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4.1 Web Intelligence Extensions Points coming to SAP TechEd && d-code Berlin


You might be interested to know that several SAP BusinessObjects development guys (Product owners, Domain Architects, Product Experts) are taking part in SAP TechEd && d-code in Berlin next week. This will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas, best practices and roadmaps with our customer, partners and internal colleagues.

My colleague Bruno Louifi, Christian Ah-Soon and myself will be presenting a hands-on session on a fresh Web Intelligence feature called “Extension Points” (session ID: EA267 – Tuesday 11th Nov at 16.45 H3 Hall 6.2).

The idea behind Extensions Points is to “programmatically” extend Web Intelligence 4.1 capabilities in order to enable new business scenarios that are not available out of the box. Examples of extensions include connecting a WebI report to Google Maps, Predictive Analytics, creating annotations, writing back to a database…All using Javascript goodness and the fresh Web Intelligence RESTFul SDK.

Bruno, Christian and I will be there to guide you through the exercises and to assess the feasibility of your project ideas.

In summary, during this hands-on you will:

– Configure the Eclipse environment and create your WebI Extension OSGI bundle (e.g., creating hyperlinks on the left panel to interact with the report)

– Configure Deploy Test and debug your extension in order to make it available in your Webi Report viewer.

– Deploy some samples for you to get a taste of this powerful feature.

The target audience would be customer/partners/consultants with some dev skills (Java, JS) and with some basic knowledge on Web Intelligence workflows.

We had some positive feedback on this session which was first ran in Las Vegas, hope you’ll agree and share the excitement, which proves that we are still continuously innovating in our good old Webi !

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See you in Berlin!

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