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Absence Quota Generation Monthwise Constant with Mid Month Joinees Pro Rata.


Recently i have been gone through the below scenario in the scn and by which i have deen designed the solution.

Earned leave, on monthly basis it has to be added from April-March through time evaluation but the entitlement should be rounded off since it is 2.17 leaves 26/12=2.17 & it should be distributed in the 6th & 12th months for regular employees which means during the September & March the Earned leaves should be 3 & rest all months it should be 2 only which is 26 per year . For mid joiners, the earned leaves should be rounded off to 2 if the employee joins before 15th & 1 if the employee joins after 15th of the month(Rest all months it should be same).

For above the scenario kindly find the approach and solution of my reply on that thread link Privilege Leave Adjustment

Testing Scenario:-

1. Employee joins on tha August 19th 2014.

So in the August month he should get 1 quota since it’s less that half of 2.17 month accrual.


Same employee will get quota value 3 in the month of september. So i am assuming that he has not used his quota from august so on the september end he will be having total (1+3)=4 quota value.


2. Now in the second scenario thesting that employee joins on 8th September 2014.

So on the September he should get 2 quota value because it lies in between 1.085 to 2.17.


again i am assuming that employee has not yet the quota for the month after october he will have (2+2)= 4 quotas in his account.


In the following we can achieve the above business requirement. Hope so you all are understood the requirment details, process design, testing scenarion cases. Any inputs are highly thankful to me for document ugradation and as well as come with new solution ideas.


Sankarsan Dey

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    • Hi Vankatesh,


      It's working. If you found any error please let me know.

      You can check with the 1st Example which i had shared.



      • First example is with 19.08.2014 so it works but 16.08.2014 as per logic 2.17 will have to pro rate, Condition is if employee joins after 15.08.2014 quota has to generate 1 day but as per logic 16 to 31 16 days and calculation might happens on the prorata basis(Monthly) 2.17/31 = 0.07 *16 =1.12 and rounded it to nearest value 1.085 2.17 - 2 is it works can you cross check.

        • Hi Venkatesh,

          Thanks for your input.

          See if employee joins on the 16th then it would not be mid month for July and August month or for 31day's month. At the same time for Feb how you will be taking consider 🙂 .

          I think you understood and even client is doing same way. If i am not wrong.

          But still client wants to do like that what you said then we can further drilling the rounding rule also required one PCR for feb month calculation.

          Check and tell me.



          • See am not the right person to say that if employee joins on 16th whether they are going to consider him as mid join's or not even though if they consider him as mid join how much quota should be given to employee is up to them.

            Where this is a general case mid join's term comes in to the picture when ever employee joins not on 1st day of the month and last day of the month and in general 1st 15 days can be considered into 1st half of the month 16 to end considered as 2nd half.

            So that reason i had given a input how we can handle in that case That's all.



          • Before going to that solution i have one more input if employee joins in the mid of the month(either 1st half or 2 nd half of the month) which is either September or March what is the quota accrual, As per the existing configuration it gives 2 days.

            For this requirement from my end the solution is HRS=FDAAXX better you go for that option if you are okay with that.