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From ERP 6.0 EHP2, if activate business function LOG_PP_LMAN, stock/requirement list(t-code MD04) increases new functions: material grouping and cross-plant view. Nowadays, more and more companies produce the material in multiple plants, this new function can help them to check the stock/requirement from the whole company view.


In order to use this function, please notice:

–  Only when the material exists in product group, or exists in multiple plants,  “Production Group” or “Cross-Plant View” appears.

–  You should set corresponding customizing. The path is OPP1 -> Evaluation -> Display Material Groupings.

–  Function Filter and Selection Rule can be used together.

1. Evaluate MRP result for multiple materials

      In t-code MC84, create a product group ZJLMG. It contains 2 members: ZJLTEST-1 and ZJLTEST-2.


      Also set the proportion to each member. Generally, the sum of proportion is 100%.


      Then in t-code MD04, “Product Group” tab appears. You can view the stock/requirement situation for multiple materials there. Also, you can decide if it is displayed in aggregated form or not by clicking the aggregation icon.


      In the screenshot above, it is not in aggregated form. The stock of material ZJLTEST-1 is 1 and the stock of material ZJLTEST-2 is 1


      In the screenshot above, it is in aggregated form. The stock of both materials is 2 in total.

2. Evaluate MRP result across plants

      Material ZJLTEST-1 exists in plant 1000 and plant 1100. You can check the stock/requirement in all plants for material ZJLTEST-1 in “Cross-Plant view”. You can choose display form using aggregation icon.


In addtition, there are several hidden functions in MD04. See the following blog post:

Explore hidden functions in MD04

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  1. sanju sanju

    Hi Jessica

    Thanks a lot for sharing the document. It is very useful.
    I just want to clarify one thing from your side as my organization has a typical requirement.

    There are 4 plants in my organization (plant A, B, C, D). Stock requirement of all the plants are generated based on Sales Order and PIR. All the 4 plants created PIR in MD61 and after MRP run the stock requirement is generated in MD04. Now suppose the situation is like below ..

    Each plant has production planning facilities however let’s consider that we will plan for plant A only. As per our user requirement..

    User should be able to choose
    whether he/she will create an intra-company PR of 2 pcs (suppl plant C) and External PR of 3 pcs
    or whether he/she will create intra-company PR of 2 pcs (suppl plant C) and intra-company PR 1 pcs (suppl plant B) and External PR 2 pcs
    or whether he/she will create intra-company PR of 5 pcs (suppl plant D)
    pr whether he/she will create External PR of 5 pcs

    Date MRP Element Reqmnt Qty Available Qty Material Plant
    01/12/16 Stock 10 5 M1 A
    02/12/16 Stock 10 1 M1 B
    03/12/16 Stock 10 2 M1 C
    04/12/16 Stock 10 5 M1 D

    My question is .. while converting the requirement into PR can the user split the qty and create 1/2 stock transfer PR and 1 PR for external vendor from MD04

    Please suggest


  2. Former Member


    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for sharing, I have implemented this and would like to know if it is possible to get this in MD06/7 also,






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