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My experience of 1 year in SAP community Network. ​​

       Today I have completed 1 year in SCN       


Before saying something, I would like to represent myself. Oh, I forgot, I have my BIF to explain myself. So you can find myself in my BIF Blog it Forward – Dëv Päträ in About SCN.

You must be thinking how can this be my BIF as its name as Dev Patra. Let me explain, Dev is my nick name. I’ve created my profile as Dev Patra. But when I got the certification of SCN Topic Leaders for 2013-2014, then I’ve changed my name to Dibyendu Patra as it is my full name and I’ve got the certificate named as Dibyendu Patra.

Here it is


As you already know I am a SAP MM Consultant and I am a regular participant of SAP ERP – Logistics Materials Management (SAP MM) forum along with I participate SAP ERP Financials forum.

My position after one year:

I got the 2nd position of 12-month Leaderboard in SAP ERP – Logistics Materials Management (SAP MM) forum, 9th position of SAP ERP Financials forum, 5th position of Career Center forum.

Overall my ranking in SCN is 166th now.

What I’ve done in this one year :

I’ve posted 3 blog posts / 13 Documents in MM forum. One of my blog got more than 100 likes and one of my document got 50 likes.​

What I’ve got in this one year :

I always try to participate all questions in MM forum, but only I can reply to these questions which I have knowledge. My experience in professional life is “If you know then you can do it. If you don’t know then you can at least try to do it.” This sentence has given me a lots of energy to participate a new question to understand about the question. Sometime Moderator (this time I will say only about Juergen Sir) correct me when I have given a wrong answer and sometimes OP. 😉

I’ve got the badge Super Answer Hero, Mega Answer Hero, Thought Leader, Influencer, Topic Leader 2014.


I’ve got too much knowledge from this community network. I am trying to spend much time to this network.

Before join this network, I rated myself as 2 out of 5, but now I can rate myself as 4 out of 5.

I’ve got 406 followers in this one year. Thanks to my all followers.

My Teacher/Tutor/Educator/Instructor in SCN:

Everyone is my Instructor in SCN, I’ve learnt many things from many users. Sometime a new user has taught me a new thing.

But I must share these person’s name who teach me to learn something new.

Yes, the first one is Jürgen Sir

He is the moderator of MM forum. To know more about him, you can look into the blog Blog It Forward – Jürgen L. He always teaches me a lot to learn something new. Whenever I make a mistake in any question, he is the one who correct me. I can call him as The Juergen Sir as like as we call The Sun, The Moon.


He is also a regular participant of MM forum. I have also learnt a lot from his contribution. Sometimes he clears my doubts in some discussions.

Jason Sir

He is the moderator of SCN Support forum. I have also learnt a lot from him. I have just learnt a nice thing from Jason sir that is how to be polite.

I saw his reply daily. His post is always polite, he never post a single reply which can hurt someone.

Message for my other SCN friends:

This is a great community to explore yourself. If you want to improve yourself, then try to follow every post in your favorite (working) forum.

Message to SCN :

Nothing to say. Just want to say a Big Thank you to scn team.

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  • Many congratulations and ensure that you reciprocate to SCN atleast for the next couple of years, what you learned here.  Why I am specifically mentioning here is many such new Topic Leaders are not continuing this service and it could be due to so many reasons and I am not going to debate here.  Only thing is just keep sharing your knowledge regularly and Wish You All the Best to get this recognition in the coming years too.

    G. Lakshmipathi

    • This is not the end, but should only be the beginning, right? 🙂

      Hard work, curiosity and dedication pays out in the end, Dev. That was a pretty big year for you, I sure hope you can keep this up, so that other newcomers can see, how to build a good reputation by giving back to the community.



      PS: I can't see some of your pictures (e.g. the ones at the beginning left and right of the header). I guess, you did copy-paste them? 😉

  • Hi Dev sir,

    Many Congratulation to you sir and you have completed One year with 2nd Position in 12 months Leader Board is a good accomplishment. All the best for Future endeavor.

  • Mystery solved! I didn't realize Dibyendu and Dev were the same person, so I had been confused. I also didn't realize that you had only been on SCN for a year, because you are so active and well-respected (and have so many points), so that is quite the achievement. Congratulations!

  • Dibyendu,

    If you are at the start of your SAP career, then to achieve so much in one year is excellent++ !

    Well done! and keep achieving glory!


  • Hi Dibyendu,

        Congrats and hats off to you for effectively utilizing your time. Keep it up and keep going. All the best!!



  • Hi Dev

    This is really a big achievement in only one year time spam. MM is a huge forum and there are lot of threads and members there. I didn't know the fact that you or only one year old here 😛 but glad to know about this and glad to see your dedication and determination. Keep up the good work dude 😎 .


  • this is really a great achievement congratulations and i really appreciate your hard work and really sometimes wonder how you can manage your time while working.  i also learned lots of things from your post and replies. many thanks.

    • Thanks amit.

      I have just tried to give my free time to SCN whether in office or in my personal life.

      And I believe in one sentence "If you will give your free time to your professional life, then that life will surely give you knowledge as return gift"

  • wonderful achievement DEV. You are the 1st person in SCN who by chance came out from my own city. I always feel free to get intouch with you when I get stuck with my SAP problems. keep on shining!! Kuddos to you on your achievement!



  • Hello Dev,

    Hearty Congratulations...!!

    Dint know that you are completing only a year in SCN SAP. You were always active in Logistics MM Forum.

    Great Achievement in a year.... So much to learn from you...!!

    Keep up the good work alive boss. So many SAP Consultants need your energy and knowledge here.

    With Warm Regards,

  • Hi Dev,

    It is indeed a great achievement to be topping the leader board within a year. I am very much inspired by you. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,


  • Dear Dev,

    Sorry for the late comment on this, I just read it today, can't wait more without appreciating your efforts to the community, now you are not much regulare as you used to be. Hats off to you..


    Best Regards

    Mohsin Abbasi

    • Thank you my friend. Last one year I was not much active because I had changed my job and city as well. New project, new responsibilities. Will back again soon.