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Author's profile photo Brindavan Mookaiah

SAP ST-PI and ST-A/PI Patch Update Steps

SAP ST-PI and ST-A/PI patch update

Summary :-

This document will show you how to update the ST-/PI and ST-A/PI in SAP with help of service preparation check RTCCTOOL .

Author: Brindavan Mookaiah

Designation: SAP BASIS Consultant

Tabls of content

  1. 1) EWA report
  2. 2) Run RTCCTOOL
  3. 3) Implement the ST-A/PI and ST-PI

Step 1)

Check the EWA report about the ST-PI and ST-A/PI patch to update.SAP will recommend upgrading the new version based on SAP Application.


Steps 2)

Once if you able to see that the ST-A/PI & ST-PI  need to update and SAP recommeded. Then login into SAP and go to T-code SE38 and then execute program  ‘RTCCTOOL ‘.



Download the latest ST-PI and ST-A/PI from service market place


Once you downloaded  the required file(ST-PI& ST-A/PI) from market place and copy the file into the server. Mostly this file will be SAR file.

Login in to OS level with SIDadm and extract the file using SAPCAR.


,After  the files are extracted, place the files into directory “/usr/sap/trans/EPS/in”.


Then login into SAP level and go-t-code SAINT –> click Installation package –> load package –> from appliaction server



click go back to the pervius menu and select the  ST-A/PI –> click start




Click No




SPAU adjustmnet can be done later. You inform to ABAP team to fix if any SPAU adjustment is there.

Once the ST-AP conmpleted successfully, then upadte the ST-PI.

ST-PI need to update in T-code SPAM

Login into SAP and go-t-code ‘SPAM’

Then click Display/define–> select the compent ST-PI


and start implement once you select the complenet ST-PI and click–> support package —> import queue

it will take 15 to 20 mintues to complete.



  once the ST-PI completed, Click–> support package–> confim the queue


Note: ST-A/PI need  to update in T-code SAINT and ST_PI need to update in t-code SPAM.

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      Author's profile photo Manas Behra
      Manas Behra

      Nice Doc Brindavan 🙂

      Author's profile photo Brindavan Mookaiah
      Brindavan Mookaiah
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Manas....

      Author's profile photo Christoph Ostrop
      Christoph Ostrop

      is this nice docu still valid for all netweaver installations ? for example:  NW-7.31 and NW-7.40 ?


      shall we have to install new updates of addons (ST-PI and ST/A-PI)  only with SUM ?

      and that means:

      no longer usage of SPAM + SAINT for updating ?  😯 😯 😯

      Author's profile photo Gaurav Kumar Pandey
      Gaurav Kumar Pandey

      Hi Christoph,

      I think you are asking for SAP Note 🙂

      1803986 - Rules to use SUM or SPAM/SAINT to apply SPs for ABAP stacks

      I hope it helps.

      PS : try the links (provided in my signature) to our troubleshooting guide and wiki space . You would find a lot of useful information there. Need help with troubleshooting guides or you would like to have
      some content on any specific topics related to upgrade/ehpi/sp update, leave the feedback on wiki page or tag me in the post . 🙂

      Best Regards,

      Gaurav Pandey

      ***Follow us on System Upgrade Channels***

      SAP System Upgrade & Update Troubleshooting Wiki Space:  (Link:

      Software Logistics Discussion Space: (Link:

      Author's profile photo Christoph Ostrop
      Christoph Ostrop


      thanks for the note-no and other links

      (the 2. link to did not work)

      correct is:    Software Logistics

      but sapnote 1803986 says nothing about update of ST-PI and ST-A/PI components/add-ons

      if i want to update only these 2 components ( as in early-watch report required )

      is it in NW-7.40 ABAP still possible to do that with SPAM/SAINT ?

      as in sapnote

      there is mentioned SPAM as update-tool for ST-PI

        • ST-PI 740
        Auslieferungstermin: 15.09.2014 (Default Release)
        Einspieltool: SAINT



        Author's profile photo Former Member
        Former Member

        Hi Christoph,

        We had the very same question here, and the answer is that yes, you can still update ST-PI & ST-A/PI with SPAM/SAINT, however, if the version of SPAM/SAINT is not recent enough to apply ST-PI & ST-A/PI (if you try, you'll get an information message to this effect), then you must first update SPAM/SAINT with SUM.



        Author's profile photo Shyam Yerra
        Shyam Yerra

        its was helpful Brindavan thanks

        Author's profile photo Former Member
        Former Member

        It's a really detailed doc. My question is: any way to upgrade these plugins via SolMan or with any way, I mean I need to upgrade all of our systems to the newest ST-/PI and ST-A/PI version and I don't want to install these plugins one by one. As I know - maybe wrongly - there is a way to upgrade from centrally to spread to all systems.


        Author's profile photo Lautaro Insua
        Lautaro Insua


        You can do via SZENPLUGIN transaction in SolMan.

        There you can check all your child systems, and distribute the Service Tools Plugins -it is also one by one, but it is faster, and it works with a transport request that is moved automatically.


        Here you have a procedure:


        Regards, Lautaro.