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Dear all,

I have many customers who are getting below error when they are using with or with recursive clause.


Unable to execute the statement.

Remote server does not have the ability to support this statement.

SQLCODE=-706, ODBC=3, STATE=”HY000″ Row 30, Column 1

IQ does not support with/with recursive clause so far.

WITH clause is introduced in SQL Anywhere documentation only.

SELECT statement

Use this statement to retrieve information from the database.


[ WITH temporary-views ]

SELECT [ ALL | DISTINCT ] [ row-limitation ] select-list

[ INTO { hostvar-list | variable-list | table-name } ]

NFR(New Feature Request) is in progress as follows. But It’s not included in IQ yet.

“NFR#607124 – IQ does not include ANSI SQL-99 select .. with recursive queries.”



Gi-Sung Jang

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      1. Harpreet Chaudhary

        As per product management ‘There are no immediate plans for implementing this feature in IQ at the moment’. Please do open an incident and have your requested added onto the feature request.




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