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Multi-deep insert in SAPGateway(SEGW Approach)

Hi everyone,

Below example shows how to pass multiple nested tables as input to odata/gateway service using SEGW approach.

We have  6 tables.

1.      Header (Fields: ID, Name, Message_text)

    • Item1 (Fields: ID, Name1, Address)
      • Item 1.1 (Fields: ID, Name, State, Country)
      • Item 1.2 (Fields: Fname, Mname, LName)
    • Item2 (Fields: ID, Name, City)
      • Item2.1 (Fields: ID,Name,Pincode,Street)

Item1 and item2 are inline to Header table.

Item1.1 and item 1.2 are inline to item1 table.

Item 2.1 is inline to item 2 table

In multi deep insert, we should be able to pass multiple line items in item1 , item 1.1 , item 1.2, item 2 and  item2.1 along with the data in header structure.

  1. e.g.

Input to the service:



Output from the service:


Value of Message_text in header structure is changed to

Steps to achieve the above scenario:

Step1. Create 6 entity types Header, Item1 and item2,Item1_1,Item1_2,Item2_1.


Entitytypes.png      /wp-content/uploads/2014/10/entity_types_2_574623.png

Properties are:














Step2. Create entity sets HeaderSet, item1Set, item2Set,item1_1Set,item1_2Set,item2_1Set.



Step3: Create Associations between entity types:

1. Header – item1

2. Header – item2

3. Item1–Item1.1

4. Item1–item1.2

5. Item2–Item2.1



Navigation properties get created automatically under entity type: header , Item1 and Item2

/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/navigation_header_574632.png  /wp-content/uploads/2014/10/navigation_item1_574633.png      /wp-content/uploads/2014/10/navigation_item2_574634.png


Step4: Save and Check for any error.

Step5: Generate Runtime classes and Services

Step6: Register Service in gateway hub.

Step7: Go to DPC_Ext class in ABAP Workbench.


This method is redefined to get Request payload of Multi deep insert.



ITEM1TOITEM1_1 and ITEM1TOITEM1_2 are names of navigation properties for table item1

ITEM2TOITEM2_1 IS navigation property for table item2

HEADERITEM1 and HEADERITEM2 are navigation properties for table header

Insert data in the Structures.


Add 3 entries in table et_expanded_tech_clause to specify to framework that there are  inline entities to the base entity(values to be inserted are Navigation properties).(Absence of this code will hit the get_expanded_entityset method 6 times for all the entities created.

Insert data in the respective structures and tables(header,item1 and item2,item1.1,item1.2,item2.1) and Append that data in the final


Save and Activate.

Step 10: Form the URL.


HTTP method : GET

Execute (F8).


Step11: Use the response from the above request to create request payload of Multi Deep Insert.

(Remove feed tag below first line and end feed tag)

Step12: Once Request payload is generated, redefine method /IWBEP/IF_MGW_APPL_SRV_RUNTIME~CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY


Declare the output structure.


Read the data sent by the user through request payload into structure ls_headeritem.


Change the message_text of Header structure .

ls_headeritem-message_text = ‘Test1’.

Call Copy_data_to_ref and pass ls_header_item as structure.

Step 13: Form the URL.



Method: POST.

Execute (F8).

This way we can implement such scenarios.


Anjor Wagle.

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  • Hi Anjor,

    Thanks for this blog, i have a doubt in Step 11.

    "Step11: Use the response from the above request to create request payload of Multi Deep Insert.

    (Remove feed tag below first line and end feed tag)"

    I don't see any image below.

    I only use header/item navigation property but i'm receiving an error:

    "The server is refusing to process the request because the entity has a unsupported format"

    The Service is calling the /IWCOR/IF_DS_PROC_ENTITY_SET~CREATE_ENTITY instead and not the CREATE_DEEP_ENTITY.

    My request URI is: /sap/opu/odata/sap/ZSD_CREATE_SO_SRV/SalesOrderCollection and is because I don't now what to remove in step 11.

    "Remove feed tag below first line and end feed tag"

    Any help?

    Kind Regards,


    • Hi Anjor,

      I figure it out..

      In Step 11, you can't use the request payload of the method /IWBEP/IF_MGW_APPL_SRV_RUNTIME~GET_EXPANDED_ENTITYSET you have to redefine the /IWBEP/IF_MGW_APPL_SRV_RUNTIME~GET_EXPANDED_ENTITY and then use this one for the POST.

      Thanks for the blog again!

      Kind Regards,


  • Hi Anjor,

    Excellent port! Thank a lot.

    I have a problem when reading the payload I can get header and first level entity (item1) but item1_1 inline is empty. I’ve already checked the names of navigation properties, everything is ok, and I also tried by reading item1/item1_1 data and it works.  Any help would be appretiated, I'm really stucked here...

  • Hi It is working for XML format but not working for Json format.

    Getting error "Error while Parsing an XML Stream"

    But the same is worink fine with XML format.

  • How will we use the POST method for deep entity if we have multiple level of associations.


    It is giving error:

    The Data Services Request contains SystemQueryOptions that are not allowed for this Request Type

    The same link works for GET but not for POST.

    The association is linked as :

    1. Header to Item.   (NavToItem)

    2. Header to Header Texts. (,NavToHTexts)

    3. Item to Schedule Lines. (,NavToItem/NavToSllines)

    4. Item to Item Texts (NavToItem/NavToTexts)

    • During create there is no need to pass query string parameters. Just call with /sap/opu/odata/SAP/ZCREATE_SALES_ORDER/SOHeaderSet and pass all the required entries and feed with xml and use  io_data_provider->read_entry_data to read the actual feed