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Direct access to single object in CCLM via browser

Attention: This functionality is not longer available in Solution Manager 7.2


CCLM offers you the capabilitry for mass maintenance and an integrated view on all obejcts. But there is also the need to access directly an custom code object in CCLM without using the full CCLM application.


For this purpose a weblink feature is available.


Just put this link in your browser




and add the following addition parameters to th eURL




This will open the CCLM objects view for this single object. In this example the Program with name ZZTEST.




Now it is much easier to maintain attribute values for a single object and with a better performance.


To find out the server and port just open SE80: in Package AGS_CUSTOM_CODE do a single test in webdynpro application AGS_CCL_OBJECTS.

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  • Hi Bjoern

    Is this how we can link the technical objects in Solution Documentation with SolMan to CCLM. Or is there a better way to do that?



  • Hi Ian,

    this is one way to have access to a single CCLM object in CCLM object view from any other Solman Application.

    My idea behind was e.g in incident management or outlook, if you have an issue with a code object, you can decide to jump to the source code (using ABAP in eclipse feature) of to jump to the CCLM to get more details about the object.



  • HI Björn,

    Very interesting blog, we have a slightly different use case prehaps you can comment on this.

    Our use case is that we have identify a number of objects which we would like to add attributes to, a total of 2500 + - objects, however we looking at a way of mass updating specific objects in different namespaces so using the standard filtering is not sufficient

    is there any other way of doing this, in standard and in custom ?,

    As a side comment could we specify a number of objects in the URL ? does the application support it ?

    • Hi Dimitry

      I recently asked this question via OSS and the answer is that you can add multiple objects in the filter row separated by a comma (,). I have used this to extract a list of object names from RAGS_CC_REPORTING, use excel to convert the list to a .CSV file and then paste the contents of the .csv file into the object name filter column. I can then update them all with a custom attribute.



      • Hi Ian.

        Thank you so much for the approach, used a combination of word and excel to get a single list of objects in one line and was able to copy it into the link and it worked 🙂

        hope SAP come up with a more advanced method of doing this as this is a workaround at the moment

        Thanks again Ian



        • Hi Dimitry

          No problem. Glad to share it. 

          I have requested a multiple selection to be added to the object name on the WDA or update functionality to be added to RAGS_CC_REPORTING. This has gone to product management so hopefully will get some attention. This was suggested as a workaround.