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SAP Fiori – A New User Experience (UX)

                               In Today’s World Consumer User Experience became the new Standard for enterprise applications and most of the enterprises started to shift their focus towards improving User Experience Shortly “ UX “.

                           A new Product by SAP AG named SAP Fiori gives the ultimate User Experience (UX) to business users. We can make our own apps, set our own user priorities and do the regular job which you are doing now in a new convenient way. Great Isn’t it. ? It is coming with simple and great up to date design principles.

With Fiori I don’t know who is going to get benefit after all but it is a great design concept for Business Users.

What is SAP Fiori?

                               SAP Fiori is a new User Experience (UX) given by SAP AG. This User Experience can be used for all existing SAP Products. Its design principles are great to give a better user experience. The Apps in SAP Fiori enables the user to complete their Tasks quickly and effortlessly. We can able to use the Apps through various Mediums like Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, Etc…

SAP Fiori is given as free of cost to its customers however we need SAP Netweaver gateway to connect with SAP Fiori. The Customers who already have Netweaver gateway can able to get SAP Fiori with no extra cost. Remaining Persons have to buy SAP Netweaver Gateway in order to connect with SAP Fiori.

There are 3 Kinds of App Types in SAP Fiori differentiated based on their focus and infrastructure requirements.

  • Transactional Apps
  • Analytical Apps
  • Fact Sheets

Transactional Apps:

      Database: We can Use Any Database at the backend.


               Transactional Apps are created to complete the Business tasks. We can create an app for each role of a business user. For Example: Access to tasks like Create / Change Purchase Order or Access to complete entire Procurement Process. Business approvals can be done which results in Payment Posting at the background and we can imagine infinitely of this app type uses.

Analytical Apps:

     Database: Only Hana Database has to be used for these Apps.

                It Gives a Visual Overview of Dedicated objects for further Analysis and Insight Actions. For Example: Profit Analysis. We can have an App designed to show the profit of certain business unit. We can make display the results in our own way (Charts, Figures, Graph, Dashboard, Etc…). We can further use the results for deeper insights and take a decision towards improving our profit or reduce the cost etc. As it is running on Hana Database, the results are updated in real time which helps much in decision making.

Fact Sheets:


      Database: Only Hana Database has to be used for these Apps.

               This kind of Apps will be like exploring a particular object through Data Search. Here we can compare the data which are necessary for business operations. For Example: Textual Information of objects used for Business Operations. Material Fact Sheet –Displays contextual information about the material. Likewise we can display the master data through fact sheets. Also here, we can navigate from one fact sheet from another Fact sheet or to a transactional App.

Consider a Situation where you are approving all the leave requests in an Airplane while flying when there is no Network and while you came out of Airplane the approvals got automatically updated in the system. Yes, SAP Fiori supports Offline Transactions also; however it is limited only to Transactional Apps now.

Likewise many tasks can be done with a touch of your mobile phone or tabloids. It is like the tasks are completed in near real time and the Overall time to complete the process is reduced.

Overall Fiori may change the way we are working now and it is great to be a part of this change which ultimately helps in moving forward towards Optimization of working experience.

Please feel free to express your thoughts about this article. I am just a budding article writer. Your comments may help me improve my way of presenting things.

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