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  1. Former Member

    Thanks for this information .. the main problem I have with the Hana Cloud Portal link as a developer is with tis single sign on. As Developers we have to work on different systems and with several ids.. I would have preferred if SAP would give an option like Gmail where you could select the profile with which you can login. Like Client Profile, Tester Profile etc.

    But other than that this is so much fun to see it working altogether.. thank you for putting this in a blog for us

    1. Former Member

      Hi Linkin,

      The portal service (aka Cloud Portal) runs on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, which allows you to connect your own corporate identity provider. Unfortunately, the platform does not support social network login like Google or Facebook.



      1. Former Member

        Thanks for the reply Guy and I understand what you are saying .. may be my comment was not clear. Let me clarify..I did not expect to login using my Google or Facebook id — What I was simply suggesting is that as a Technical Consultant I sometimes work on multiple projects for different clients and each project requires me to login to the HCP with different logon credentials.

        Unfortunately its tough to switch between profiles easily because of the Single single on like thing which reads your data from browser cache I guess.

        If you want to experience the headache this cause just create 2 ids on the HCP using your same machine and try to login with your first id. The system will get confused which id you are using.

        I wished therefore .. if there was some kind of way like how Gmail does.

        Like since I have 3 ids in gmail .. so when I go to it prompts me which profile I would like to use to log in.

        If you have used Netflix even they use this concept.. when I login it says which profile you want to use to login..


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