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You want to open Adobe documents using ADS in your ERP ABAP system. You should connect a Java system to realize this need. In our case, we have a Java stack which is integrated to BW ABAP stack. The version of the systems is Netweaver 7.0 EHP1 (NW 7.01) .

1-ADSUSER has been created in BW client (001) of BW ABAP system. Its type is “service” and it’s provided a new password. ADSCallers role, which had been created via PFCG as empty, has been added:


2- ADSUSER should be assigned to parent group “ADSCALLERS”. This is checked via BW JAVA Visual Admin./wp-content/uploads/2014/11/2_576851.png

Please click “Policy Configuration” tab and then “Securiyt Roles” tab. When you select ….ServicesAssembly.jar ADSCaller should be visible there.


3-In ERP ABAP system, please create an RFC connection named “ADS”. Enter target host and path prefix, service no.


Assign ADSUSER (BW ABAP 001 Client) and its password that you’ve already provided in step 1:


Connection test should provide result “200 (OK)” :


If it results with an “403 Forbidden” error, apply that solution in the scn link:

Open your Visal Admin and to go Security provider and choose the Policy Configuration “”. Select the tab “Security Roles”. The applied security roles for WSNavigatorRole is most likly “administartors”. Please change this to “all” if you want that everyone can at least call the wsnavigator application or restrict it by other criterias, BUT make sure your adsuser can access it! Save your change.


4-Create ADS_AGENT service user in ERP ABAP System (default client to be used) and assign roles:


Login to the visual admin on the  BW JAVA system and follow the tabs below. Create HTTP node like in the screenshot. Enter ERP ABAP information and assign the ADS_AGENT credentials.


“Save and Test” . Ignore 404 Error.

5-Activate fp fpads services via SICF, on ERP ABAP System.


6-Follow the tabs on visual admin of BW JAVA, like in the screenshot. Enter ADSUSER (you’ve created on BW ABAP side – step1) credentials like in the screenshot.


7-Restart services below to get activated:


9-Put the .pfx file that has been provided from OSS in the following path (BW ABAP system)



Then from the visual admin open the following tabs and point the .pfx file which you’ve already put in place. Enter the password which has been provided by OSS.


10-Please execute the report “FP_TEST_00” via sa38 and select LP01 with printer preview. The following screen should show up, if the configuration works proper.


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Serhat Yüceant,

    Nice blog , I have done as per the blog. But while doing the Interactive forms (FP_TEST_IA_01) test facing issue like below.


    So requested SAP and provide the necessary credtinals and imported the same in our Solution manager system, but no luck.

    Please let me know any suggestion to fix the issue.

    Thank you in advance,

    Bhaskar N.

    1. Former Member

      Hello Bhaskar,

      Please check SAP Note 736902 for error details.You must obtain a ReaderRights credential before you call the report “FP_TEST_00” for testing.



      1. Former Member

        Hello All,

        Thank you for the quick response..

        Yes, placed as mentioned above only, File have full permissions also.

        I have placed the p12 credtinals file in visual admin as shown below.


        My Adobe installed is in Solution Manager, but unable to find the below path

        Choose  –>  Configuration Management –>  Infrastructure  –>  Adobe Document.

        Please let me know if anything missed.

        Thank you in advance,

        Bhaskar N

        1. Former Member Post author

          From which note does it point this path?

          “Choose  –>  Configuration Management –>  Infrastructure  –>  Adobe Document.”


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