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Lumira BW Integration Update at SAP TechEd #SAPtd

First, you can listen to this session at this link:

I also attended this session in person.

How to plan for enterprise BI integration will work going forward was discussed as part of this session.

The usual legal disclaimer applies; things are subject to change.  What was presented was the story as it is now

There is an overlap with the products – you build a dashboard in Lumira, XCelsius, Design Studio


Source: SAP

Note the above screen capture is from the recording – it was not available in the slides.

Position of Lumira BW:

– hard core analyst

– real analyst uses Predictive

– business user/analyst is Lumira

– Lumira originally was not intended for BW access.  You have workarounds using CSV files or HANA views

Today – delegated scenario – BW access – two terms, ways

1) delegated scenario

It has a live OLAP connection to server, Lumira uses BICS – started in 1.17

Compose room is not there

Not the long term way of how Lumira will be used in scenario

2) acquisition scenario (planned for Q2)

This is the more classic Lumira scenario

It is still using BICS (OLAP consumption engine) – middleware – one interaction model for the data

Lumira uses BICS, acquires data from scenario, land in Prepare room, like if you took data from CSV file, variable prompting,

Lumira will track what you do with an undo stack – keep in memory

You bring in view, add a column, calculation, etc. – a script to remember what user did

You are not connected to server; have data in hand – create a mash up

Create visualizations, storyboards, share them, like normal Lumira

Server side refresh – data in BW has been updated, and story is no longer updated – will be able to refresh BEx query

More Details/Background:

When use delegated mode, the user wants to keep tight bind to data source – more for the decision maker versus analyst

Delegation in Lumira will not be in Desktop.  It will be in the Server – Lumira Enterprise

In the future there will be no delegated mode in Desktop

When run in delegated mode – look like Lumira, under the hood the engine will be Design Studio runtime

Like Lumira 1.17 which uses the Design Studio run time in Lumira but today only have Visualization room exposed

Side effect of Lumira 1.17 is the fragment bookmarking for Design Studio 1.4 – take app, navigation state, consume and share later

Fragments – why care?  Future, treat fragments as backbone of Enterprise BI – doesn’t matter if user created it in Lumira or IT Designer created in Design Studio

With fragment engine, can bring data in, can have offline acquisition scenario, and then can share with anyone in organization (who has the rights)

This is a tight interoperability scenario

Lumira delegated scenario – consumption scenario – users consume not just visualizations but also fragments

Delegated is online (consume fragments, intended for decision maker)

Fragments are self-contained and will be improved

As Lumira acquires stronger dashboarding capabilities, casual XCelsius user will not use Design Studio IDE/scripting

Future plan is that this user will build story in Lumira, and then convert that to Design Studio

Question & Answer

Q: Will Excel be used as a data source in Design Studio?

A: Plan to use Data Source SDK

Q: What are fragments?

A: Like a BEx bookmark

Looking at all the things to manage fragments; asking customers at the moment

Q: Merge data with local CSV – where is the PREPARE tab for BW? Hindrance for user adoption

A: Mashups in delegated – suggest using BW Workspaces; BW team is strengthening

Not sure how solve prepare tab feature for BW

Q: Add comments to fragments?

A: Will see; at early phase

Q: Acquisition mode of BICS – analyst will want to pull 5 years of data

A: BW – BICS – result set size limit – set on server side

Parallel execution

Today  – only serial refresh for BW connections

Announced at DSAG that parallel refresh within a query is coming to BW (planned for Q2)

Future Plans

1) Team edition of Lumira, shipping in Q1 – took BOE, slimmed down, Lumira Edge edition -“Team Server” officially is Lumira Edge

Intended for smaller work groups

Lumira only, no BW connectivity in Lumira Edge edition

2) Lumira Enterprise – one version will be a non-HANA version – targeting for delegated connectivity scenario

3) Lumira on HANA – lightweight in memory engine

Questions?  I encourage you to listen to the recording again.

Reference (although not a BW / Lumira Story but a customer Lumira story)

Diginomica video with Daimler:

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      Hi Tammy,

      This is really cool to hear this news espically for the offline mode

      We are looking forward to seeing how it behaviors in the actual situation

      Best regards

      Alex yang