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MAF Logon Component and SMP 3.0 OData SP05 For Android

The MAF Logon component is one of the most common reusable components of the Mobile Application Framework (MAF) and it provides easy integration for applications that use logon UI behavior. It is a key component, because before any communication can take place with a backend OData producer, the app needs to on-board users onto the SAP Mobile Platform.

To use the MAF Logon Component you must import a number of libraries and resources into eclipse. You can find these libraries and resources in the folder you specified when you executed the SMP Client SDK installer. For a step-by-step guide on how to integrate MAF Logon component into your android project, you can check this guide: How To… Enable User On-boarding using MAF Logon.

Although the process to integrate MAF Logon into your android project hasn’t changed in SP05, there are several additions that are worth mentioning:

What’s New in SDK SP05?

First, all classes that implement LogonListener must now implement a new method onRefreshCertificate. This method is called after a certificate refresh is triggered at the provider and it’s completed either successfully or not. If you are not using certificates you can leave this method empty as shown below.

New method in LogonListener interface


public void onRefreshCertificate(boolean success, String errorMessage) {

      // TODO Auto-generated method stub


Second, even though, SMP 3.0 SDK SP05/Server SP04 on premise does not support SAML, MAF Logon supports SAML authentication for SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services and SMP3.0 SDK SP06/ Server SP05. Developers must define the SAML activity in the Android manifest file as shown in the following code snipped

New activity in android manifest file
<activity android:name=“”></activity>

Finally, the LogonUIFacade contains a new method getLogonConfigurator that returns a manager configurator for the HttpConversation library. The configure method assigns the conversation manager with all the information and filters needed to respond to authentication challenges when requesting information to the backend. Below you will find a code snipped to get the manager configurator to configure a conversation manager.

New method in LogonUIFacade class

IManagerConfigurator configurator = LogonUIFacade.getInstance().getLogonConfigurator(context);

HttpConversationManager manager = new HttpConversationManager(context);


For more information about the MAF Logon component, please visit

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      Author's profile photo Kael Xin
      Kael Xin

      Dear Claudia:

           I've been logon successfully with the port 8080,

           I want to logon on with https protocol ,



           but I can't connect the server,

           could you help me?

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Michael Appleby
      Michael Appleby

      Hi Kael,

      Please create a new Discussion with your question instead of posting a comment to a blog.

      The Difference between a Discussion, Blog Post, Document and Wiki

      Regards, Mike (Moderator)

      SAP Technology RIG