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New adapters for running hybrid scenarios with SAP Process Integration

You would like to complement your on-premise applications with services provided in the cloud, i.e., running so called hybrid scenarios?

A quite natural choice for integrating cloud applications would be SAP HANA Cloud Integration, especially for cloud-to-cloud it would be definitely the preferred option.

When it comes to hybrid scenarios, you can actually choose between two integration platforms provided by SAP, SAP HANA Cloud Integration and SAP Process Integration / SAP Process Orchestration. Which one to use may depend on various reasons, e.g., customer preference, policy, available pre-defined content, etc.

For more details about the SAP HANA Cloud Integration offering, refer to the comprehensive Get started with SAP HANA Cloud Integration document on SCN.

If you like to learn more about hybrid integration scenarios that SAP provides, take a look at the new Hybrid Scenarios web page on SAP Service Marketplace.

In this blog I would like to focus on recent enhancements in terms of connectivity for SAP Process Integration / SAP Process Orchestration that facilitates support for hybrid scenarios:

  • We have shipped a SuccessFactors adapter as part of the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Connectivity add-on, see documentation on SAP help portal.
  • We have shipped an OData adapter as part of the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Connectivity add-on.
  • We do support sftp adapter as part of the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Secure Connectivity add‑on, see documentation on SAP help portal.
  • Itelligence, one of our preferred partner in the area of application integration, has just released a new adapter running on the adapter engine of SAP Process Integration / SAP Process Orchestration. The adapter is SAP-certified. For more details, refer to announcement at itelligence.
  • Furthermore, we have shipped an own REST adapter, see the following announcement.

If you happen to be at SAP TechEd && d-code in Berlin next week, you may like to join me in the hands-on session INT264 – Use SAP Process Orchestration for On-Premise to Cloud Integration. Here, you will setup integration scenarios towards SuccessFactors applications.

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  • Hi Alex,

    I understand Integration gateway was embedded in SAP PO and now we have ODATA receiver adapter to consume ODATA services however i wonder how the mobile applications can make use of these ODATA services using SAP PO.

    With out sender ODATA adapter how the mobile apps(SAPUI5) can send data to SAP PO or consume ODATA service.Is this some thing which will directly access the target URL which can be an adapter less communication.Please clarify my doubt and correct me if my understanding is wrong.

    Currently we are working on POC,consuming ODATA services from SAP Gateway using SAP UI5.Can i involve SAP PO(Integration Gateway) for this integration?If so is this the flow SAPUI5--->SAP PO--->Receiver ODATA Adapter--->SAP ECC6 EH7 (Gateway System)



    • Hi Pavan,

      Currently we have the following in Process Orchestration:

      1. OData adapter in PI for consumption of OData services. This works like any other PI adapter but can only be used on the receiver channel.

      2. Gateway Java for OData provisioning. This does not run via the PI pipeline/adapters, but via a direct HTTP channel.

      Gateway Java can only connect to Gateway-enabled backend systems (ABAP).

      Going forward, we plan to merge these two channels and thereby support also other data sources for Gateway such as SOAP or JDBC.

      So yes - you can use the Gateway Java on the Process Orchestration system to expose data from your ECC system as an OData service to an SAPUI5 application.

      However, if you need native mobile/offline/device management capabilities, you need to use SMP.

      SMP also contains the Gateway Java, but in contrast to the Gateway in Process Orchestration it already supports SOAP, JDBC and JPA connections.

      Hope this helps,


  • Hi,

    Thank you for the updates.I need some answers for following topic.

    What can be done in following case ?

    Scenario : How can we integrate on premise system (SAP) with non - SAP cloud system?

    In the integration, need to send a query from on premise (SAP) to cloud (non SAP) and get data from the cloud (non-SAP) system, based on the query. Also need to call this integration functionality from the user interface of the SAP system. Can this integration scenario be invoked as  web service from the SAP system application or interface using proxy?

    ( Main concept is to call the integration functionality from the actual application as a webservice call )

    1) Is there documentation available for similar scenario ?

    2) Can SAP Process Orchestration support such integration ?

    3) What is better SAP PO or SAP HCI for such scenario (on premise to cloud)?

    I am new to SAP PO and SAP HCI. Any help or documentation will be highly appreciated.



    • Hi Prajakta,

      I can't really tell, it depends on the cloud application and what protocol the cloud application supports, even for the cloud applications that SAP owns there are so many different ways how to integrate, so there is no generic solution.


  • Hi Alexander,

    Thank you for the reply. What about using JDBC adapter for PO/PI for connecting to the database in cloud from on-premise ? Is this possible? Is there any technical documentation for this scenario available ?

    Thank you.



    • Hi Prajakta,

      this is a very uncommon scenario, usually you use an http based protocol to connect from on premise to cloud and SSL to make it secure, sftp would also be an option, for JDBC usually you would need to open a VPN connection between on premise and cloud to be able to securely exchange your documents