1. Ceyhun Alp


    These are Hana Live Views, right? In addition, can we use our custom Hana analytic or calculation views as an infoprovider for Bex Designer?

    Thank you…

    1. Andreas Tenholte

      Hi Ceyhun,

      yes you can. All HANA Calculation Views and Analytic views are exposed in the query designer info provider view.

      Just look for the “2H-” InfoAreas that expose your HANA repository package structure in the InfoProvider tree with all HANA Information Models as shown in the screen shot above – not only for HANA Live. 

      Best regards,


      1. Arjun Ajit

        Thank you for the input… but I am facing problem that I am not able to locate “2H-” InfoAreas” in Query Designer.
        When I launch the query designer, the logon is in SAP GUI. Is there any other connection to be given to connect HANA calculation view to the query designer??

        Thanking you in advance.
        -Arjun Ajit


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