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Adding Message Keys and Message versions – B2B EANCOM Message Editor


We had a requirement to create a CONTRL message Directory version 2, subversion EAN002

To achive this we will have to convert the automatically generated CONTRL message to the right version.

The CONTRL message of type CONTRL:2:2:UN is not included in the standard EANCOM message shipped with SAP B2B Add-on.

Therefore we will need to add new message versions to the Message key SAP-EANCOM, for the Generic Converter Modules to process the messages.

When a  message version does not exists in the B2B message tables you will see an error message like this:

“No ruleset for CONTRL/3 available” or “No ruleset for CONTRL/2 available”, where the /2 represent the message version the module is trying to convert.


1. Go the the the Message Editor in the B2B cockpit for EANCOM Messages

  • http://<server>:<port>/b2bic
  • EDI Content Manager ->EANCOM->Editor->Message Editor
    30-10-2014 17-02-36.png

2. Create a new control Key

  • Select the control key SAP-EANCOM and version 96A
  • Press “Copy control key”

30-10-2014 17-03-28.png

3.Copy message CONTRL to the new control key

  • Check Copy to a new Message Version
  • Write the version you want create
  • Add the message to be copied to the new key
    • You could add more messages at this stage

30-10-2014 17-08-50.png

  • NOTE: If you wan to modify the message structure do it at this stage. In this scenario we will keep the message as-is.

4. Copy the message version back to the SAP-EANCOM message key

  • Select you new Control Key and Version and press “Copy Control Key”

31-10-2014 08-30-53.png

  • Check copy to exiting control key
    • Select SAP-EANCOM
  • This time keep the message version

30-10-2014 17-11-09.png

5. Copy the message version back to the SAP-EANCOM message  with a new version

  • Same as step 4, bu this time we change the message version

30-10-2014 17-12-19.png

As Result you will have create 2 new message version in the control Key SAP-EANCOM

31-10-2014 08-36-37.png

6. Create the schemas for the new message to import the in ESR.

  • Choose EANCOM->XSD Generator
  • Create the XSD file for the message version you need
    • Make sure you use the correct namespaces to match you SWCV in ESR where you are implementing the Interface and Mapping objects.

31-10-2014 08-42-40.png

  • Now you will be able to convert these EANCOM message version between XML and EDI structures.
  • You will also be able to map the message to between version and make changes to the content
    • E,g Mapping the control message to version D:2:2:EAN002

30-10-2014 18-43-50.png

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    • Hi Juan,

      We followed this blog but we got stuck in the Step 5. While copying to the existing Control key, it is not populating the previously present original Control Key.


      And we are also not sure where to View the trace details.

      We tried to re-import the B2B seed file but still the newly created Control Key is existing and we are not able to use any of the EANCOM type.

      Could you please help us here....

        • Hi Juan,

          But our B2B addon has been installed correctly. The control key has been present but it is not populating during that step 5.


          Need your guidance here....

        • Hi Juan,

          We have installed the table definitions for EDIFACT, ANSI X12 and EANCOM...

          Is it necessary to install the table definitions for all the EDI types...??

          But for the EANCOM, we have properly installed all the table definitions and its control key is SAP-EANCOM as mentioned in my previous reply..



          • I will be just guessing, but there is a change the EDI messages which are quite large tables failed.  But the only way of finding it out is by the  output log file that are accessible only via the server OS.

            uploading the tables again is also a valid option.

            Again, I am just guessing at this point since the error is not more descriptive.

            Have you guys checked at the logs, you need some basis support at this stage.

  • Hi Juan, Thanks for a good blog.

    I had similar requirement for EDIFACT.

    I need to produce a CONTRL


    Using the xml2edifact conversion utility it seems like the only field matched to find the correct message is the D_0054 which must match the "Message Version in the SAP B2B gui".

    D_0065, D_0052, D_0051, D0057 does not need to match.

    I expected it to match on more fields at least D_0052 to find the correct message.



    I need to process two version of APERAK so it looks ok.

    What is the purpose of the SubVersion field in the SAP B2B GUI?

    I used 000000 to make it work

  • Hello -


    *****May i know the reason behind you copying the new version(version 3) to SAP standard control key? Any particular reason?

    4. Copy the message version back to the SAP-EANCOM message key

    ****And then again copied to version 2 from version 3. Why do we need to create version 3 instead you can create version 2 directly.


    5. Copy the message version back to the SAP-EANCOM messageĀ  with a new version

    ****You have generated xsd from version 2 finally. then why do you even need to create version 3 ?


    Thanks for taking time to answer.