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Introducing the SAP Fiori apps reference library

Are you implementing SAP Fiori Apps? Are you looking for information on the current list of apps available and details about configuration and installation? Your search ends here.

SAP Fiori apps reference library provides a metadata repository for Fiori apps with information in the areas of installation, configuration, extensibility and support. The list of apps is easily searchable. It also includes filters and grouping based on application component, front end and back-end product versions, application type and other important parameters.


Navigation to help documents and notes makes it more comprehensive. The app provides valuable information to be used right from Portfolio Planning all the way until Customer Go Live. Once the business user selects the required apps in the Innovation Discovery System , the relevant technical information can be readily supplied from the metadata repository.

The Fiori apps reference Library is now available for the general use of customers and partners. The road ahead includes integrating the apps reference library with other tools like SAP Innovation Discovery Service and SAP Landscape Planner. If you have already used the SAP Fiori apps reference library, we would like to hear your experience and what other information would be useful for you.

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  • Nice one Prasita. This 'meta Fiori app' is a great resource, thanks to the team for putting it together. Just over a week ago Brenton O'Callaghan and I chatted about it in a Hangout and explored this app in detail, looking from above and below. The Hangout recording is available here for those interested in getting more detail: SAP Fiori & UI5 Chat, Fri 17 Oct 2014 - YouTube

    (Of course, the original meta Fiori app 😉 is still around - - but I'm going to mothball it now in favour of this one from SAP. For those of you interested in the background to the original meta Fiori app, see this 5 min video on YouTube: The SAP Fiori App Analysis application - YouTube)

  • This is something everyone wanted. User friendly way to search the app info. Nice to see the 442 number. 🙂

    Do we have any filter available here so that we can filter on the "Delivery date of the app" as well. I see these available currently.


    Just a suggestion, so that people can easily filter and check which apps are delivered in Oct 2014 (Wave 6) or Which apps are newly added in the list.

    Cheers!! 🙂


  • Is there anyway this information can be supported via a downloaded (into Excel perhaps)?  It would make sorting and filtering much easier.  Thanks!

  • Appreciate the post!

    Simple and really easy.

    I hope this reference library is continuously updated with the latest info

    One additional request, integration of the PAM information into the app, so that we can have a comprehensive view of the support timeline as well at the very first glance.



    • Thank you Venkat. We update the latest information of apps as and when they are released. This is in sync with the release timelines of the apps.

      Regarding PAM information, the installation section has information regarding the Front-End, Back-End and HANA components as applicable for each of the apps. Product Version in each of these sections navigates to the respective PAM link. Hope this helps.

      Do reply if you are looking for additional information.

    • Thank you Hemendra,

      The repository is updated based on the release timeline of the apps. The next update based on Delivery Date 01.2015 will be available shortly.

  • Hi Prasita,

    Excellent blog. And taking up the question “Are you implementing SAP Fiori Apps?“ then the SAP Fiori apps rapid-deployment solution (RDS) helps implement these Fiori apps in a simple manner at a customer site – using the great SAP Fiori apps reference library. With the "Explore SAP Fiori apps rapid-deployment solution (RDS)" app, you get immediate access to the main parts of the Fiori apps RDS documentation here:

    Following the tile “SAP Fiori apps RDS V5”, and clicking “Solution Scope”, you can view configuration guides, for example, for:

    • Transactional, Analytical, Factsheet Apps
    • Smart Business Enablement
    • Security Setup
    • Fiori Integration with Enterprise Portal
    • Fiori Client
    • Theme Designer
    • Extensibility
    • Launchpad operation

    Thanks and regards


  • Hi Prasita,

    this overview is really helpful to find suitable apps.

    Will you also provide a translated version (e.g. German) in the future?

    I am trying to give some overview on fiori apps in german on my site as I have not yet found any good sources in german (not a lot here from SAP this time).

    Would be good if I can just give a hint on a german version of the Reference Library.

    Thanks and best regards,


  • Hi,

    Could you check, I dont find "my inbox" application in Fiori app reference library. It was available, but now I dont see it.



  • Dear Prasita,

    seems the SAP Fiori Apps Library just got an update today. Yesterday the S/4HANA delivery date for on premise was still showing 1602 which is actually not correct. Today I see the change to 1511 FPS01. If you know the responsible for the correction please forward my thank you.

    Best regards


  • Hey Guys,

    is there an option to download the serviceList.xml for S/4 onPrem?

    I followed the Link in the technical dokumentation for the SAP Fiori App Implementation Foundation ( but in this xml file i'm missing entries f. e. for the catalog "SAP_TC_FIN_CM_COMMON".

    So this catalog is not shown in the App Activation Application.

    Best regards


    • Hi Simon,

      The same service list should be used to get info on the s/4 onPrem apps as well. We do not have a separate service for this. Regarding the information that is missing, we are looking into it, and will get back to you soon.



          • Hey Gregor,

            thanks for your reply.

            Yes, by selecting the back-end product, i can brows the catalog and select some / all apps but there is no button which says "download service list for selection" or something similar.

            By hitting the button "Aggregate", you get a aggregation for all selected apps with the possibility to download a list of all icf nodes an odata services. This two lists can not be imported to the SAP Fiori App Implementation Foundation. For the foundation i need the combination of icf nodes and odata services in one xml file.



          • Dear Simon,

            I've reached out to the Fiori Apps library team about this problem last week. It seems the download for the App Activation Tool is currently not available as it was providing incorrect data. But you can use the lists you've downloaded in the task lists:



            in transaction STC01.

            That should also speed up your implementation process.

            Best regards


          • Hey Gregor,

            currently i'm using this two task lists for activating icf nodes and odata services for apps / catalogs.

            But the app activation tool would be a little bit more comfortable.

            Best regards


      • Hi Shilpa,

        looks good, thanks.

        But the App "App-Activation" works not as it should work in my opinion. The master-list loads only the first 100 catalogs from the backend, lazy loading is deactivated. The search is also processed on the initial 100 entries in the frontend.

        So catalogs 101 - n can not be activated via the app because they where not be loaded initial and are not accessible via the search function.

        I will create a support request.



  • Hi,

    I would like to ask you something, the Fiori Reference Library is an overview of an process, so to have knowledge which components (back-end system, odata services) you need to develop an app or it is like RDS app catalogue where you can download the framework of the app and extend it regards on customer's needs ?



    • Hi Christina,

      The Fiori Reference Library, like the name suggests, is a repository of information required to install/configure Fiori apps. It also integrates with other SAP tools like the Product Availability Matrix, the SAP Maintenance Planner etc, thereby helping the customers identify and plan the apps that need to be installed. It doesn't give you any framework to extend apps.


      Shilpa Ramamurthy

  • Hello,

    I tried to hit the below URL that is mentioned in the video, but it now gives the below error, is it that SAP has changed something and is not allowing us to access and export the library to spreadsheet?


    { "error": { "code": "", "message": { "lang": "en-US", "value": "Collection 'Apps' is not directly accessible."}}}
    Please suggest an alternate URL or way to export the data to spreadsheet as we cannot proceed further.
    Ravi Pinjani


    • Hi Rajiv,


      Please use the "List View" that provides an option to download excel.

      You could alternatively raise tickets on CA-FE-FAL for any support, and a faster response :).


      Thanks and best regards,