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My impressions from openSAP-courses


I would like to give you my impressions from openSAP-courses.

I have participated in two of them: “Introduction to Mobile Solution Development” and “Introduction to SAP Fiori UX”. For the first I got the record of archievement and for the second I will get my results for the final test tomorrow. In general I am happy that these courses exist and I especially appreciate the fact that they are free. I think they are an additional nice facet in the training landscape. On the other hand they focus sometimes a little bit too much on marketing and general topics and are not that hands-on as other training. So e.g. even with my certificate for the Mobile-course I would not feel fit to do Mobile development by myself. Soemtimes the course stopped when it started to be interesting. About Fiori I already did some research in the past so I had more knowledge but also this course described topics like the security aspects of Fiori which are not that practical or configuration focused as I would want them to be.

But as I said I am happy that these courses exist and especially as they are free it is much easier to convince my management that I should attend them. But of course they can’t replace classroom trainings.

Best regards,

Thomas Wagner

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    • Mabye one thing to add: I get notifications about other courses for which I have not registered by email (every week) and what is more important I get Confirmations of Participation, now already for 3 courses I have never registered for and where I have never watched one single video. While this might be nice for some people I think that it devaluates these documents.

      Best regards,

      Thomas Wagner

    • I would like to give already some feedback to the course "SAP Business Warehouse powered by HANA" which I am currently attending:

      I think it is quite good. I was a little bit surprised that the instructors were explaining basics like the difference between a keyfigure and a characteristic in the first week but the course quickly went to important topics (like new objects in BW 7.4) which were shown in system demos (I really liked them).

      Of course I profit of the fact that I already have a lot of knowledge in BW which helps me to understand the course better than the Mobile or Fiori courses where I had little knowledge before.

      I am looking forward to more courses. There are currently no upcoming courses which might be because of a general christmas brake in the next few weeks in Northern America and Europe.


      • Hi Thomas,

        Thank you for your feedback and glad you're enjoying the BW course.

        We will be announcing new courses in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

        Kind regards,