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Guides for Custom Code Management Tools in Solution Manager


I assume that you have already heard about the new and exciting features for CCLM coming with SP12 of Solution Manager 7.1. The documentation to implement CCLM is now directly embedded in the Solution Manger Set-Up for Custom Code Management.

If you need some more information on how to work with these new features in SP12, please read:

Work with CCLM in Solution Manager SP12 | SCN

For your convenience here you can find some information on CCLM until SP10:

Set-Up CCLM until SP10 | SCN

And here are information on how to set-up UPL:

Set-Up UPL | SCN

I hope this helps to enjoy the new features in Solution Manager SP12.



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  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the GUIDES up there. But i don’t see any How-To-Setup guide for CCLM in Solution Manager 7.1 SPS 11. Request you to please share any configuration guide for CCLM setup in Solution Manager 7.1 SPS11. I have problem in configuring via SOLMAN_SETUP. I am struck at step 7 (Configure Library) and Step 8 (Business Criticality Setup).

    Request your help to understand the error in this steps.

    CCLM error.JPG

    • Hi,

      there is no specific guide to set-up CCLM for SP11. The complete documentation for this set-up is directly embedded in the set-up UI itself. You can find some additional information for the set-up as well in the guide for SP12 as there are no changes in the set-up between SP11 and SP12.

      One more remark for business criticality set-up. Why do you want to set-up the Business Criticality as there is no meaning of this in SP11? This was implemented in preparation of SP12 as one of the dimensions of the city modell. For SP11 this information is not needed.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Thomas,

        Thanks a ton for replying me and Your time. I have no info that Step 8 is not required in SP11 earlier. I am struggling with step 7.1 Extractor Configuration and Step 7.2 Schedule Extractor Jobs. If time permits for you, request you to guide me on setting up these two steps. Please direct me to any document you have with you to complete this steps. I am not understanding the reason for the errors i am getting here in the below images.

        Thanks in advance for your time.


        Vinod Palli

        Step 7.1 Extractor Configuration

        CCLM error 02.JPG

        Step 7.2 Schedule Extractor Jobs

        CCLM error 03.JPG

      • Hi Thomas,

        We are Done with CCLM configuration with your help and guidance, thanks for your time.

        We are now in Analysis Phase of the results, on the Custom Code Objects-Quality Data i see the data we are getting in the report is with old Dates. Yesterday i have collected ATC data in managed system and set to active in the ATC run and monitor tab.

        I also scheduled the Job in my Prod Solman (PXX) to get the ATC data from managed system. Today when i run the Ad-hoc Reporting in CCLM for Quality data i see the result contains data of 07-01-2015. This is the date first i fetch data from Managed system. I am only getting old data, not able to get new data on Solman Prod.

        Request you to please help to understand if the ATC can’t be updated with new or current data in the result.




  • Hi,

    Step 7.1 Don’t flag monthly, weekly and daily usage. This is no longer needed. In addition don’t flag Customer attributes as long as you haven’t defined new customer attributes, which should be filled automatically. (I assume this is the first installation of CCLM and not an upgrade to SP12.) So if this is a new installation of CCLM there can’t be any customer attributes.

    Step 7.2 After successfully completion of 7.1 you need to schedule the jobs in step 7.2. Just change to edit mode select the system and schedule all jobs.

    Btw: I assume that you have successfully completed all steps before 7. Especially step 3 to get the right roles and authorization.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Thomas,

      As per your suggestion and guidance i am able to configure CCLM till 7.1, on step 7.2 i am getting the below errors and not able to understand how to handle this errors. I request you to please guide me to make this step green.

      Once again thanks in advance for your time.


      CCLM error 04.JPG

      • Hi Vinod,

        I am not able to support just based on screen shots.

        There are a lot of questions which are still open and can only be answered by looking into the system.

        There is no need to get everything green, this depends on how you want to set-up CCLM and which information you want to collect and which information is available in the system. You can get information on each job. In the screen please just look at the bottom. At the bottom of this screen information from the selected job is presented, please have a look at this information and also please check the respective joblog of each job.

        Maybe the exctractor from step 6 are not running or the framework shows red light for the extractors. This can only be solved with looking into the system itself.

        My recommendation is to ask for consulting to support or to open up a message in case of programm errors.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Thomas,

          My Apologies for delayed reply, i was not around work.

          Thanks for the information and Help provided for me. I have initiated a OSS message for the error on the Step 7.2 as the Jobs are aborted. I am not able to figure it our why they are aborted and What is the significance of that jobs. I see even for another Managed system only one job is scheduled and all the other jobs are failed. Below is the screen of the failed log i was talking. If you can put some light on the significance of this jobs, why they needed and the way how to troubleshoot them that would be very thankful to you.

          Thanks a lot for helping me in CCLM configuration and Precious time you spent for me.

          CCLM error 05.JPG


          Vinod Palli

          • Hi,

            some explanations:

            Job …CRIT… is needed only if you have set-up criticality (Step 8)

            Job …LUSG… is collecting data about usage, therfore workload statistics and Usage and Procedure Logging must be in place to get data

            Job …OBJECTS… is collecting the custom code objects out of the manged system. This job is essential and definitely needed, because you need the objects first to get additional data

            Job …Quality… is collecting information about quality out of the managed system. Therfore it is necessary to setup ATC and a respective master-run in the managed system, without that the job will never be green.

            Remark: all jobs listed here collect data out of BW therefore the respective extractor has to extract data first. Please chek if all extractors are extracting data and then chek the joblog of the collectors lidte in your screen shot. If they end up with “no data found” then the extractor didn’t extract data. If there are other messages you may find some answers how to solve this in the document about CCLM SP12+. If nothing is in there please open up a Oss and provide the information of the joblog.

            Best regards,


          • Hi Thomas,

            Good day!!! We too have similar issue with Quality Job. While referring the CCLM document for SP10, I understood that ATC results can be suppressed. Is there anyway that we can read the code inspector results with out configuring ATC in managed system. Please also guide me whether ATC is mandatory from SP11 onwards to fetch the quality data? Thanks a lot for guiding us.

            Thanks & Regards

            Maruthi Reddy Dasari

          • Hi,

            as written in the document for CCLM SP12+


            To get the quality data into CCLM an ATC master run must be scheduled on the managed system. This means the new and strategic ATC tool must be implemented in the respective system for all new CCLM installations from SP11 onwards.

            For existing CCLM installation Code-Inspector results can be considered if the collector configuration for the quality collector in the Solman Setup for Custom Code Management step 7.1 is set to “RFC to Managed System”.

            It is recommended to implement ATC and use the “local” mode in the set-up.

            Best regards,


          • Hi Thomas,

            Thanks for your quick reply and useful information. I have another query on the SAP Note: 2077995 – Check-Report for Custom Code Infrastructure that has been released last friday. When we attempt to implement this SAP note in our system, we have an error saying the package AGS_CUSTOM_CODE_UTIL doesn’t exist. This package hasn’t delivered with the note. Shall we wait for the SAP to correct this or as a workaround can we go with the existing CCLM package? Please advise.

            Thanks & Regards

            Maruthi Reddy Dasari

          • Hi Thomas,

            As suggested, we have configured ATC in the managed system and scheduled the collector job. But still the job is failing with the message “No Data found in Custom Objects InfoCube (0SM_ATC) Q40”. We can see the extractors are running fine in SolMan, but the data is not getting populated in the info cube.

            Please find enclosed the job log, extractor status and Infrastructure check snap shots for your reference.

            Kindly show us the way on how to handle this issue.

            Quality job log.PNG

            CCLM Infrastructure check.PNGATC Extractors.PNG

            Thanks & Regards

            Maruthi Reddy Dasari

          • Hi,

            did you schedule a master run as well? The extractor extracts data from the master run, therefor a master run is necessary. If you have scheduled a master run and  data from the master run is available, then it should work. If bnot please opern a message for SAP.

            Best regards,


          • Hi Thomas,

            I was following your Blog as well as the conversation on CCLM. I have configured my CCLM in SP11 with your guidance and guides you attached.

            Currently we are working on a Project to set up CCLM with in client Landscape where by We have configured CCLM for our Solution Manager 7.1 SP11. We have noticed that in CCLM Dashboards, data is displayed in a consolidated fashion for all the systems, and we don’t see an option to view the system/SID wise dashboard. Does this kind of option of viewing the dashboard at SID/System level available in SolMan 7.1 SP11? If no, then what is the way to have such option.

            If this option is not available in SP11, then the very purpose of our project to set up CCLM is defeated. In such case what solution we can see at to have this feature available in CCLM Dashboard other than SP Upgrade.

            Request your Expert suggestion to advance in the using CCLM.


            MinhaJ Ahmed.

          • Hi MinhaJ,

            The dashboards and their respective data sources in SP11 are not designed to provide any system dependent information. They are designed to give a quick overview on the overall custom code situation independent from any specify system.

            You can get some system dependent information by using the standard capabilities of ad-hoc reporting, please check, or in addition you can build your own queries on top of the standard CCLM tables.

            For SP12 we did a complete redesign of the dashboards (city model, ici dashboards) and the data source, so that the dashboards are able to present system dependent information like number of custom code objects.

            Best regards,


  • Hi everyone,

    In transaction solman_setup I have seen differences in Step 7.1

    extractor configuration


    I have upgraded SP10 to SP12.

    I have 2 Usage collectors called Weekly Usage.

    solman_setup error.jpg

    should I worry? Has a solution? I did not find Notes about it…

    Thanks and regards.

    • Hi Gerardo,

      I have never seen this before, but as you have upgraded to SP12 you just need now “Last Usage” collector. So please don’t worry.

      Can you give more details: Where do you see the two different screens? In different systems? Yes then what is the SP of the systems and what is there role.

      Or for different users?

      Best regards,


    • Hello Gerardo,

      I saw it during installation in the system.

      Don’t worry, it is just a mistyping bug.

      Please update the SolMan master Note and it should be renamed to Daily.

      And yes, try better to use Last Usage (from UPL) instead of Daily-Weekly-Monthly from EWA

      • Hi Thomas,

        Screen 1 I have seen in EGI CCLM.

        Screen 2 I have seen in my SolMan System.

        Hi Alexander,

        SolMan Master Note is updated and it still appears wrong.

        Anyway, So, usage collector called UPL -Daily Usage (not recommended) is not UPL? it is from  EWA?? the name confused me :S

        Sin título.jpg

        We want to collect usage stadistics Daily, weekly and Montly for Reporting but seems that this jobs are not recommended…

        In my opinion, last_usage JOB only check the last usage and it is useful for the Decommision process not for a complete reporting and stadistics…is not it?

        extractors jobs.jpg

        Also, we have landscape system with UPL unavailable….

        I think, we should use the 4 jobs :

        Last Usage, Daily-Weekly-Monthly.

        thanks and regards.


        • Hi Gerardo,

          as UPL is not available, then you shoud stick to EWA (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

          If you use UPL, the data is not lost.

          You get information anyway, but it is aggregated then to Weekly-Monthly-Yearly cubes, so performance is muc better.

          EWA will give you only TRAN+PROG info, when UPL logs everyhting.

          • Hi Alexander,

            ok I understood.

            And what about usage collector called UPL -Daily Usage (not recommended) . is not UPL? it is from  EWA?

            Sin título.jpg

            In systems with UPL available I should schedule last usage job, because In addition to check last usage it gets  aggregated usage information, is not it?

            thanks and regards.

          • Hi,

            Just for clearification:

            With SP12 we changed the collection of usage data. Usage date in detail for each object will be stored in BW. CCLM only gets the date of last usage, which is sufficient for CCLM.

            We had to change it, because in BW we do have the capability to define aggregation and housekeeping and the usage data in the CCLM table was getting very huge and complex to report. Now every customer can use BW reporting to analyze the usage in detail in BW.

            This means for SP12 we only need the last usage collector for CCLM. (Solman-Setup within step 7 and substeps).

            The BW cube will be filled by the UPL extractors defined and scheduled in the SolMan set-up for Custom Code (see “How-to-guide”).

            To get last usage for CCLM, UPL and workloadstatistics will be considered.

            The daily, weekly and monthly usage collectors are not needed and not recommended any longer from SP12 onwards. It’s just in, because if a customer still wants to fill the old usage table of CCLM, but this solution will no longer be supported by SAP, as the data in this table is getting complex and it will increase the data volume without possibility to aggregate or even clear data.

            Regarding the “UPL Daily Usage”: This is UPL data as it is named UPL! The two others (weekly, monthly) are collecting data from workload.

            Some generic facts:

            – UPL is collecting usage data on a daily basis

            – Workloadstatistics or ST03N is only providing data on a monthly and weekly basis not on a daily basis.

            – daily usage is only from UPL

            – workloadstatistics collects usage only for TRAN and PROG which are not submitted.

            – UPL is able to collect usage from other object types and submitted PROGS as well, but not for TRAN. This means there is no daily usage data for TRAN available.

            For some more hints please read the “how-to” guide and the embedded documentation in the set-up carefully.

            Hope this helps,


  • Hi everyone,

    I have some questions about CCLM data model.

    Would you have or know any scheme where we could see the relations between CCLM BW cubes and CCLM tables, extractor and jobs?

    I mean, In local configuration we know about extractors fill CCLM BW cubes and Jobs fill these tables . It is a normal case.

    In remote configuration, how CCLM BW cubes are filled? Because it seems that jobs which execute RFC in managed system , fill tables directly but what happened with the BW cubes?

    We have this kind of configuration in Quality, because ATC is not available in ours managed systems.

    Finally, We have some maintainable customs attributes in our Library Definition. When we maintainable these, they are visibles in CCLM tables right away, but Are these attributes visibles from BW Cubes and filled?

    Thanks in advance.



    • Hi,

      if you go for the remote configuration without starting any extractor, then the respective cubes will not be filled at all.

      If you define custom attributes they will only exist in the CCLM tables they will not exist in any BW cube.

      Best regards,


      • Hi Thomas,

        Thanks for your early answer. In BW, normally it is possible to add code in order to derive new fields.

        We assume we would need to add new infoobjects into the infocube 0SM_CCLM, in order to add the new custom attributes. But we would ask for you if there is any exit to add the code necessary to fill these new infoobjects.

        Thank you very much for your support.

        Best Regards…..

          • Hi Alexander/Thomas,

            So, returning to the previous question, I understood:

            We have some maintainable customs attributes in our Library Definition. they are visibles in CCLM tables, but They aren´t visibles from BW Cubes and filled.

            If we define custom attributes they will only exist in the CCLM tables, they will not exist in any BW cube and It is not possible to add the code (exit) to fill these new infoobjects.

            thanks and regards.

          • Hello Thomas,

            yes for all points.

            As far as I see, there are no explicit user exits, BADIs for enhancements.

            It will be stored in tables, and as far as I know, there is no backward functionality for replicating data from tables to cubes (only opposite direction exists).

            Thomas, please correct me if I’m wrong.

            thank you.