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Integrating SAP Screen Personas 3.0 into the SAP Portal


about 4 years ago, I wrote a blog about integrating SAP Screen Personas 3.0 to SAP Enterprise Portal using an SAP UI5 iView. While this worked in many cases, it turned out that for specific configurations and browsers, it led to problems, so I started some additional research on that topic.

From the SAP Screen Personas team, I learned that the recommended way for integration should rather be a transaction iView (or an iView from a remote source as it is called now). Also finding the right way for defining one specific flavor in one of the iView properties was a bit tricky.

Here are the new recommendations:

  1. For the integration, use a transaction iView (see screenshots in 3. For how this is done).
  2. In general, there are two ways of defining the flavor to be shown: You can either set one flavor in the properties of the iView or you could assign the flavor as default flavor to the user in the backend system. When you launch the iView in the second case, automatically the default flavor from the backend will be taken, if no other settings are made.

I will now describe the first way and explain what needs to be done differently, if you do not want to determine the flavor in the iView.

Step 1: Get the flavor ID in the Personas System

Go to SAP Screen Personas Flavor Maintenance (TA code /PERSONAS/FLAVORS) and search for your flavor. I used the transaction for which I had created the flavor to search.


In the results screen, you find the ID of the flavor.

Step 2: Create an SAP system in the Portal

In the Portal system landscape, I created a new SAP system (using dedicated application server) to connect to the SAP Screen Personas system and gave it an alias. Next, I assigned end user permissions for my new system to the SAP Fiori launchpad user. Then I established trust between the Personas system and the Portal.



Step 3: Create an iView from remote source

In Portal Content Management, I created a new iView from Remote Source.


In the wizard, I selected my backend system and application type Transaction. Then I searched for the transaction code.


I added the Create Sales Order application to the Selected Applications list and started the upload.

After that, I just needed to make some adjustments to the iView properties to display the flavor that I wanted to see:

  1. I changed the SAP GUI for HTML properties to point to the personas service instead of the webgui service by setting the Alternative Path property to /sap/bc/ and the Alternative Service property to personas-.

    The Personas service is almost the same the SAP GUI for HTML service. It just allows some service properties like the global (sap) theme to be set independently from the SAP GUI for HTML service.


2. I changed the Transaction property to

*/personas/launch FLAVOR=005056BB59E71EE8819F47192750195A

using the flavor GUID that I got in the first step of this blog.


Since the flavor is assigned to the transaction va01, the iView will now launch transaction va01 with the flavor that I chose. If you want to display the default flavor of each user, just keep the va01 transaction code for this property.

To make the iView visible in Fiori Launchpad, I had to set some properties in addition (see Shani’s blog on Sample content for Fiori launchpad for Portal) and to assign it to one of my Fiori Launchpad roles.


And here we go:

Not a beautiful flavor, but one that can be easily recognized.

Hope that was useful.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nice and extensive one Sybille, many thanks. Now we need a such one for local UI5 applications 😉


      Author's profile photo Srikanth Subramanian
      Srikanth Subramanian

      Hi Sibylle,

      We are trying to integrate UI5 & Screen Personas. Is it possible to pass values from UI5 app into screen personas link automatically without any manual input from end user.

      e.g: In Display of PR apps(UI5 app), Create/Change PO button will be at footer level. When user selects a PR and click on Create/Change PO button, it brings Screen Personas flavor of Create/Change PO. And, now we want to populate the PR details (as reference) from UI5 app into Screen Personas flavor link and automatically Create/Change PO.

      It would be of great help to know if you could help us whether this is feasible or not.



      Author's profile photo Peter Spielvogel
      Peter Spielvogel

      Here is an article on how to use URL parameters in SAP Screen Personas.

      Filling Fields through URL Parameters - SAP Imagineering - SCN Wiki



      Author's profile photo Devisha Bhavik
      Devisha Bhavik

      Hi Sibylle,


      Very nice blog and to the point!

      Are the steps same for doing integration for WDA persona?