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Big Data scenarios in a SAP Rapid Deployment Solution

The hype and the buzz around Big Data in the past couple of years, has many of us thinking – what the heck does this mean to any business? How can my business benefit from Big Data solutions along with the other software investments that have already been made? No business today has the appetite for a long drawn-out implementation cycle to see the benefits of Big Data in months and years ahead. Business environment is changing fast and customers expect value in days or weeks so that they can fine-tune the business to be more competitive, profitable and innovative. Read along and see if what we showcase here resonates with some of the challenges you face in your business.

The Challenge – Simplify the consumption of Big Data

More businesses are realizing that the growth of their business is dependent on how quickly they can analyze and react to the vast amount of information that is generated outside the enterprise software systems instead of focusing just on historic data. Consumer expectations and trends are not visible inside the traditional enterprise data, but they can be found by analyzing data from social media feeds. Life of an Equipment cannot be enhanced by just looking at maintenance records but by analyzing temperature, pressure and vibration readings from equipment on a real-time basis to predict the maintenance needs proactively. Traffic on the web stores cannot be increased by just looking at the orders placed, but by understanding how the users are coming to the web store from various locations around the globe, the products they are looking at and the effectiveness of the user experience on the web front. These are some of many such examples, but you get the point.

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Customers who are investing in Big Data solutions like SAP HANA and Hadoop have distinct advantage of using the innovations from SAP to solve some of these complex problems. Our goal is to deliver applications as best practice content so customers can see the value for their business in days or weeks. The question we asked ourselves was this – What scenarios can we deliver that makes the consumption of SAP HANA simple along with SAP Event Stream Processor and Hadoop? We know that many customers have unique requirements around Big Data. Our effort was to get started with some scenarios that add immediate business value and captures the business-user’s imagination to apply these best practices in different business context.

Big Data Intelligence Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS)

What if I told you that SAP will soon deliver some of the Big Data scenarios as part of a RDS?  You may ask – What is in the package and what is the catch? Continue reading and you will get more insights. Perhaps you can plan some activities to kick-off your next Big Data project.

What will be included?

Here are some of the scenarios that will be included with a beautiful and intuitive user interface based on SAP Fiori :

     1. Semantic Intelligence

Analyze data from social media feeds to gauge customer or market sentiment. Every business can benefit from analyzing what their customers are saying about their products in the social media. This sentiment analysis can drive promotions, product development, pricing and placement efforts to help topline growth.

     2. Signal Intelligence

Analyze data generated from equipment – temperature, pressure, and vibration readings. We use this to predict maintenance costs and enhance the life of equipment.

     3. Stream Intelligence

Business users and IT can benefit by analyzing valuable information trapped in logs of the web servers that drives the web stores.  We are building some content here that showcases how customers can tap into that information to drive business results.

BigDataSentiment.png  BigDataSignal.png  BigDataStreamIntelligence.png

Like any Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS),  the Big Data Intelligence RDS would include pre-configured software content, best practices and configurations with a clear goal – help our customers see the value of their investments in SAP HANA, SAP Event Stream Processor and other Big Data investments in a short timeframe.The best part – all the software content in this RDS will be available for FREE in the SAP Service Marketplace  to those customers who have purchased the license for underlying products like SAP HANA and SAP Event Stream Processor.

Stay tuned for more information on the launch of the Big Data Intelligence Rapid Deployment Solution.  We will be launching a series of Info sessions with Demos. Send me an email at and we will send you an invite for an info session on this topic in the near future.

What do you think about these scenarios in the context of your business?  Are there more Big Data scenarios that might be of interest to you? Let us know and we would be happy to engage with you.

Folks, this is just the beginning for pre-packaged Big Data scenarios. We plan to release more scenarios in the future releases of this RDS.  Your feedback will help us deliver more content that could directly help your business in the future.

Stay tuned for more to come …

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      Author's profile photo Felix Loecher
      Felix Loecher

      Sounds promising, will there be sessions at FKOM regarding this topic?

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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Felix - yes, the information will be embedded in various sessions at FKOM. I will be present there to provide additional support.

      The RDS is released on Dec 22nd and more details can be found here ->

      Big Data Intelligence rapid-deployment solutions

      Also I have another blog regarding Web Stream analysis that you can see here ->

      Online traffic has a story to tell – have you tuned into it?

      Happy to provide more details if you need.



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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Some more updates on this topic :

      Newsbyte: SAP Launches Big Data Rapid-Deployment Solution powered by SAP HANA® - Yahoo Finance

      We have launched a new openSAP course. Register to get a preview on the content released in Big Data Intelligence RDS.

      Join the conversation in the Big Data Intelligence SCN Community.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for sharing the information.looking forward to RDS.