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SAP Business Suite on SAP FAQ

The purpose of this knowledge repository (FAQ) is to provide

  • a central place to SAP Business Suite powered by HANA links with detailed information and the possibility to directly engage with the subject matter experts in their individual linked-in blogs including:
    • SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA
    • SAP ERP powered by SAP HANA
    • SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA
    • SAP PLM powered by SAP HANA
    • SAP SCM powered by SAP HANA
  • a platform for the SAP Business Suite powered by HANA community, where all customers, prospect and partners can actively engage, ask questions, answer questions and provide feedback and comments.

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  • Hi Erich,

    why is Hana content distributed across so many platforms:

    SAP Community Network - Hana Spaces

    Experience Hana


    This isn't helping.

    Isn't it time, SAP consolidated Hana into one logical container, either SCN, or SAPHana or ExperienceHana ? My suggestion would be get rid of everything else and focus on the SAP Community Network.

    In the meantime, people searching content are left confused as to where to find what and why.

    Best regards,


    • Andy,

      this is exactly what we are doing, focus on SCN.

      We are in a transition period, and this link currently links to (same thing 🙂 ), means this is exactly the same content as on SAPHANA,. Users can access the content either way, user do not need to change their bookmarks

      Soon (not so distant future we hope) all links will link to SCN. The website will physically be disabled, but all existing links will forward (cross link) to the new SCN links, once the content migration has been completed.

      This SCN landing page for the Suite on HANA FAQ is what I expect we are going to use in the future.

      thank you


      • Hi Erich and Andy,

        I think this is a step in the right direction and acknowledgement that SCN is the place for all of SAP ecosystem and not just an afterthought and i'm hoping that wiki will be even more integrated with the rest of SCN as well.



  • Update:

    over the weekend, most of the SoH and BW FAQ content from aka has been moved to SCN into new subspaces:

    We are still working with the migration team ( at least with those who are not on vacation this week) to finalize the migration, means the new spaces are not perfect yet 🙂 .

    Everybody who would clicks on the old bookmarks for the FAQ's should be re-directed to the new spaces, should because sometimes it does not seem to work.

    If you liked the FAQ's, please bookmark the new spaces.

    We are committed to keep the new spaces as up-to-date as the old ones, which had almost 2 Million hits since inception:

    BWoH FAQ was started in September 2012, the SoH FAQ started with Hasso's announcement of SoH in January 2013.

    The SoH FAQ will soon be updated with more information about the s-innovations for the Suite, the sFin link is the first page.

    We thank you for your continuous interest.

    Erich (and Daniel)