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We are excited to announce the availability of the SAP Fiori launchpad running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform as part of the HANA Cloud Portal offering. This is a big milestone in aligning SAP’s user experience with the Fiori user experience, while focusing on fast, easy and secured implementation, delivered via Cloud deployment.

Let’s start with a short quiz. Look at three screenshots below. Do you recognize the difference?


These screenshots resembles best, the user experience and client’s alignment towards the Fiori design.

  • The left image is the traditional Fiori launchpad running on the ABAP Front End Server
  • The one in the middle is the new Fiori framework page running on the SAP Enterprise Portal
  • The right one in the new Fiori launchpad on HANA Cloud Platform

Fiori launchpad on the ABAP Front End Server

SAP Fiori launchpad running on the SAP ABAP Front End Server in combination with SAP NetWeaver Gateway is the first implementation of the Fiori launchpad, natively aggregates Transactional, Factsheet and Analytical Fiori applications with established UI technologies.

It leverages existing users, authorization management and role configuration in the established ABAP environment, in a multi back-end environment.

Best for: SAP Business Suite customers without SAP Enterprise Portal implementation to access SAP business applications

Fiori launchpad on the SAP Enterprise Portal

SAP Fiori launchpad running on the SAP Portal is a key milestone in aligning the SAP UI Clients (Fiori launchpad, Portal, NWBC) with the Fiori UX design.

It is delivered as a new multichannel portal framework page (i.e. Fiori framework page) following the Fiori design guidelines while leverages the portal underlying technology and administration processes.

The new Fiori framework page is the recommended approach for consuming the SAP Portal on mobile devices.

Best for: Existing SAP Enterprise Portal customers

Fiori launchpad on SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP Fiori launchpad running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides a Software As a Service (SaaS) SAP Fiori launchpad solution hence simplifying your IT landscape.

It runs as a full SaaS solution or in a hybrid scenario, consuming business data from the on-premise systems and/or the cloud systems.

This solution leverages the SAP HANA Cloud Platform infrastructure for roles, user management, and branding in a secured and protected way.

The cloud based deployment option of the Fiori launchpad opens a new horizon in the simplification of you UX renewal. It provides the option to keep all your on-prem ERP systems securely stored within your corporate network (or if you would like you can also move them to the cloud) and renew your applications UI with zero disruption and minimum basis efforts.

Via the Fiori launchpad on HCP (HANA Cloud Platform) you can consume Fiori applications developed by SAP, custom UI5 applications, custom developed apps developed with SAP Web IDE, and established UIs.

Best for: customers looking to renew their applications’ user experience, while simplifying their overall IT landscape

Try Fiori launchpad on HCP today with your HANA Cloud Portal account!

Note: see documentation regarding the consumption of the Fiori apps in the portal and in the cloud deployment options of the launchpad

Note: SAP HANA Cloud Portal was renamed to “SAP HANA Cloud Platform, portal service” in May 2016.

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      1. Gairik Acharya

        Thanks Aviad. I can now see that webide is available with the fiori, UI5 templates. I would like to know when we can get the access to API services and Mobile Appstore ( in our trial accounts ) services as shown in the d-code keynotes.

        Many thanks.




        Hi Aviad 🙂

        I’d be also interested in getting the FLP into HCP trial landscape.

        That would provide a good chance to learn and test

        Thanks, regards



    Hi Aviad thanks for the great blog,

    I was really eager for the FLP@HCP to become GA.

    It would be really awesome if plain Java EE HCP applications could be integrated into the FLP. Any chance in this direction?

    Thanks, regards



        My understanding is that only HCP applications developed in the HTML5 technology (and thus stored on the Git HCP repositories) can be served through FLP@HCP.

        Is this correct?

        Thanks, Vincenzo

  2. Former Member

    Hi Aviad,

    currently i am running on hana sp8 trying to embed UI5 widgets. They can be added to the catalog and be used inside former standard app site but not inside launchpad.

    Does SP8 not support UI5 Widgets right now? I saw demos inside SHINE package but the launchpad will not allow to add such catalog widgets inside eclipse?

    All static content (opens a new browser page) is working.

    Cheers Holger


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